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Chapter 1- Kitthood

Tallkit: I'm going to make my family mad by being a moor runner!

Shrewkit: Sure Wormkit

Tallkit: Actully its Tunnelkit

Finchkit *Facepaws to death*

Tallkit: Mommy, How did Finchkit die?

Palebird: You killed her mousebrain.

Tallkit: Yay! I learned a warrior swear!

Sandgorse: *Facepaws to death*

Tallkit: I'm going to blame that on a random rouge named Sparrow!

Chapter 2- Running off

Talltail: Hmm... I'm going to run off and kill a random cat!

Shrewclaw: Yay Wormcat is gone!

Talltail: Actully it's Tunneltail.

Brackenwing: Hey Talltail....

Talltail: HIIIYAAAAAA *Karate chops Brakenwing.*

Talltail: Allright I killed one cat who had nothing to with my personal feelings...Whatever.

<Talltail skips off happily>

Talltail: Oh look a rotting peice of crowfood next to 10000000000 fresh killed rabbits. I'll take the crowfood instead.

Crowfood (In a high pitched 5 year old voice): Noo don't eat me please!

Talltail: *Noms crowfood*

Talltail: Noes I got sick blarg!

Jake: I will help you vicous wildcat!

Chapter 3- The life of a kitty

Talltail: Eeewww, that pink thing is gross, how about I go and purr on its lap?

Jake: Ya good idea!

Talltail and Jake: Purr, Purr, Purr

Twoleg: I will let you crazy wildcat outside since I have no commen sence!

Talltail: But I don't wanna go!

Twoleg: You need to! *Shoves out door*

Jake: Bye bye!

Twoleg:You are going to! *Shoves out of door*

Chapter 4- Coming back

Talltail: Hi guys I'm back!

Heatherstar:Thank starclan!, It has been 300000000000......

Talltail: Can I be deputy?

Heatherstar:0000000000000000000000000 *gasp* moons, and yes you can beacause you are incredibly Crazy!

Heatherstar: And now I am going to randomly die leaving the clan with a former kittypet!

Tallstar: Yay! I name a evil cat as deputy!

Mudclaw: Yay!!!

Tallstar: Now I am going to die, get Firestar and Onewhisker.

Firestar: What's up doc?

Tallstar: I am dieing!

Onewhisker: Finnaly.

Tallstar: Onewhisker you are deputy, once again I will make my clan angry by causing many cats to die!

Firestar: Goodbye!


Chapter 1- kitthood

Crowkit: Hey Eaglekit want to play-

Eaglekit: I love you pink unicorn.

Crowkit: Im no unicorn!

Eaglekit: Well then your a duck bagel.

Crowkit: No I'm a-

Eaglekit: Goblin

Crowkit: No I'm a-

Eaglekit: Harry potter?

Crowkit: Now you got it right! But your annoying soo... AVADA KADABRA

Eaglekit: *Dies*

Erin hunter: Hmmm... How was Eaglekit ment to die again?

Crowkit: He dissapears riiiiigggghhhhtttt......

Erin hunter: I could have sworn his death had to do with Harry potter, but whatev.

Chapter 2 -Apprenticship

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