Wind and Water


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Wildpaw, an apprentice from Shadowclan, has always lived a life full of teasing and mockery. He has always thought that he would never do anything special. Then, one night at a gathering, when Rainstar of Riverclan starts a fight with Sunstar, Wildpaw sees something happen that he hoped never would. The two clans were going to war. He, and his friend Gingerpaw, must stop this as fast as they can..... before the two clans destroy each other completely.


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Prologue - Dawnheart's P.O.V

It's was dawn; the sun slowly snaking into the sky from behind the mountains. Today Dawnheart had decided to watch the sunrise, and now she had thought that it was a good decision.

A little bit after the sun had risen over the mountains, Dawnheart stood up, wanting to go on a patrol and stretch her legs. She walked back to camp, where the warriors were hurrying around, and the apprentices were either lounging around or being pushed out of camp to go practice hunting.

"Is there any border patrol I can go on?" She asked Sunstar as she walked up to him. He was sitting on the Tall-tree, where he was talking to his deputy, Stonefang.

"Yes. You can go patrol the Twolegplace border with Badgerclaw and Skystorm." Sunstar answered. Dawnheart smiled, walking over to where Badgerclaw was walking out of the Warrior's den, having just woken up.

"Hey Badgerclaw," Dawnheart said. "We're going on a border patrol. Will you grab Skystorm?"

Badgerclaw looked at her, and then shrugged, walking over to Skystorm.

Dawnheart rolled her eyes as she headed over to the entrance of camp. Badgerclaw and Skystorm quickly joined her, and they star.ted out

As the patrol reached the border, Dawnheart scented something. "You guys go mark the border," She ordered to the other two, wanting to check it out. She followed the scent, leading her over to a small thorn bush.

"I don't see anything here," Dawnheart said to herself, confused. She started to walk back to Skystorm and Badgerclaw when she heard a mewling sound. She peeked underneath and saw a small black tom-kit, who looked to be about one moon old. He had closed his eyes, and was curled up into a ball.

What a kit doing out here? Dawnheart thought.

The kit partly opened one eye, revealing it to be a bright amber color. He appeared to be half asleep as he squeaked, "No, I don't want to go with you." The kit then closed his eyes again, falling asleep.

Dawnheart softly picked up the kit by his scruff, wanting to get him back to camp as fast as she could. She started running, and, without stopping, raced by Skystorm And Badgerclaw, saying, "I need to get back to camp quickly! Sorry!"

She raced through the entrance, calling to Sunstar, "I need to tell you something!" Dawnheart stopped, panting, as he saw the golden tom give her a puzzled look.

Sunstar had been about to lead a hunting patrol out of camp when she bursted in. He walked over, asking, "What? What is it?" He stopped when he saw the kit dangling from her jaws. "What- erm, who is that?"

"It's a kit that I found on the edge of our territory," Dawnheart answered. "U didn't know what to do with him, so I brought him back here."

Sunstar sighed. "Give him to Mintfur to be taken care of; then we should decide what to do with him. He turned away, ending the conversation.

Dawnheart quickly brought him to the nursery, where a gray she-cat was lying in a nest, on tiny Sandy bundle curled up next to her.

"Hello Dawnheart," The cat mewed. "What can I do for you?"

"Well actually Mintfur," Dawnheart stopped, then decided to tell the whole story to her. When she was done, she said, "So I was wondering if you could keep him to nurse and take care of."

"Okay." Dawnheart saw Mintfur's eyes brighten. Dawnheart smiled.

"Maybe we should name him." The words tumbled out of her mouth, surprising her.

"Okay then," Mintfur said. "How about... Ravenkit?"

Dawnheart shook her head. He was found in the wild, so maybe....

"How bout Wildkit?" She asked.

"Wildkit," Mintfur repeated, pushing the tom closer to her. "I like that."

Dawnheart watched the kit, beaming with happiness. As she walked out, she looked back, and thought, Wildkit, I have a good feeling that you'll stay, and become the best warrior ever known!

Chapter One - Wildpaw

~ 6 moon timeskip ~

Wildpaw raced along the tree trunk that lead to the island at the center of the lake, excited for his first gathering. Finally, I get to meet apprentices from other clans! He thought as he skidded to a stop on the grassy ground.

"Whoa there. Save your energy for when you actually meet the other clans." A voice behind him said. He turned to find Skystorm standing behind him. Wildpaw nodded, and then raced off.

He stopped at a sheltered spot underneath some overhanging branches and scanning excitedly for some other apprentices.

"Pfft. I'm surprised they even let him come to the gathering, him being a rouge and all." Wildcat turned to find a black tom talking to another ginger tom. "What did you just say about me, Smokepaw?" He challenged.

Smokepaw stared at him, his whiskers twitching. "I was just telling Thistlepaw How you'll never be a true warrior. Ever. You should go back to the pile of crow-food you came from, and save us the space." He pushed past Wildpaw, sitting down on a tree stump and chattering with Thistlepaw.

Oh, I'll get him. Wildpaw was contemplating whether he should put yarrow in Smokepaw and Thistlepaw's prey this time when he saw a group of Thunderclan apprentices sitting down. Later.

He headed over to the apprentices, and saw a ginger she-cat sitting with a black she-cat and a calico tom.

"H-hi," He stuttered as he sat down by them. "My name's Wildpaw." The two black and calico cats just stared at him, but the ginger she-cat chirped, "Hello! I'm Gingerpaw. This is my first gathering. These two are my friends, Patchpaw and Hollowpaw, but they've been here before."

"Oh, okay." Wildpaw mewed. "Hi. This is my first gathering too."

"Hi." Hollowpaw said quietly, while Patchpaw just stared at him, silently judging him. Gingerpaw looked back at Patchpaw and said, "Oh, come on Patchpaw. It's a gathering. The least you could do is be friendly."

"Friendly?" Patchpaw mewed defensively. "Why should I be friendly? He might try to steal information to help take down Thunderclan!"

Gingerpaw rolled her eyes, and turned to Wildpaw. "I'm sorry about these two annoying furballs. Usually they're much more talkative."

"It's fine," Wildpaw replied. "Most cats don't really like talking to me. Anyways, I should go. The Gathering has almost started."

"Well, it was nice to meet a new friend!" Gingerpaw said, then turned back to her clanmates.

Wow. My first friend. Wildpaw thought as he sat down by his mentor, Nightfrost.


"Prey is running well in Windclan." Harestar announced from the jagged rock platform he was standing on. "We also have one new apprentice. Skypaw!"

"Skypaw! Skypaw! Skypaw!" The clans cheered. Wildpaw could just see a light gray cat, who seemed to be shrinking with embarrassment beneath the gazes of her clanmates.

Graystar stepped forward. "We have also had plentiful prey, though we mourn the loss of our clanmate, Frostwing." His eyes were full of grief; Maybe they were siblings? Wilpaw thought to himself.

Sunstar looked at him sympathetically, then said to the clans, "Shadowclan has nothing to report.

Then Rainstar pushed forward, her silver pelt glowing in the moonlight. "Riverclan has been doing...... well," she started. Wildpaw saw Rainstar quickly glance at the other leaders. "Poppyfur is expecting kits. And I have one more thing to say," she turned to Sunstar, who was staring at her. "I would like to request that you give us some of your territory."

Chapter Two - Wildpaw

"Hey! You can't do that!" Wildpaw shouted, not thinking. Nightfrost slapped her tail over his mouth. "Don't say things like that!" She hissed quietly to him. "Their leaders."

Well, Wildpaw thought. Sunstar still shouldn't have to give our territory to them. Its rightfully ours!

He pushed her tail away and glared at the leaders, who were staring at Rainstar. Rainstar, on the other hand, was staring at Sunstar in anticipation.

"Why should I give you territory?" Sunstar snarled after a moment, baring his teeth. "You wouldn't be able to hunt in the marshlands like us."

"Exactly," Rainstar agreed calmly, and Sunstar's eyes flashed with surprise, then confusion. "That's why I want that strip of trees that marks our border. Wouldn't that be reasonable?" She narrowed her eyes, her cold blue eyes shining in the moonlight.

"No it wouldn't! That territory is Shadowclan territory, and Shadowclan territory alone." Sunstar hissed. Just stop guys! Wildpaw hissed inside, knowing he shouldn't say it aloud. Rainstar is not going to get our hunting spots, and that's that!

Rainstar finally lost her temper, and snarled at Sunstar, "How dare you be so selfish! When Sunsplash's kits come, we might not have enough to eat. Would you really let us die?"

"i am not selfish," Sunstar drew himself up to full height, but Rainstar still towered over him. "I am only trying to protect my clanmates. Like you should with yours." He paused, then hissed, "I mean, why have you come to the gathering so soon, with your kits still in the nursery?"

Even from afar, Wildpaw could see Rainstar flinch. I didn't know she had kits. Maybe that's why she wants the territory? Maybe we should just- Wildpaw stopped, then hissed to himself, No! Riverclan is bad. They're trying to steal our territory. Come on Wildpaw, this is your chance to prove you're loyal!

Rainstar glared at him, then said, "Fine then. If you won't give us the territory, then we'll just have to take it." She turned to Shadowclan and and said, "We are now at war. Only because your mouse-brained leader is too greedy and selfish to even share a mouse-tail of his territory. Not even when cats are dying." Rainstar leaped down from the rock, and, followed by her warriors, she left.

Wildpaw slid his claws out, thinking, Sunstar is a great leader! He's no mouse-brain! He then realized something; the clans were going to war. The first war in moons. And Wildpaw had no experience in battles.

I'm going to get killed.

Chapter Three - Gingerpaw

Riverclan and Shadowclan are going to war? Gingerpaw thought, horrified. Oh no.

As the clans dispersed, Patchpaw looked to her with a confusing look and asked, "Why do you look so worried?"

"Because I am worried," Gingerpaw snapped back.

Hollypaw looked over and stared at her with a smirk. "Is it because of the war between Shadowclan and Riverclan?" She didn't wait for Gingerpaw to answer before she teased, "Oh wait, is it because of that Shadowclan apprentice?"

"What? No!" Gingerpaw exclaimed. "I'm worried about how this war will affect us. I mean, what if one day Riverclan comes into our camp, asking for us to help them fight against Shadowclan? We might destroy their clan!

"Ah, so this is about the Shadowclan apprentice," Hollypaw concluded, grinning. Patchpaw was just glaring at her, probably thinking why she would ever betray her clan like that.

Gingerpaw huffed in frustration, turning and walking away. "It's not! You guys obviously don't see don't see the dangers in this!"

As Thunderclan was leaving, she spotted the cat- Wildpaw, at the back of his clan. She quickly raced over. His eyes widened as she whispered, "Can you meet me at the border at midnight? The clans can't go to war!" Then he nodded. She dashed away, wanting to get back to her own clan before anyone noticed she was gone.

Chapter Four - Wildpaw

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