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This is based off the original format of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, minus the Fastest Finger First round. This is also going to be my last project ever before I leave here! 



One cat enters the hotseat and attempts to answer 15 questions of increasing difficulty in order to win $1,000,000 dollars. The questions may be about anything, 

This is what the money tree looks like. Milestone Questions (basically like a checkpoint- once you answer the question correctly, that is the minimum amount of money you can win. If you get a question wrong, you drop back to your last milestone.) are highlited in bold.
















A contestant may choose to "walk away" at any point in the game (unless the "Double Dip" lifeliine is used). If a contestant chooses to walk away, they take all money they have won up to that point. For example, if a contestant was chose to walk away during the $250,000 question, they would leave with $125,000- the amount won on the last correct question. 


If a contestant is stuck on a question, they have the option of using four lifelines: 50-50, Phone A Friend, Ask The Audience and Double Dip. A contestant may use more than one lifeline on a question (with the exception of the Double Dip)

50-50: Two wrong answers are removed from the question, leaving the correct answer and one wrong answer. 

Phone A Friend- A contestant has the option to call a friend and ask them for help on the question. Once the call is connected, the host will greet the friend and pass them over to the contestant. 30 seconds are placed on the clock, which begins counting down as soon as the host passes the call over to the contestant. The contestant has these 30 seconds to ask the question to the friend, who must then respond within the same 30-second time frame. Once an answer is given, the call is disconnected. The contestant is not required to give the answer their friend has given them as their final answer.

Ask the Audience- A contestant asks the audience to assist on a question. The audience all select which answer they think to be correct, and the contestant is shown a bar graph which shows what percentage of the audience picked a certain answer. 

Double Dip- The Double Dip lifeline only becomes available after the $4,000 question. When this lifeline is used, the contestant may give two answers to the question. If the first answer the contestant gives is wrong, they may answer the question a second time. If the second guess is correct, they move on as normal, Once a contestant elects to use a Double Dip, they may not walk away and may not use any other lifelines. This lifeline cannot be used on the same question as a 50-50 lifeline. 


Episode One

Episode Two


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Interesting Facts

The $300 question during Seakit's run was this:

Which of these is the name of a 1978 movie?
• A: Fat • B: Salt
• C: Sugar • D: Grease

Despite not being the correct answers, Salt and Sugar are actually real movies. A movie called "Sugar" was released in  2008 and was about a Dominican baseball player recruited to play in the U.S minor leagues. 

A movie called "Salt" was relased in 2010. It was about a CIA agent on the run after being accused of being a Russian spy. 

Chicken Breath's $125,000 was this:

What is Shinto?
• A: A temple • B: A holy text
• C: A religion • D: An alcoholic drink

Shinto is a Japanese religion. 

Prize Winners

Cat Amount Won
Seakit $1,000 (answered the $4,000 incorrectly)
Chicken Breath $32,000 (answered the $125,000 question incorrectly)
WHitefoot $16,000 (Walked out on $32,000)

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