The sweet smell of flowers rush with the wind, yet shadows loom over the rivers and a thunderous threat is approaching.


Image by Wetstream

Description of Series: In modern Clan times, mates don't last long, but it's different for Blossompaw. Her mother practically ignores her since she looks almost like a copy of her father. All she wants is to be loved, but she is bullied and pushed around. Her abilities lack the expected needs for WindClan, she is slow, too careful, and weaker than the other apprentices. Yet, Fernwhisker helps her along the way, being a mentor in life than in training. Blossompaw begins to see her true destiny, no matter how much she wants to deny it.

Set One:

Worthy of Silence

Life is the Best Remedy

Going in Blind

Fit for Nobody

Innocence of Our Hearts

Time is the Greatest Training

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