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This is a short story about a tom and 2 she-cats. I do mean to steal the title of the song. LOL


Normal = Aspentail
Italics = Fawnfoot
Bold = Poppyfur


I first laid eyes on her when our patrols clashed, a furious battle on the border between ThunderClan and ShadowClan.

I found I couldn't hurt her. Her beauty was intoxicating to me, like the smell of blood coming from a Clan mate.

It hurt to say goodbye.

When I saw him tackle that ThunderClan she-cat, a new feeling arose in me. I noticed his taut muscles struggle, and then I saw him stop.

He was looking at her differently, in a way that I couldn't watch.

I hated her.

"What's your name?" I asked gently.

"Fawnfoot," she answered.

My Clan mate, Poppyfur, interrupted us as she pushed me off of Fawnfoot. "Need some help?" she asked.

As I struggled beneath the ShadowClan she-cat, I saw the tom slip away to help another Clan mate. But I saw the gleam in his eyes, and I longed to see it again.

"He's mine," the she-cat whispered in my ear.

I only nodded, thinking that he was mine.

I leaped away from the ThunderClan she-cat as the leaders called retreat. I saw Aspentail holding a limp body and realized that we had lost.

"She's mine," the ThunderClan cat whispered, standing. She had barely a scratch on her.

I shrugged at her, dragged my claws across her flank, and went to be with my Clan mates.

I padded over to Fernfoot, ignoring Poppyfur. I pretended to slash her with my claws, but instead I whispered, "Meet me here tonight."

She nodded and padded back to ThunderClan.

My heart pounded.

I knew he didn't claw her.

I really loved him. I realized it with my heart.

I'll continue later. Bloodin the forest 13:59, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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