BSeason One, Episode Two of Ghosting!

I take a step forward, looking around in the forest. I begin to run. I feel more like myself. I feel so real, so alive. So natural. Foggy memories cloud my head of when I was Lightningpaw.

Here I can escape the guilt of “killing” Sunpaw. I’m not Lightningpaw here. Here, I’m Gray. The fox. I can run, and be free. On my own. My long legs reach in front of me, and I propel myself forward. Gray. Comes a rough voice.

I turn around to see a fox that looks a lot like me. They have yellow eyes and a light gray underbelly, and legs and a dark gray back, and head. What? I snap. I know this fox’s name. Somehow. I don’t know how, but I just do. It’s Dark. Dark looks at me, his yellow eyes glowing, maliciously.

The Twolegs are moving ever closer to our forest to fight, and kill each other. And it’s harming us as well. He says. I open my jaws to reply, but I can’t. Then everything goes dark again.

I jump to my paws, hissing, and snarling. My eyes are wild, darting back and forth. I force myself to relax. I’m me again. I’m Lightningpaw. I must have just woken up on habit.

I look around. The others are still dead asleep. I looked at them, and cock my head. There’s something different about them. Very different. I can’t place my paw on it. I try and shake it off, but it won’t stop nagging at me. We’re different from everyone else.

Not just in MoonClan. In all the Clans. In MoonClan, CaveClan, DarkClan, FireClan, and LakeClan. I lay down and try to fall asleep. It doesn’t come. After restlessly tossing and turning, I finally give up, and look at the other apprentices again.

There is something different. Something very different. And if I don’t find out what, I may never be able to fall asleep again.


I’m going to leave my Clan. Today. Why should I stick around? I can’t bear to see everyone grieving for me, and I have to find Frostfire, and fast. I decide to take on last look at my beloved home.

I look around. I see Stormshadow and Snowstorm sleeping together. Pain twists my heart. And then I run out of camp. This time I don’t look back. I keep running through MoonClan territory. Eventually I leave Clan territory. I look around.

I wonder if there are any other cats who can see ghosts besides Frostfire. I sigh. I don’t even know where to start, or how to find him. I close my eyes.

I just have to keep on going.


I awake at dawn. I look around. Lightningpaw is already awake. But Reedpaw and Needlepaw are still asleep. I wonder if I should wake them. No I shouldn’t.

As I run out of the apprentice’s den, I can’t stop thinking of the odd dream I had had when I was asleep. It had been horrible. I shake my head, trying to forget about it. Fireshadow, my father, is organizing the patrols. He sees me. “Ahhh, Redpaw!” He says.

“Your mentor, Russetclaw is going on the dawn patrol. Do you want to go with her?” He asks. I nod, yawning. “Sure.” I say. I bound up, and stand next to Russetclaw’s side. Fireshadow leads the dawn patrol out of camp. I don’t really focus on anything anyone says during it, I’m too caught up in my weird dream

“Redpaw! Redpaw!” I hear someone snap. I look up to see Russetclaw. “So?” She looks at me expectantly. Embarrassed I look up at her. “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. What did you say?”

She sighs. I see Fireshadow twitching his whiskers in amusement and some of the older warriors murmuring to each other. At that moment I wish I could just disappear.

Russetclaw gives me a disapproving look as she repeats herself, “I asked you if you can recognize these tracks.” She says, flicking her tail towards a set of tracks. “Mouse.” I say. “Those are mouse tracks.” She gives me a hard look. “No they’re vole.”

I sigh, and hang my head. “Sorry.” I murmur. Russetclaw and the other warriors go on ahead, but Fireshadow hangs back to comfort me. “Don’t worry.” My father says. “I know you’re still grieving for Sunpaw.” I look up at him.

I wish I could tell him about my weird dream. But it probably means nothing. And besides, I have a feeling I shouldn’t tel him anyways.

That night I have the dream again.

Revenge flows through me. I will get these Twolegs for what they did to me. Half of my face is now metal because of their weird stuff that Frostfire called, “Technology”. They ruined me. I can shoot a hot red laser because they replaced my eye with something that can shoot that.

I destroy the large dens, that hundreds of Twolegs lived in. I destroy their home. I feel no regret. There is no such thing as that anymore. Not after what I’ve been through. Not after what I’ve seen.


I try to focus on my training but I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about how I had switched bodies. How I had become a fox. That had felt so natural. So real.

It must have been a dream. It had to have been a dream. But it wasn’t. Because it happened again. I look at my mentor. “Is this right?” I ask. They open their jaws to reply but it’s drowned out, by a wave of darkness washing over me.

I’m Gray again. I’m me again. I running towards a Twoleg. I lunge on it, snarling and tearing at it. I want to stop but I know I can’t. It fumbles for a weapon, and pulls out a long metallic thing. It whacks me on the head with it.

Pain flashes through me, as I fall to the ground, and lay there. I fight to stay conscious. I heave myself to my paws, and lunge for it. The Twoleg points it’s weapon at me, and a loud bang rings across the forest. I swerve out of the way, and pain sears through my chest.

I look and see a bloody small metal thing on the ground. Lucky for me, it had only grazed my chest. But it had still got me pretty good.

Blood pours from my wound, and I collapse on the ground.


I keep on walking through the grass. I breathe in, deeply. I keep on running. My pawsteps don’t even disturb the ground beneath me, as I run. I have infinite energy.

There are some pros to being a ghost. But mostly cons. I still wish I was alive. I’m just glad I left before things got any worse. I couldn’t bear to see my family and friends grieving for me, trying to think that I was happy in StarClan now.

How wrong they were.

How wrong they are.

I keep on walking, not even sure if I’m going the right way. Soon enough I’m in a Twolegplace. I don’t have to watch out for monsters because they pass right through me. Twolegs can’t see me. Neither can kittypets. No one can.

I’m all alone. I sigh, sadly. I close my eyes, and sit down. I picture the place where Frostfire lives. Or lived. Stormshadow had told me what it looks like. Suddenly my spirit seems to be yanked forward. I cry out as everything around me blurs.

When I dare to open my eyes, I look around me, wondering where I am. And then I realize.


I bunch my muscles, preparing to spring off of a tree branch. I recall when Sunpaw, my brother, used to joke about me whenever I jumped out of a tree.

Him, Reedpaw, Redpaw, and Lightningpaw would all gently tease me about how I thought I was a bird, and how I thought I could fly.

I smile slightly as I remember those times. My smile disappears as I remind myself that Sunpaw is dead. As I jump images flash through my mind.

“Goodbye.” I whisper softly to him. Blood pours from all my wounds. I flap my wings and fly away, not being able to look.

I fly overheard, and off into the distance, as she watches me.

I lay there cowering. He tries to help me, but is knocked off the cliff. He quickly becomes a bird, and flies away. I’m dying. I know it. He raises his paw, about to kill but the enemy kills him. He really would do that for a friend.

I cry out as I land awkwardly on my shoulder. What was that? What had those visions been? They almost seemed like . . . memories.


I realize something. Sunpaw died for a reason. Needlepaw, Reedpaw, Redpaw, and I are all different for a reason. These memories are for a reason. We will change the world. Everyone’s world.

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