Will It End?

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Album - Rule Song #2.

Author's Note

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It continues

He still rules

The terror, the panic

Will it end?

He forces us to attack

Nobody strikes back

They're too scared

Will it end?

Crowfood, that's what we eat

He has accomplished the once impossible feat

He's taken over ShadowClan

Will it end?

Nobody dares

They're too scared

We're gone, yes we're gone

Will it end?

Nothing left to do?

Who told that to you?

We can't do nothin', but survive

Will it end?

Nowhere left to run

No, no more fun

No huntin', it's just attackin'

Will it end?

It's over

Nothin' left that we can do

Keep waitin'

Till when?

Will it end?

Holy, it's worse than before,

Crowfood, I'm coming now!


Awwwwww, poor ShadowClan...

What d'ya think of it?

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