Withering Roses - Allegiances

Thunderclan -

Leader - Brightstar (Ginger she-cat with green eyes)

Deputy - Spiritdusk (dark brown she-cat with grey eyes)

Medicine cat - Shadedawn (grey she-cat with purple eyes)

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits) -

Frostfang - (White she-cat with blue eyes and pink nose)

Bluefern - (Blue she-cat with teal eyes and white muzzle)

Darkfur - (Black tom with yellow eyes)

Jayburrow - (Blue-grey tom with blue eyes and white muzzle and chest)

Greenpelt - (swampy-colored tom with green eyes)

Shellwing - (white she-cat with tan paws and chest with green eyes)

Briarwing - (brown she-cat with magenta eyes, light brown markings, and one log scar on her side)

Apprentices -

Stonepaw - (grey tom with dark grey stripes)

Logpaw - (light brown tom with green eyes)

Woodpaw - (dark brown tom with blue eyes)

Slashpaw - (grey tom with amber eyes)

Silentpaw - (white she-cat with green eyes and dark grey stripes)

Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits) -

Onefur - (Tan she-cat with grey eyes who has Greenpelt's kits, Nightkit, Stormkit, and Wavekit)

Redtree - (Red, soft she-cat who is expecting Darkfur's kits)

Elders (former Warriors and Queens, now retired) -

Flowerheart - (Brown she-cat with pink eyes and dark brown stripes)

Alderwillow - (Orange tom with only one eye and white paws and chest)

Leafpatch - (Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes, oldest in the clan)

Shadowclan -

Leader - Swiftstar - (blue she-cat with blue eyes)

Deputy - Frognose - (mud-brown colored to, with green eyes)

Medicine cat - Reedspike - (red tom with light brown eyes)

Warriors -

Butterrose - (yellow she-cat with pink eyes)

Rosewither - (dark brown she-cat with pink eyes)

Mintleaf - (pale tan tom with mint eyes)

Iceglare - (white tom with blue eyes)

Blackfall - (black tom with amber eyes)

Flaredark - (red she-cat with brown eyes)

Apprentices -

Bladepaw - (silver she-cat with red eyes)

Sighpaw - (light blue she-cat with blue eyes)

Queens -

Eagleheart - (tan she-cat who has Blackfall's kits, Turtlekit, Barkkit, and Muddykit.)

Elders -

Sightfoot - (grey she-cat with brown eyes)

Hollowheart - (golden tom with amber eyes)

Spiderclaw - (light brown tom with yellow eyes and multiple claws)

Windclan -

Leader - Runningstar - (Black tom with white paws and chest and green eyes)

Deputy - Owlnight - (white tom with brown spots and blue eyes)

Medicine cat - Moonfeather - (pale cream colored she-cat with purple eyes and dark cream spots on her back)

Warriors -

Alderdawn - (red tom with dark red stripes and paws)

Weaselnose - (dark brown tom with green eyes)

Petaltail - (light brown she-cat with pink eyes)

Aspendusk - (brown she-cat with brown eyes, and dark brown paws and tail tip)

Queens -

Talonclaw - (brown she-cat expecting Weaselnose's kits)

Grasswool - (creamy she-cat who has Alderdawns kits, Fuzzkit, Lionkit, and Goldkit)

Apprentices -

Featherpaw - (white she-cat with blue eyes and grey stripes)

Twitchpaw - (brown tom with long curly fur)

Lightningpaw - (yellow tom with green eyes)

Elders -

Mumbleclaw - (dark brown tom with silver eyes)

Riverclan -

Leader - Oceanstar - (brown tom with green-blue eyes)

Deputy - Myrtlefoot - (grey she-cat with blue eyes)

Medicine cat - Bayfang - (creamy colored tom with brown eyes)

Warriors -

Nightwhisper (dark brown tom with light brown spots)

Scorchtail - (black tom with white paws and chest)

Ashheart - (red she-cat with silver eyes)

Leafsnarl - (brown she-cat with green eyes)


Salmoneye - (red she-cat with blue eyes)

Splashoak - (tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes)

Apprentices -

Applepaw - (light brown she-cat with red eyes)

Sunpaw - (yellow tom with blue eyes)

Dawnpaw - (light brown she-cat with purple eyes)


Chasetail - (grey tom with white chest and paws)

Fernfur - (pale brown she-cat with green eyes)

Cats outside the Clans -

Buttercup (Yellow kittypet with blue eyes and pink collar)

Milky (White loner with black spots and blue eyes)


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