-This is a Short Story for my series; Shadows in Our Blood

-Blood and death warning

-The warrior code is slightly different in this universe, so medicine cats can have kits

              Windnose looked at the horrible scene before his eyes. Shadowpaw, the oldest MoonClan apprentice was looking down on two bodies with a horrified expression on her face. The two pelts laying in the clearing were matted with blood. Windnose padded softly toward her, but as he got closer he stopped as the realization hit her that they were two of MoonClan’s senior warriors, Violethaze and Alderspring, who were also Shadowpaw’s parents. He felt her horror at that moment, but then it quickly turned to grief as Shadowpaw turned around. Windnose saw the devastated look on her face and then came to his senses.

               “W-what happened?” He managed to choke out.

               “Can’t you smell it?” She replied sadly, “this place reeks of it.” A sharp and foul stench suddenly reached Windnose’s nose as if it had been summoned from the darkest corner of death itself.

               “Fox!” He exclaimed. “Where is it?” Shadowpaw, being a medicine cat apprentice, had never trained to fight. Windnose could see that clearly now, she had scratches all along her sides. She stated on her paws and collapsed, revealing a long, deep hash on her belly. They saved her! He quickly established, but he had no time to think now, Shadowpaw was losing too much blood! He whipped around, looking for something to staunch the bleeding and scooped up a clump of moss in his paw. Windnose ignored the uncomfortable feeling as the moss wedged it’s way in between his claws and turned back to Shadowpaw. He plastered the leaves onto her bleeding belly, enough to slow the blood that was gushing out of the cruel gash and carefully grabbed her scruff.

             Windnose reached the camp, rushing the injured apprentice to the medicine den, where her mentor Crowflower was sorting herbs. He let out a loud yowl and Crowflower turned around. Seeing her apprentice lying on the ground was enough to make her jump into the air.

               “Okay! I can do what I can!” She said, probably louder than she meant, because she had an embarrassed, startled look on her face. “To get her parents, they should see this now!

               “But-“ Windnose started to tell her.

               “Just do it! Do you want her to die without them?” She looked into his eyes as her paws worked.

               “Okay,” he said doubtfully, rushing out of the camp. He reached the spot where Violethaze and Alderspring lay. He hoisted Violethaze’s limo body over his shoulders and grabbed Alderspring’s scruff and ran back to camp as fast as he could and hauled the bodies into the medicine den.

                “Satisfied?” He said as the medicine cat looked up from Shadowpaw with a horrified expression on her face.

                “Wh-what happened?” She stammered, “who did this?” She looked accusingly at him. Windnose was startled. She thinks I did this!

                “A fox attacked them. Aldershine and Violethaze protected Shadowpaw with their lives, and I found her standing over them, bleeding.” Crowflower let out a sigh of relief.

                “I wanted to believe that you didn’t kill them. Thank you for not letting me down Windnose.” She looked back down at Shadowpaw. Windnose started out of the den, but Crowflower’s voice stopped him. “Shadowpaw will be fine, don’t worry.”


“Shadowpaw, you will be known as Shadowfoot. StarClan honors your skill and determination and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of MoonClan.” Aspenstar’s eyes shone in the pale dusk light as she named Shadowfoot. She had recovered from her injuries quickly, but you could still see a scar curling up from her belly onto her dark gray shoulder. Windnose looked at her shiny pelt, glowing in the sunset light. She’s beautiful. Perfect in every possible way. She padded over to him, eyes shining.

                    “Thank you for saving me all those moons ago. I never would have finished my training at all if it weren’t for your support when my parents were killed. You’ve played a big part in my life, and I wanted to thank you for that.” She flicked her tail nervously. Windnose nodded for her to continue whatever she had to say. “Windnose, I want to ask you something.” Shadowfoot looked away for a moment, “Will you be my mate?” She asked him, her violet eyes pleading. Windnose was too stunned to speak.

                     “Yes! Of course! I love you, Shadowfoot. I’ve loved you ever since we were kits in the nursery. I vow to stand by you and protect you with my life always!” Shadowfoot’s eyes shone with a different kind of love now.

                      “Thank you!” She purred loudly. “And I you.”


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