This is a series by Arti. It revolcves around a selfish, self-centered tom named Shellfish. Shellfish is the brattiest, jerkiest, meanest cat round. He makes a wish....that his Clan, all other cats, all trace of anything...was gone. How could ANYTHING make this cat reliaze he is NOT in fact the center of everything? It takes a while, but eventually, something....just something does...


1. Wish - Shellfish makes the wish that will end life as he knows it.

2. Banished - Shellfish is desperate to get away from the strange cats and terrors that populate the world he created. But as he tries to run, others are chasing him.

3. All Mine- Shellfish is trying to embrace the new life he has seemingly made for himself. But life isn't what he expects.

4. Harsh Truth- Shellfish reliazes he's going to have to be nice to escape the nightmare world.

5. Waking Up Inside- Sometimes you've been trying to be yourself when you wake up and reliaze....that isn't you.

6. Battling Souls- The battles grow more dangerous and more creepy.

7. All That Matters- Trying to fight and get back to the future at the same time?

8. Selfish-Has Shellfish really changed?

9. Final- Decisions are made and time starts to run out for the remaining cats.

10. Changes-Cats change as well as times and Shellfish goes back to his life. But not without a cost.


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Characters - I needs them.


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