A single wish...

That was never meant to be...

Will wreck havoc in its path

Strange things have been happening around Wishpaw ever since she was a kit, some things stranger than others, as she appears to be the only one to notice them.

Until she meets a tom named Spiritpaw, who has a strange destiny laid out for her, and a truth that may prove to be too tough for the young apprentice to handle.

Will Wishpaw be able to accept the truth and face it? Or will the clans be left at the mercy of a spirited wish?


Surviving Wish

Desperate Wish

Dying Wish

Final Wish

Main Characters:

Wishpaw: A small starry white, deaf she-cat with deep electric blue eyes.

Spiritpaw: Sleek black tom with green eyes and a smooth pelt that turns white under the moonlight.

Sagestar: A gray tom with beady red eyes and an enormous appetite.

Wishspirit: Black and white she-cat with sparkling black eyes.

Hopekit: A black and white stripped kitten.

Dreamkit: A tortoiseshell kitten.

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