Hey everyone! It's Night here. I know I haven't edited in ages... I was just inspired and thought I'd right this. I hope you enjoy it! Basically, you're in charge of what happens. It's your story. So... enough with the introduction! Time to move onto the real stuff. The actual thingie.


The weak sunshine streaming through the brambles wakes you. Well, that or the paw in your side.

"Wake up!"

You blearily get to your paws, stretching. "What is it?" You croak, sounding remarkably like a toad. The tom before you lets out a purr. "Duskblossom wanted you for a patrol. What, too tired to come?"

You hesitate. "You make it sound like a choice..." You find yourself saying.

The tom, Lynxheart, shrugs. "Duskblossom made it sound like one. Although - she did say that if you chose not to go on patrol, you'd have to reinforce the nursery with brambles. What will it be?"

If you want to go on patrol with Duskblossom, click here.

If you would rather reinforce the nursery, click here.

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