I've decided to write a songfic! This is my first songfic to the song Whatever it Takes By Imagine Dragons

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​​​​​​Ever since being made an apprentice, later into a warrior, Ebonystripe's life has been a mess. She was born into Thunderclan, but she followed her father, Acornstar, back then known as Acornclaw, into Shadowclan since he was kicked out. Ebonystripe's brother, Lionfeather, chose to stay in Thunderclan, so it wasn't like the whole family came. Ebonystripe was jeered at and disliked because she was from Thunderclan. This songfic expresses her feelings in the forest.


Link here. The main clan is Shadowclan, and the cats that will appear are in the page.


Falling too fast to prepare for this,

​​​​​Tripping in the world can be dangerous,

Everybody circling it's vulturous,

Negative, nepotist.

Ebonykit had really been trying. Up ahead, Acornclaw looked back and said, "Doing alright, Ebonykit?"

She nodded. "How -- much-- longer?" Ebonykit wheezed.  Acornclaw picked her up. "Not much longer, My darling."

Ebonykit growled. "I can walk on my own, Acornclaw." He shook his head slightly, but Ebonykit felt it. Sighing, she stopped squirming so they could get there faster. 

"And, here we are!" Acornclaw meowed after setting Ebonykit down. "We are at Shadowclan camp," Ebonykit nosed her way in. Inside, Darkstar was taking to the clan. After finishing, he addressed Acornclaw. "Hello, my friend! I see you've brought a kit. State your business,"

Acornclaw frowned. "Ebonykit and I wish to join Shadowclan. She's six moons old," 

" Of course! I'll prepare a ceremony for young Ebonykit. " Darkstar meowed. Then, waving his tail, he addressed the clan who hadn't moved since Darkstar hadn't dismissed then. "Do we want to let Ebonykit and Acornclaw into Shadowclan?"

Meows of disapproval could be heard from almost every cat. But, Ebonykit heard one good comment.

"We need good warriors! Acornclaw is strong, just the cat we need! And his offspring will probably be strong, too!" Darkstar thought for a moment. Then, he said, "We will give them a chance. Hmm, since Ebonykit is nearing that age, Firetail, will you mentor her?"

Firetail nodded. "She deserves to have a good mentor."  Ebonykit recognised the voice as the one who was in her favor.

"Then from now on, until she receives her warrior name, Ebonykit, you will be now known as Ebonypaw. May StarClan guide your paws." Only one or two cats could be heard cheering for Ebonypaw. She saw a cat coming over.  The cat introduced himself as Otterpaw. "Look, Thunderclan scum! Who cares for you, little kit? You don't deserve to be in Shadowclan, kit. Go home."

Ebonypaw bit back a retort. "Darkstar let me in,"

Otterpaw rolled his eyes. "Darkstar is weak. What we need is a strong leader." Now Ebonypaw was upset. She blinked back tears. "Just because-"

Otterpaw cut her off. "Cry more, little kit. We all know that it's the best you can do," he taunted. Suddenly, Ebonypaw felt dizzy, and black spots dotted her vision. She fell down to the ground, but she never felt the pine-needle covered floor meet her.  Then, she completely blacked out, unconscious.

Chapter One

Everybody waiting for the fall of man, 

Everybody praying for the end of times,

Everybody hoping they could be the one,

I was born to run, I was born for this.

Ebonypaw padded to Acornstar shakily. The whole clan was gathered for her ceremony.

Otterpelt walked up to her. Ebonypaw shivered, remembering her apprentice memories. "Good. When you live in the warriors' den I can bug you MORE!"

She looked down. A couple of cats have warmed up to her, but most of them haven't. And, Otterpelt certainly hasn't. 

Acornstar raised his tail and silenced the chatting. "Today an apprentice has earned her place in the warriors' den. Ebonypaw, please step forward."

Without waiting for her to step forward, he continued. "Ebonypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and do whatever it says, even at the cost of your life?"

Ebonypaw nodded. Then, she meowed, "I do."

" Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Ebonypaw, from this day onward, you will be known as Ebonystripe. StarClan honors your resilience and good will. "

More cats than in her apprentice ceremony joined in to celebrate her new name. "Ebonystripe! Ebonystripe!"

Her friend Mosslight came over and said, "Congratulations, Ebonystripe! I'll help you set up a nest in the morning! For now, you need to do your vigil!"

Ebonystripe nodded absent-mindedly. "Sure,"

" C'mon, Ebonystripe. Your silent vigil starts now, " Firetail told her. "I'll tell you in the morning when you can talk again,"

Thoughts circled in Ebonystripe's head over and over. What if they don't want me? What if I make a mistake? Will they kick me out? Will they hurt me? Will they kill me? What if they kill me for making a mistake?

Nodding herself awake, Ebonystripe struggled to keep her thoughts away. A conversation with Otterpelt had been on the top of her mind this morning to the latest of tonight.

Otterpelt had come too close to me that morning. He whispered in my ear. "Ebonykit. That's all you are. A kit. Whine more. Cry more. You'll never be a good enough apprentice to be a warrior,"

His words stung her like a bee. Nothing can help her. Nothing can heal Ebonystripe. Nothing can heal Ebonypaw. Nothing can heal Ebonykit. Ebonykit. That's all the clan thought of her. Expected from her.

Ebonystripe felt like a kit. Why is she out in the cold of the night? Why isn't she with Lionpaw? 

Ebonystripe didn't know what his warrior name was. A fierce wind came up and engulfed her, cutting through her. 

The first day she came. Nobody wants you. You don't belong here.

Ebonystripe lowered her head. One thought. She didn't belong.

Chapter Two

Whip, whip

Run me like a race horse,

Pull me like a rip cord,

Break me down and build me up...

Nope, Ebonystripe told herself. You can prove yourself. You can do so many things. Don't regret your choice.

Ebonystripe watched the moon set in the distance. The sun was almost up.

Firetail came over and told her, "Your vigil is over. You can speak now." 

Ebonystripe nodded and Firetail padded away. "They'll see.. They'll see one day what I can do," she whispered to herself. "They can't take you down. You're strong. Hard to break. Reliant. Even Resilient."

Her head snapped up. She padded over to Featherdusk and asked, "Can I go hunting?"

She nodded and resumed sorting out patrols.

Ebonystripe padded out of the entrance to camp. She didn't feel sleepy or tired or anything. 

She ran fast. She ran to prove herself as a warrior. "I need some time alone. To do what I need to do. Hunting is okay," 

Ebonystripe dropped down to stalk a lizard. "This'll do," she meowed quietly to herself.

Leaping silently, the lizard had no idea that there was a big cat behind it. "It may be Leaf-fall, but there still is prey," Ebonystripe remarked after giving the killing bite to the lizard. 

Ebonystripe continued hunting until her pile consisted of two lizards, a frog, two rats, and three voles. "Once again, Ebonystripe," she told herself, "there are so many ways to prove yourself. You just need to show them what a great warrior you are,"

Every cat in the clan was fed and slept with a full stomach.

Chapter Three

I wanna be the slip, slip

​​Word upon your lip, lip,

Letter that you rip, rip,

Break me down and build me up.....

Mosslight wouldn't leave Ebonystripe alone. "C'mon, don't you know how to fight?"

"I do! Will you just leave me alone?! " Ebonystripe practically screamed. Then, quieter, she added, "You used to be my friend. What happened to my sweet, caring friend?"

Mosslight frowned. "I'm not doing anything! What are you talking about?"

" You know what you are doing. You know. You're not my friend anymore. " Ebonystripe said, turning tail and running away.

"My life just falling apart. My friends all turning on me. What is wrong, with me?" Ebonystripe found herself on the Thunderclan- Shadowclan border. She smelled a cat. Or two.

"Who's there?" Ebonystripe called. A cat came out of the brush. "Oh! Hi, Ebonystripe!" The cat called.

"Lionfeather?! What are you doing by the Thunderpath?" Ebonystripe meowed. 

"I could ask you the same thing," Lionfeather said. "I was just walking and I found myself here,"

" No joke? Me too, " Ebonystripe meowed. 

"Hmm. How's life in Shadowclan?"

"It could've been better. But don't ask me to join Thunderclan," Ebonystripe warned. 

"I won't. What kind of things can be better?" Lionfeather meowed.

"Like my clanmates who don't know who I am,"

"Okay. What are you going to do about that?" Lionfeather asked.

"You wanna know? I'll do whatever it takes to prove I'm a worthy warrior in Shadowclan. I'll prove I'm loyal, not Thunderclan scum like you." With that, Ebonystripe turned tail and left.

"Wow. That's a little intense," Ebonystripe heard Lionfeather meow.


Ebonystripe didn't want to go back to stinking cats who tease her of untrue matters. Not to Otterpelt, who doesn't know how to separate gossip and lies away from truths. Definitely not Mosslight, that traitor. Traitor!

Ebonystripe shook her head and avoided a patrol. She veered away and headed toward Snakerocks. There was a secret place that Ebonystripe knew of that served the purpose of getting away from pesky clanmates. 

Chapter Four

Whatever it Takes, (Oh)

'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins,

I do whatever it takes, (Oh)

'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.

"Here we are, don't turn away, now. We are the warriors who built this clan," Ebonyspot kept hearing in her head. She had run into Firetail, who knew where her spot was. 

"It's alright," he had said. "There's a song that my father once told me. He said that when the clans were made, the birds could sing cat. In the time of the legendary clans, Lionclan, Leopardclan, and Tigerclan, those birds would sing one song." And then he had sang that song. 

It was quiet, sure, but it didn't sound old. 

Ebonystripe climbed up the hollow spruce tree. She broke off a twig and held it in her mouth, then flung it onto the grass beneath her. "Nothing can heal these wounds. No herb that's strong enough. No herb that Thornfern knew how to use. No word strong enough that rips away the soul. But I can avenge my broken soul. I can avenge those who tear and break! Nothing can stop me! I'm set on doing one thing! 

I'll do what's right. And doing what's right means doing whatever it takes. Whatever it takes," 

Ebonystripe's voice started quiet and rise until she was yowling. Her voice settled after a while after her decision. 

She told herself, "You know that hiding away won't prove yourself. Fix that. You've decided what to do, then do it,"

Nothing left to say. Ebonystripe padded back to camp, unburying a pile of prey she knew was caught earlier. Taking it, Ebonystripe dropped the prey on the pile. Mosslight tried to bug her, but she shrugged her off.

Otterpelt came over and said, "What's wrong, kit? Nothing happens your way?" When Ebonystripe didn't respond, he said, "Speechless, huh? I guess the fox really did get you. Don't deny it. Leopardclaw saw it. You fought it, and I guess it took your tongue."

Ebonystripe shook her head. "Nobody understands. They don't understand that I'm a loyal Shadowclan warrior. They don't understand that I know that Thunderclan cats are foxhearts and don't know who's boss. You don't understand, Otterpelt. How would you like it if every time I saw you, I teased you about originating in Windclan? Huh? Yeah, I know where you came from. Leopardclaw saw it. Oh no, I'm using what you said against you. Boo hoo, weak Windclan kit,"

" I'm a loyal Shadowclan warrior! You're just-- your just--"

"Thunderclan had to bring back Windclan. That ultimately means that if both of us stayed in those clans, I'd be better than you anyway. Ha, got you there," Ebonystripe taunted.

Otterpelt growled. "Now you know how I feel," Ebonystripe meowed before he could say anything. 

And Otterpelt never bothered her again after that.

Chapter Five

Whatever it Takes, (Oh)

You take me to the top,

I'm ready for, Whatever it Takes (oh)

'Cause i love the adrenaline in my veins.

I do what it takes

Do what it takes.

One day, Otterpelt looked at Ebonystripe with hate in his eyes. Mosslight was with him. 

Mosslight whispered into his ear, and Otterpelt nodded. They both turned tail and ran away, out of camp. While they rushed past Featherdusk, Ebonystripe heard Mosslight say, "We're going hunting,"

Ebonystripe scowled at them leaving camp. Otterpelt smirked back at her and ran after Mosslight.

Looking around for watching eyes, Ebonystripe verified that no cat was looking. She followed the two out, as silent as a mouse. Stalking was her specialty, as she was a Shadowclan cat. 

Ebonystripe watched Otterpelt and Mosslight go to the lake, then Otterpelt said, "I spot a nest over there. Water voles, perhaps?"

" You're right! " Mosslight exclaimed quietly. "I'll get it!"

Quick as a squirrel, Otterpelt made sure she was gone then washed his pelt and climbed a tree. He whispered so quietly that Ebonystripe could barely hear him. "Hey, Umbercloud. How are you?"

"I'm good," the other cat said.

Not only did Ebonystripe recognise the voice as Umbercloud's, she knew that Umbercloud was from Thunderclan. Why are they meeting? Ebonystripe thought.

"Did you know that, well, I'm kinda-- um..." Otterpelt stammered. "Fond of you?" He squeaked the last part.

"Really?" Umbercloud asked. "Y'know, I like you too,"

" Phew, " Otterpelt said. "I always get nervous telling people that I like them, because I'm afraid that they'd say, 'Ew! Why would you like me? Gross! ' and then I'd be embarrassed. I tried that on Leopardclaw back when we were apprentices...." He trailed off.

Ebonystripe couldn't see her, but she assumed that Umbercloud was smiling. 

I have to tell Acornstar! Otterpelt is breaking the warrior code! Ebonystripe urgently thought. 

"Otterpelt? Where'd you go?" Mosslight could be heard. Ebonystripe listened for a moment longer, then dashed off in the direction of camp. 

"You're in so much trouble," Ebonystripe muttered under her breath. She stumbled on a rock.

"Who's in trouble?" a voice growled.

The cat gripped its claws in her neck. "Talk. I asked you a question. Name one reason I shouldn't end your life here,"

"Ott-- Otterpelt. He-- broke--- code." Ebonystripe wheezed. 

"You're a clan cat? Oh. My name's Frond. Former warrior. I'm a rogue. And who might you be?" The cat said. He released his grip.

"I'm Ebonystripe. The newest Shadowclan warrior. I was once from Thunderclan, so I get teased and stuff. My dad's the leader," Ebonystripe told Frond.

"I've heard of you. You were the one who bested Squr. He's one of my... Let's say minions." Frond said. "You're a strong warrior. Acornstar told me about you,"

"Wait. You're with my dad? Sorry for, um... Besting Squr." Ebonystripe meowed. She was confused. She didn't best any cat.

"No worries. He was a weaker one. I'm here to recruit you. I hear you're having trouble proving yourself? Come with me. Together, we can teach them a lesson," Frond meowed.

"Of course," Ebonystripe darkly said. 

Frond grinned. "You're in. Grind, take her to the spot!"

 Chapter Six

Always had a fear of being typical,

Looking at my body feeling miserable,

Always hanging on to the visual,

I wanna be invisible.

Ebonystripe followed Grind away. If this is what can make them trust me, I'll do it. 

She slowed down. From behind, Frond pushed on her. "Get a move on," his scratchy voice said.

Ebonystripe grunted. But, she kept moving. "We're here," Grind announced. "The whole gang is here for your successful recruit. We will introduce you soon. First, we'll practice battle moves. With us, you are only an apprentice. These are fighting moves that no normal cat knows about,"

Acornstar was in the group, talking to a brown she cat. "Hello, Ebonystripe," he said. "Welcome to the gang! This is Maple, and she will introduce you to our gang,"

" A pleasure to meet you, Ebonystripe, " Maple greeted. "You know Grind, Frond, and Acorn. These cats are named Gorse, Ice, Sand, Dawn, Ivy, and Emerald." Each cat nodded when introduced. 

"Excuse me, but what's an Emerald?" Ebonystripe asked. "I mean, your name has to mean something,"

Emerald shook his head. "An emerald is a shiny, green material used for decorating. We also have other people named after shiny things. They're on patrol right now, but we have Jade, which is another green thing, Ruby, which is a red thing, Diamond, which is a blue thing, and Pearl, which is a cream thing," 

" Why are all of the cats with decoration names on a patrol? That's weird, " Ebonystripe meowed.

"That's not important. Anyway, today you start training, Ebony," Acornstar said. 

"Excuse me, but my name is Ebonystripe, not Ebony," she retorted.

"Not here it isn't. Maple, you start her off with the simple moves," he waved his paw. "I mean, unless you don't want your clanmates to trust you..... "

"Doesn't mean I have to like it," grumbled Ebonystripe. 

For the next moon, Ebonystripe was training to be a warrior in Frond's little band. 

One day, Ebonystripe was taken on a patrol with Ivy, Dawn, Frond, and Sand. Frond kept stopping to sniff at any passing living creature.

"It's just a squirrel! C'mon! You're taking forever!" Ebonystripe complained. 

"I've got a feeling that somecat is watching......" Frond explained. 

"Right you are, Frond. I'm seeing what you're doing with the apprentice," a voice said. "It's not every day there's a new recruit,"

Frond rolled his eyes. "Whiny here has been with us for over a moon, you'll be fine without watching an apprentice's every move, Jay," 

"It's my right to protect young Warriors and Apprentices," Jay said. 

"Whatever," Frond said.

"Can I talk to Ebonystripe for a moment?" Jay asked.

"Sure," Frond said. "Do it now,"

" Alone, " 

"If you need to tell her something, tell us all," Frond challenged.

"Fine! I will! Fight me so I can talk to her alone!" Jay cried out.

"Alright. You asked for it," Frond said. "But be forewarned. I know much better moves than you, kit," 

Jay growled. "I'm not a kit. I left because I realized how bad you are,"

Suddenly, Frond jumped out at Jay. He tore the Bluegrey tom's ears and bit his tail. Screeching, Jay turned around and started clawing Frond's back.

Frond raked his claws on Jay's underfur. Jay let out another screech. Frond then clawed out Jay's throat. The other tom coughed up blood.

"You will die," Frond hissed in Jay's ear.

Ebonystripe cried out. "Jay!"

Frond whipped his head around. "What did you say, Ebony? Are you not loyal?"

" No, sir. Sorry, " Ebonystripe said, lowering her head in shame. But much quieter, she added, "Good for nothing fox-heart," 

Luckily, Frond didn't hear her. The day after Jay's death, Ebonystripe didn't attend her class.

Chapter Seven

Looking at my years like a martyrdom,

Everybody needs to be a part of 'em

Never be enough, I'm the prodigal son.

I was born to run, I was born for this.

One day, Otterpelt ran up to Ebonystripe. "Great," Ebonystripe sarcastically said. "What do you want now, WindClan scum?"

Otterpelt growled. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go hunting on Featherdusk's patrol, but I guess you don't, seeing as I'm on it,"

Ebonystripe rolled her eyes. "I can go hunting on my own. Besides, I'm on the evening patrol,"

Otterpelt shook his head. "Whatever,"

When Otterpelt didn't move, Ebonystripe hissed and said, "Well? Aren't you going on your hunting patrol?"

Otterpelt replied, "We need one more cat,"

Ebonystripe snarled. "It's Featherdusk's job to pick cats. I'm not coming, so tell her to get another cat!"

A voice in Ebonystripe's ear hissed in delight. "So Maple actually did teach you something,"

"Of course she did, dad! Being mean isn't that hard," Ebonystripe thought back.

Otterpelt soon returned. He said, "Featherdusk said that you need to come. Everyone else is busy,"

"I don't give a crap. I'm busy as well as everyone else! Go one cat short or take a different busy cat!" Ebonystripe yowled.

"Jeez, I don't want to be on your bad side. Oh wait. I don't care, and I'm already on it. Words don't do anything," Otterpelt rolled his eyes.

Ebonystripe turned around, and found Leopardclaw staring at her. "What are you looking at?" Ebonystripe asked coyly.

Leopardclaw quickly turned away. "Nothing," he mumbled.

Featherdusk went over to Otterpelt and asked, "What's taking you so long? We could've had pawfuls of prey by now!"

Otterpelt sighed. "This cat won't listen,"

"Fine! Have it your way! I'll come!" Ebonystripe said, and at the same time, thinking, I think I might be able to catch him talking to Umbercloud again......

Catching Leopardclaw watching her again, Ebonystripe held her head high and padded out of the camp.

Chapter Eight

Whip, whip,

Run me like a racehorse,

Pull me like a rip cord

Break me down and build me up...

Sure enough, Otterpelt ran off into the woods claiming he had scented a squirrel. Ebonystripe followed him, also using an excuse. 

Ebonystripe veered off, but made sure to keep her eye on him. She washed her scent off in a patch of garlic. Slowly, she followed Otterpelt's scent. It was mingled with squirrel, but no blood scent.

Ebonystripe followed the scent to where he was standing at the roots of a tree, probably figuring out the best claw holds. She climbed up a nearby tree. Otterpelt hooked a claw in the tree, and started climbing.

He went out of Ebonystripe's view for a moment, because of the leaves on her tree.

Suddenly, Ebonystripe had an idea. It was a cruel idea, but it was proper for codebreakers. She would have to spy on Umbercloud. Ebonystripe scanned Otterpelt's tree. Amber eyes were looking down on Otterpelt. Of course! Ebonystripe thought. It's Leaf-fall, and Umbercloud will match with the bark on the tree and her eyes will match the leaves!

A fierce wind blew, but Ebonystripe didn't feel it. She watched Otterpelt's claws slide down the bark, and Umbercloud's eyes turn panicked. 

Ebonystripe tensed her muscles, poised to leap. She leapt into the tree right next to Umbercloud's. Otterpelt was too busy trying to climb back up the tree.

She raised one of her paws, but something in her head stopped her from hurting the light brown she-cat. Umbercloud had reached a paw out to Otterpelt, and was pulling him up the tree. Ebonystripe slowly backed away.

Acornstar's voice sounded in her head once more. What are you waiting for, wimp? Are you too scared to kill cats who break the code? 

No. Ebonystripe said to him. You're breaking the code.

And how am I? he asked.

Don't you know that the code says that a noble warrior doesn't have to kill in order to win a battle? Why are you training me to do so in your place? Why are you killing all of your warriors in battle training​​​​​​? "I've had enough. I quit your place. Go away, Acornstar!" Ebonystripe said, not too quietly. In her head, she started, but then started saying things out loud. 

Ebonystripe forced all thoughts of Acornstar from her head, and raised her head to see a frozen Otterpelt standing next to a frozen Umbercloud.

"A-Acornstar is here?" Umbercloud's eyes widened.

"No," Ebonystripe said. "And don't worry, I'll try to make sure you stay safe. Acornstar does know about you guys though, so I'd suggest breaking up. He only knows because he got in my head. Kind of like reading minds if you join him," she said.

Umbercloud looked down, and a tear fell off of her face. "I-I'm sorry, StarClan. I-I-" 

Otterpelt pressed his fur against hers. "It'll be alright. I'm sure you can find a foster father for them," he tried.

Ebonystripe frowned. "Did you just say that Umbercloud is expecting your kits?"

Umbercloud kept her head down. "I couldn't help myself being in love....."

Ebonystripe sharply breathed in. "Um..... Well, I wish you luck in finding a father, Umbercloud,"

Otterpelt looked sadly at his mate. "Well, I guess this is my goodbye,"

Ebonystripe smiled sadly. "At least Acornstar doesn't know about the kits. Otterpelt, we should really be getting back,"

"Okay," he said. Otterpelt took a squirrel hidden in the tree and gave a frog to Ebonystripe. "It's not a mouse, but at least you have prey,"

"I'll tell them the mouse got away, because last time I checked, prey doesn't fight back. But, I'll tell them I spent the rest of my time hunting the frog,"

Ebonystripe looked at Otterpelt. "Y'know, you're actually a really good cat. I'm sorry for making fun of your roots," she said.

Otterpelt nodded. "Me too,"

Chapter Nine

Author's note: These last chapters will most likely be shorter than the other ones. This is because I've kind of used the plot.... and there are way more chapters to get through..... Anyway, enjoy the rest of the story!

I wanna be the slip, slip,

Word upon your lip, lip,

Letter that you rip, rip.

Break me down and build me up....

Thankfully, no warriors questioned Otterpelt and Ebonystripe arriving late. The only warrior who was nearby and kind of stared at them was Leopardclaw.

"What's your deal? Stop staring at me! It's every time," Ebonystripe grumbled.

Leopardclaw grimaced and Ebonystripe saw Firetail whispering in his ear. Firetail nudged Leopardclaw forward. Leopardclaw whispered something back, and he looked disappointed.

Disgusted, Ebonystripe shook her head and padded into the warriors den. Typical. Just typical.

Of course, Ebonystripe assumed she knew what Firetail and Leopardclaw were taking about. It wasn't something Ebonystripe really wanted to think about......

Chapter Ten

Whatever it Takes. (Oh)

'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins,

I do whatever it takes. (Oh)

'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.

No, it couldn't be. Ebonystripe refused to let herself think that Leopardclaw kind of liked her.

Even worse.... Ebonystripe liked him back.

Ebonystripe shook her head, and whispered quietly to herself, "Stop it. Love isn't affordable when everycat hates you,"

Leopardclaw followed her from a distance into the warriors den. Ebonystripe ignored him and slumped into her nest. She knew it wasn't fair to Leopardclaw that she was giving him the cold shoulder because of love, but Ebonystripe's shoulder devil would tell her otherwise.

Love is a sign of weakness, it said. Ebonystripe knew that she shouldn't listen, it was just as bad as her father's band of friends in that murky forest.

Leopardclaw doesn't deserve you if you do afford to love, her shoulder devil continued. But then again, why love? It doesn't do any good to you....

Chapter Eleven

Whatever it Takes. (Oh)

You take me to the top,

I'm ready for whatever it takes. (Oh)

'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins

I do what it takes

Ebonystripe kept trying to forget her devil's words, but every time it came close to being forgotten, the cat would repeat its words.

Leopardclaw looked at her from his nest, and Ebonystripe knew that he was preparing for a glare. A fierce glare.

Instead, Ebonystripe smiled.

Something caused her to feel like this. Something.... Unpredictable. Forbidden. Unexpected. Depends on which cat you're talking to. But whoever you ask, it feels good, they'll say.

Leopardclaw jumped in surprise. "I just want to say...."

"That you like me," Ebonystripe finished. The cat on her shoulders hissed loudly. She screeched, "I told you not to mess with him!!!"

Ebonystripe didn't pay attention to it. At once, it disappeared. Leopardclaw purred.

Chapter Twelve

Hypocritical, egotistical

Don't wanna be the parenthetical, hypocritical

Working into something I'm proud of, out of the box,

Am epoxy to the world, and the vision we lost,

Leopardclaw went hunting with Ebonystripe the next day, and Ebonystripe said that she liked him.

"You- you do?" Leopardclaw asked.

"Sure!" Ebonystripe purred. They brushed pelts, and then Leopardclaw asked,

"Will you be my mate?"

Ebonystripe jumped a little. "Wow. Um. Yeah. Sure!"

Leopardclaw frowned. "Is something wrong?"

"No, the question just took me by surprise," Ebonystripe purred. Leopardclaw purred as well.

Leopardclaw and Ebonystripe each caught a couple of prey pieces, and they went back to camp.

Chapter Thirteen

I'm an apostrophe,

I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see

I'm just a product of a system, a catastrophe

And yet a masterpiece, and yet I'm half-diseased.

"Does Acornstar approve of your love? " Ebonystripe's shoulder cat asked.

"He's not in charge of who I like and love,*

Leopardclaw had moved his nest closer to hers, but he was on a border patrol.

"Yes he is. He's your father. You're supposed to listen to him!" The cat argued.

"Who are you talking to?* Otterpelt asked from his nest.

"Um... Myself?" Ebonystripe awkwardly answered.

"Hmm. Whatever,"

"It takes....." Ebonystripe finished, whispering.

"I heard that," Otterpelt said.

Ebonystripe rolled her eyes and walked out of the warriors' den. Leopardclaw came back from the patrol, and the rest of the cats soon came in after.

"Hi," Ebonystripe greeted. "Why do you smell like ThunderClan? Surely they weren't that far,"

"We ran into a cat who called himself Lionfeather. He is requesting you," Firetail said.

"Alone?" Ebonystripe asked. "When?"

Firetail answered, "Yes and now,"

Ebonystripe nodded, and ran out of the camp.

Chapter Fourteen

And when I am deceased,

At least I go down to the grave and die happily,

Leave my body and my soul to be a part of thee...

I do what it takes.

Lionfeather's scent reached Ebonystripe's nose when she was at least four fox-lengths from the border.

Lionfeather came out of the trees. "Hello, Ebonystripe," he greeted. 

"What do you want from me?" Ebonystripe kindly asked.

"Well, um, I just wanted to see if you were okay," Lionfeather said.

"What a waste of time," Ebonystripe turned her back on him.

"Wait!" Lionfeather called. "Can I join ShadowClan?"

Ebonystripe glanced back at him. "Why?"

"Because ThunderClan doesn't seem right to me. I think that our family was supposed to be in ShadowClan in the first place," Lionfeather pleaded.

"You'd have to ask Acornstar," Ebonystripe said. "I'm not in charge. Now if you excuse me, I'm going back to my camp. If you find your way there, you can ask,"

"Hmph," Ebonystripe heard Lionfeather say. Ebonystripe blended into the shadows, and headed the long way back to camp.

Chapter Fifteen

Whatever it Takes (Oh)

​​​​​​'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins,

I do whatever it takes, (Oh)

'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains

"Lionfeather wanted to join, " Ebonystripe reported when she had arrived back at camp.

"What did you tell him?" Leopardclaw asked.

"Only that if he found his way to this camp, he could ask," Ebonystripe smiled.

"Wow. He's never getting in," Mosslight said from the warriors' den.

"I mean, seriously. What did he want other than to join?"

"Nothing else," Ebonystripe lied. They would start teasing her again if she told them the truth.

"I don't believe you, but whatever," Mosslight said.

Ebonystripe giggled, and Leopardclaw led her back into the warriors' den.


Whatever it Takes (Oh)

You take me to the top,

I'm ready for whatever it takes, (Oh)

'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins

I do what it takes

Ebonystripe looked down at her swollen belly. It had been about five moons since Leopardclaw asked to be her mate.

The kits would come soon. Ebonystripe's nest in the nursery was the best for her soon be born kits.

Her kits would be lovely warriors. But, now wasn't the time to dream, as Thornfern said they were due any time.I

A pain stabbed her belly, and Ebonystripe yowled, "I think they're coming!"

Thornfern rushed over with some herbs and a large stick in her jaws. "Yes, they are," she said. "Bite on this stick, and push!"

Ebonystripe groaned as the first kit came out. Ebonystripe didn't notice Leopardclaw, but he was by her side, and he started licking the kit.

A second one came out, and Ebonystripe bit down hard on the stick. Who knew kitting could hurt so much!

Thornfern had licked the kit. "I'll leave you to name your two healthy kits,"

Ebonystripe purred at Leopardclaw. "They're beautiful,"

Leopardclaw smiled. "I think that this one looks like a tiger. How about Tigerkit?"

"Yeah. The other one looks like Acornstar. How about Acornkit?"

Acornkit let out a mew, as if liking his name.

"They're beautiful. And perfect," Leopardclaw purred.

Tigerkit and Acornkit started play-fighting for the best food.

"In every single way," Ebonystripe purred. 

The End!

I hope you liked this song. I might make a sequel, so stay tuned. 

The End II

I really hoped you liked it. This songfic turned out to be better than I thought! The sequel, My Roots, is here. I hope you like it!

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