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This is Warriors Poetry, divided into "Books", which are short here.

Book 1

Here is the tale of Whitestorm,
Past deputy of ThunderClan,
And his forceful push through the form
Of the powerful ranks of BloodClan.

After three days of readying for the great battle
The four Clans set out to Fourtrees.
And BloodClan went to the same battle
Thinking it would be a breeze.

While Firestar talked with the Lion -
River, Thunder, Shadow, and Wind -
BloodClan's weakest started spying,
Sitting on a tree limb.

When all the disscussion had dampened
The spies ran away to tell
Scourge of what had just happened,
But one cat had fell.

Whitestorm began to attack him,
Not knowing that in his home
Aside from his mate, there lurked him
And the BloodClan deputy, Bone.

As the blood began to flow from the wounded,
Who would not have scars,
Whitestorm saw BloodClan to be destined
For the Place of No Stars.

Book 2

The great LionClan was charging
Dividing BloodClan.
Whitestorm began running and barging
Into Bone's stance.

Whitestorm and Tornear,
faced toward Bone.
Two would die here,
The third would go home.

Unsheating their claws
the two went to
face the stong clawed
BloodClan number two.

Unfinished by *swifty*