Dewkit (As a kit)- Gray she-kit with bright green eyes.

Owlfeather- Brown and white om with gold eyes.

Mudfur- Browish gray tom with orange eyes.


You see; I wasn't always a kittypet, stolen from the depths of the forests by those twoleg rubbish. I used to be in a clan, I used to have a family and friends, and I was about to become an appentice till they took it all away. I can remember it all. 

Dewkit slowly wobbled around the grassy clearing, searching for adventure. "Wow.." She exclaimed, staring at the wide open forest. 

"Dewkit!" Her worried mother, Orangeflame called out from the bramble nest they called the Nursery. 

She didn't understand much yet, she only knew how to be a kit. And a kit she would be.

Instead of going to her mother, she raced off into the bushes, gaining her balance quickly.

"The forest is so amazing!" She squealed as she pranced though the undergrowth. 

"But... its kinda wet."  She complained lifting her soaked paws. "Well thats alright I guess, an adventure is an adventure!" She raced farther into the forest, not knowing a thunderpath was a head.

"Whoah... Whats that thing?" She asked herself silently as her ears perked towards a black long hard rock.

She placed one paw on it, not noticing the monster that was coming her way. It stoped a little ways down as a female two-leg walked Dewkits way.

Dewkit could fell herself being picked up, calm words came to her alert ears. She tried to scramble away but she wasn't able to.

The two-leg put her in the monster and drove off. 

"Help! Help!" Dewkit squeaked, proving no use.  TBC

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