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Life hasn't always been this way. He can recall times when the clan was organized, when life was fine. But one thing has changed it all...

Nowadays, the clan is tortured. Some cats gave been torn from their home and been forced to become rogues. He even saw a pair that were forced to become kittypets. There are new souls that he discovered that could quite possibly change the forest if they were eliminated...




This is the end. The end as I knew it. When most cats considered it the journey from one world to another.

I screamed in agony. Blood was pooling from my cut side, and I tried to blink the blood out of one my eyes by winking.

My whole face was twisted, and some parts felt frozen. I felt pretty sure that one of my eyes had fallen out.

"No! STOP!" I screamed.

My enemy gave me a cruel look, and I thought I could hear Leafpatch whispering, "It's time. Time to go. Your time in this world is gone. Have a safe journey. I- I wish I could save you,"

"No! I'm not ready! Help me, give me more time! More moons!" I trailed off.

My enemy screeched, and leapt on me.

It's definitely the end. My time in this world, for sure, is up. I closed my eyes, and accepted my brutal fate.

But the killing strike never came. The ghosts inside screamed at me, but my head swam and I couldn't hear what they were saying.

The world blacked out.

Is this where I meet my end? Is this it?

I guess you deserve my story. It's only fair...

Chapter One

"Lastly, Quillkit! Your mentor will be Leafpatch. Everybody honor Whitepaw, Dawnpaw, and Quillpaw!" Gorsestar finished.

I beamed. I was finally an apprentice!

The cheerings for me and my littermates began, but we were interrupted by screaming from Junipertail.

"Mom!" I cried. I ran towards the sound of my mother's cries. Abruptly they stopped. "Mom!"

Leafpatch hurried to me and led me out. I was aware of Cloverclaw running out to find her.

My eyes streaked with tears, I ran to the apprentices' den. Leafpatch called softly to me, but I ignored her. I plunged into the apprentices' den.

I screamed. The nests were full of bones. In one, I thought I saw blood, and in another I saw mushrooms growing.

Dawnpaw ran in. "What-" She saw the room, and screamed too.

Yarrowspike yelled, "Stop screaming for your mother and settle your nests!"

Oh, yeah. Yarrowspike is the worst warrior! And it was just Dawnpaw's luck for Yarrowspike to be her mentor!

"It's- it's-" sobbed Dawnpaw. I bet her day was worse than ever. "It's not mom,"

Leafpatch carefully stepped in, and was halfway in when she saw the abominations.

"Quillpaw, Dawnpaw, it'll be alright," she tried to sooth. She pulled her tail over us and led us out.

I looked back to the apprentices' den. It looked horrible. "Who would do this? What sort of prank is that?" I asked, knowing the answer would be 'I dunno' or something like that.

Leafpatch acted like she hadn't heard me. I inwardly sobbed. It's like nobody wants me. As soon as I become an apprentice, my mother disappears and my new den is horrible.

I looked up and saw we were standing in front of Gorsestar. His eyes were troubled, and I shivered. "They should be back by now..." Gorsestar murmured, staring at the entrance.

He looked down at us. "What is it now?" he growled.

Leafpatch wrinkled her nose. "I think the best way of explaining it will be by showing you the apprentices' den,"

Gorsestar looked back at the entrance to camp, then followed Leafpatch to the den.

Chapter Two

I nervously padded to my future den. Dawnpaw whispered to me, "I don't think we have to go in,"

I sure hoped so. That was a wreck. Leafpatch gestured into the apprentices' den. As Gorsestar went in, I wandered over to the exit of camp. Gorsestar suddenly ran out and jumped onto me. "STAY AWAY FROM THERE!" He yelled.

I screamed in fright as Gorsestar dragged me back. "You will stay in the nursery tonight," He pushed me to the entrance to the nursery.

I walked inside. Indigo and Wavetail were having an argument. Presently, Wavetail said, "Do you know how long until they're coming?"

"I think it'll be at least by tomorrow,"

"WHAT? Why didn't you tell me? You can't go out now, it's dangerous!"

"Well I can't survive in this clan. After my kits are born, I'm leaving,"

"They're my kits too. Don't talk like that. The kits are staying in the clan. If I became mates with a cold-hearted kittypet who isn't the warrior I thought I knew..."

"I don't care. I'm leaving," Indigo said sharply. She turned away from her mate.

I was about to creep back from the nursery when Indigo let out a shrill scream. It was loud, and I thought my ears would burst. Then I saw Wavetail, who's mouth was open in a silent wail. A thin trickle of blood oozed from one ear.

"They might be comming!" Indigo screamed.

Dustwing pounded over. The medicine cat was carrying several herbs I wouldn't know. I'm not a medicine cat, and I have no intention of becoming one.

Whitepaw, my last littermate, oh that rascal. She watched from a distance.

Dustwing scowled at Whitepaw, Dawnpaw, and I. I hadn't noticed my sister come in.

He turned to Indigo. "Eat this," he ordered. "The burnet will surely help them come out smoothly,"

Indigo swallowed the herb and gagged. "That's-" She screeched.

Dustwing's panicked look told me something was wrong. "No! You weren't supposed to swallow that herb! I was pointing there!"

Indigo shuddered and vomited. Dustwing yelled, "Whitepaw, fetch me a large stick!"

Whitepaw nodded and ran away.

Indigo shuddered more. She let out another ear-splitting shriek, and Wavetail cowered away. "I have to go!" he cried.

My left eye twitched. I turned to Dawnpaw, who looked like she wanted to turn away but it seemed like it was physically impossible.

Indigo continued schreeching, and by the time Whitepaw came in holding a rather small-ish stick, Dustwing was pacing back and forth.

I turned to Indigo. The blue-grey queen was thrashing back and forth, her eyes dim.

Dustwing shook her head at the stick but shoved it in Indigo's mouth. She clamped her mouth over it.

I almost threw up when I saw what Dustwing proceeded to do. "They're stuck," she murmured as she cut the queen's flank. Blood splurted from the wound and splashed everywhere.

Gore mixed in with the blood. Indigo snapped the stick in half from biting it too hard, and let out the loudest caterwaul I have ever heard.

Dustwing screeched but continued her work. She widened the cut and stuck her paw in. Indigo moaned and began making a strange noise I don't recognize.

Dustwing suddenly but carefully pulled her paw out. It was carrying a red kit. I wasn't sure if its fur was stained red from blood or if it was natural. "That's all there is," she murmured. "A she-kit. Don't try to make me do that again, because I will refuse,"

She patched together Indigo's wound then left the nursery.

"Cobra," Indigo whispered. She licked her kit and specs of blood fell away, revealing the true kit's color. It was a light ginger kit, with a dark grey paw and dark grey stripes. "Your name will be Cobra," Her head then lolled and fell into her nest.

Wavetail padded carefully in. His jaw fell when he saw what happened to his mangled mate. He looked around and saw me, and I noticed that Dawnpaw had left.

"You," he accused. "It's not right to attack a cat becayse your mother disappeared! Indigo did nothing!"

I stepped back. "I- I didn't do anything to h-her!"

Cobra mewed loudly and indignantly. She sounded hungry.

Wavetail's head snapped to his kit. He walked over to his mate and kit. " Indigo," he called softly. "Indigo. Look, look at our kit," He rested his tail on his mate's shoulders.

I then realized something with a shock. Dustwing had killed Indigo trying to save the kit's life.

Chapter Three

Wavetail let out a sob and took his kit. He jerkily carried Cobra, or at least that's what I'm calling her, to the medicine den. I cocked my head and followed.

Wavetail looked around, then hid in a corner and cut his kit. Both cats threw their heads up to the sky and wailed.

Wavetail edged into the clearing, carefully, so no cat would know he had been hiding. Dustwing came out of her den, eyes weary.

"What is it-" Dustwing looked at Wavetail in confusion. "What-?"

Wavetail choked on a sob. I shivered and crept away. Suddenly, the back hairs on my neck rose up. Then I could hear them...

"You are worried, scared, lonely," A voice rasped. "We know how that feels..."

I jumped and looked around. No other cat paid attention to the voice and I wondered if it was just a hallucination.

"No, foolish tom. I am not a hallucination," The raspy voice continued. Mist curled in the air, taking the form of a raggedy cat.

"Leave me alone!" I urgently whispered. "I- I don't need you,"

"Foolish," the cat shook its head. "You do. I am Furjca, an immortal. I know you wonder, young tom, why cats are disappearing into the forest?"

I backed away. "Its- it- it isn't s-s-safe here,"

"Look around," Furjca encouraged. "Why, no cats are moving, or paying attention to us. These cats are important to you, yes?"

"I- yes,"

"Think of all of them, little by little, disappearing into the woods. You are among them as I see. You will disappear, erased from your clan. That will happen; unless you join us,"

Furjca's ears flicked and her lips curled as she said 'join us'. I shivered.

"Who- who exactly would I be joining?"

"You will become an immortal,"

"I don't understand," I whispered, then ran away. I turned back, but Furjca was gone. Suddenly, I heard crumbling and the whole world resumed.

Chapter Four

"Quillpaw! Stop!"

I turned around and skidded to a stop. Suddenly, we were in front of a cliff. I had no idea who 'we' was, because it was an unfamiliar cat standing behind me, yet so familiar at the same time.

"Quillpaw! Where are you going?" The earnest voice faded away, and the cat started crumbling.

"What?" I cried. "Who are you?"

"Save me..."


"Save..." The cat's face crumbled to dust, and soon a small pile of ash lay before me.

"I can't believe you let a cat die," a rich voice said. I watched as a mahogany-colored cat stepped away from the tree he was hiding in. I sat down, confused, as neither the tree nor the cat was there before. "And you didn't even try to save poor Henry,"

"Why is this happening to me? Why now, why my life? Ruin the twolegs' life for all I care!" I cried.

"Obviously you don't understand. You are special, dummy. Its not every day a cat denies Furjca. That's the reason we came after you. Become an immortal, Quillpaw,"

My blood boiled. "More cats doesn't want me to join. I still don't know what I'll be joining,"

"Young tom, listen! I've told you a million times. You should know me!"

I stared at the cat. "N-no..."

The mahogany cat's eyes sunk. He said after a pause, "I... I just thought..."

Another pause. "What?" I asked.

"That's not fair!" The cat cried. "I didn't do anything!"

I heard a faint, whispered voice. "You disobeyed me. And Danter. For that, you are expelled,"

"No!" He cried, leaping into the air. "No!"

It happened so fast, I could barely keep up with it. The tom's eyes widened in fear, and an eagle-owl swept him away. The bird was blurred, but I thought I caught huge, keen eyes, long, sleek, brown feathers, and a pointed beak. I couldn't tell whether it was owl or eagle.

The cat was swept up and it fell into the trees. It wasn't too far, and I thought I heard the bird caw, " It is done, master,"

I gawked as the bird rose into the clouds, bright brown tail feathers disappearing into the mist.

The echoes of the cat's screams came back, so loud I thought I was temporary deafened. It was a wonder why my ears haven't exploded by then.

I think I thought too soon, because suddenly searing pain crashed into my left ear. I lifted a paw, and it came back covered in blood.

I walked to the river that had randomly sprang up. As I dipped my paw into the water, a huge... thing... swung out of the water.

Its serpentine body curled around my body. I then realized that a voice inside was whispering, telling me what things are. "The serpent, long scales, big teeth..."

It opened its mouth, and snatched at a piece of something beside me. I recognized half of my ear. It devoured it and slunk underwater.

I stood, glued to the spot. The world shifted again, and I found myself standing in front of the camp. "What...?"

I shook out my fur and walked into Camp. I knew where to go. The medicine den loomed before me, I took a deal breath, and walked in.

My ear exploded in pain, and a dull headache wormed into my head, becoming an annoying buzz. My ears rang, and I found myself standing in front of an angry Gorsestar.

Chapter Five

"WELL? Where were you?"

"I was forced-"

"No, we all saw you casually walk out. So? What were you doing?"

"I told you, the world-" I complained.


Gorsestar stared at me. His terrible amber eyes stared at me. At first, I saw hatred, then authority, then more hatred, then guarded, then realization. "How do you hear out of that ear?" He shoved me into the medicine den.

I found myself staring into the puddle by the back of the medicine den. But it wasn't me I was staring at...

I saw a brown cat, with icy blue eyes that looked unfamiliar, scared, and confused. A tail flashed into view, and I saw a black tail tip. His ear was torn in half, and blood dribbled out of his mouth. The ear was coated in blood, gore, and for some reason, cobwebs. I couldn't believe that I was, indeed, staring at the misfortunate Quillpaw.

A brown paw was adding herbs to my ear. I knew that Dustwing was confused, but was treating me.

My vision blacked out, and I fell asleep.

Furjca was standing over me. I knew it was her. She was becoming annoying. VERY annoying.

"Y'know, Quillpaw. Have you noticed them yet?"

I stared at Furjca. She sadly smiled.

"The words. Look in the pool, Quillpaw. Tell me what you see,"

I looked down, and a puddle swirled into existence. Shapes began to form, and I suddenly found myself staring at Gorsestar.

"Quillpaw will be fine. It's nothing," Gorsestar said.

"I'm not sure. You know what happened," Dustwing argued. "Who knows what will happen now?"

"At least it was only a chip off his ear.."

I recounted what the two had said. Furjca scrunched up one eye, and the image in the water began to change.

I saw cats in FlareClan whispering to each other about me. "What is happening to Quillpaw?"

"Poor Quillpaw..."

"I wonder what happened..."

I sat there, dazed. I couldn't tell Furjca this.

The whispers had started...

Chapter Six

Furjca stared at me. "Well?"

I couldn't speak. There were so many things going on, and I fell down from the dizziness.

Furjca growled. "Speak," she commanded, and her blue eyes turned red. Her fur became more matted and way longer.

I looked up at her. She was snarling, and all of her teeth had suddenly become sharper. "Consider your choises," she hissed. It was a scratchy voice, none at all like the sweet voice I had heard before.

"Furjca, enough," commanded a voice from above. "He is in shock, dummy,"

Furjca growled and turned to the black tom who appeared. As she did so, she returned to her normal, I guess, form. "Allow me to introduce myself. The name Quantion. Nice to meet you, Quillpaw,"

I shuddered. Quantion scared me even more than Furjca's weird alter-ego. "Well? What should I do to him?" Furjca asked.

"Take him home. He is too shocked to become one of us,"

I stuttered, "Wh- wh-why are cats appearing out of nowhere?"

Quantion studied my face. After a long time, an eternity it seemed to me, he said, "Because,"

"That's not even a real answer,"

"It is now," Quantion suddenly hissed in my face. I never saw him take a single step towards me.

I shuddered, and for the million gagillionth time the world spun, and spun, and spun. I crashed to the camp, swerving at the last second. The air was forced out of my lungs, and for a moment I just fell there. I was crushed.

"Think about your choice, Quillpaw," the ugly Furjca voice called. My ears started ringing again. A terrible headache split my head, and I couldn't think straight.

"I'm sick of treating Quillpaw. Tell him to stay in camp," Dustwing suddenly hissed. I managed to lift my head up, then I let it fall. It was too much work for me.

"Its not his fault. Treat him anyway. Its not his fault the Immortals are after him," Gorsestar yelled at Dustwing.

At Gorsestar's words, all my strength suddenly returned. I lifted my head and sat up.

"Watch your tongue!" Dustwing cried. In a darker voice, she hissed, "Those idiots, according to you, are my family. My only home," I watched as Dustwing started transforming, similar to Furjca. Her ears became pointed as well, and her tail became needle-sharp.

"Don't do this, Dustwing,"

"You idiot! Do you realize who you're taking to? I am not merely Dustwing! I am more!"

At that moment I realized two things at the same time. Quantion and Dustwing's dark voice were the commanding voices were what I had heard. Those voices were trying to help me.


Dustwing reared up, then raised an unsheathed paw to Gorsestar's throat. "I am not Dustwing. I am Eragios, queen of the Immortals!"

Gorsestar's eyes bugged out and became unfocused.

Dustwing, or perhaps I should call her Eragios now, suddenly turned to me, letting Gorsestar go. "You!" She screamed. "You- you- you idiot! Get out of my sight!" Then, quicker than a flash, disappeared into the camp and exited with most of my clanmates. All were feral.

"Quillpaw is sooooo dead," Stagbush hissed, smiling. Moonjaw and Heatherleaf nodded as well.

Grassblade began popping her neck. Eragios smiled wickedly at me. "So? Do you want to join us? Or would you rather end like him?"

Eragios pointed at Gorsestar, who was now tied to a tree by Wavetail's long, now bushy, tail. He was choking, and one eye looked as if it was about to pop out. As if by cue, it popped out, attached by a long, slender cord. Blood flowed out of the wound, and gore started crusting around the socket. "ATTACK HIM!" Screamed Eragios. "I THOUGHT THAT WAS CLEAR!"

The feral cats all pounced on Gorsestar. In minutes, Gorsestar's bloody figure was revealed. "So are you going to end like him, Quillpaw?" Eragios smiled, creeping closer to me.

Chapter Seven

Eragios and Wavetail crept closer. "Before you decide, let me introduce your old friends."

Wavetail, Stagbush, Heatherleaf, Moonjaw, Redfoot, Yarrowspike, Fernstorm, and even, I gulped, Dawnpaw, were forming a circle around Eragios and me.

Eragios nodded to each of them as she named them. "Wavetail is actually Cresto, Stagbush is Gartenap, Heatherleaf Betson, Moonjaw Glowsta, Redfoot Degi, Yarrowspike Vetros, Fernstorm Clansia, and even your beloved sibling Dawnpaw has a new name. Frijii has been a part of us since she could walk,"

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Just in case you join,"

"Which you should," Dawnpaw, Clansia I guess, smiled. I shivered instead of smiling back. "The food there is great. Besides, we get more privileges and less duties. I don't have to clean the elder's den here,"

I started crying. "Don't-"

"I always knew you were the weaker one. Eragios, we should pierce his ear just to make him howl. My brother is so brain-dead, we could do it over and over again, but he would fall into the same trap over and over again,"


"You're right," Eragios studied me. "What do you say, Cresto?"

"Of course," Cresto leaned on me, pushing me down. It took me a moment that only his tail was holding me.

"Degi? The bone?" I started squirming. It did little use, only earned me a covering over my mouth, slowly creeping to my nose.

"May I have the honors, Eragios?" Clansia asked.

"Of course, darling,"

"Don't touch him, you monsters!" Suddenly Leafpatch was there, followed by the rest of my clanmates.

"Oh, Diggy. Dirty. You know how hard it was to gain the throne after you foolishly left,"

"I'm not your Diggy anymore. I am Leafpatch. And I challenge you to leadership over the Immortals,"

There was a long silence. " Very well," Eragios said. "But first... This fool is useless," She pounced on me. Nocat except Leafpatch made a move to stop her.

Again, the wind rushed out of my mouth. I blacked out.

Chapter Eight

I woke up feeling sore. And everything felt terrible.

And now we're back to this point. I was attacked. Leafpatch told me. It was time.

The sun was down. Eragios and Leafpatch were battling. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cats were around, watching the battle in silence.

Eragios blocked Leafpatch and jumped on her. As Leafpatch turned to fall on her back, Eragios slipped past, swinging on Leafpatch's body and sat on her stomach.

I feared the worst. Leafpatch's lungs didn't seem to be working, and blood began streaming down her nose and mouth. I screamed, but no sound came. Eragios swiftly turned her head to me, her eyes widening.

She leapt off Leafpatch to het to me. Leafpatch immediately leapt up after her. With two cats rushing at me, I tried to close my good eye.

Leafpatch reached towards me, screaming, "No!"

Eragios pumped her legs off the ground and shot towards me. She landed square on my chest. I felt burning pain tear through my neck, and then suddenly it was over.

I woke up in a starry clearing. "He is not worthy," decided a voice above me.

"Wh-why?" I stammered.

"You stood up to the Immortals. They are StarClan. You refused to join us. You will perish forever in the Dark Forest.

No! You've got it backward! My mind wanted to scream. For some reason nothing would come out though.

The world started to fade. I blacked out again.


I woke up with several feral cats pummeling my stomach. I groaned.

I guess this is always how it is here. All of my body became numb, and they seemed to be pummeling even harder now.

I hate it here. This world is dumb. I wish I could fade...

All of the cats are doing it now. It seems gazillions of cats are pushing at me, biting me, attacking me. I fell down. I got the feeling that I wouldn't see a thing again. As I thought that, my vision blacked out, flooded with blood.

The End

I hope you enjoyed, or shivered maybe. Happy Halloween!

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