So, I decided to make a Warriors What if story! This includes if Tawnypelt would have stayed in ThunderClan, if Cinderpelt didn't get crippled, if Graystripe didn't meet Millie, etc. I hope you like it!

~ Wispy

1. If Mosskit Didn't Die

Bluefur curled around Mistykit, Stonekit and Mosskit. The ThunderClan camp was warm and cozy, despite the howling blizzard outside.

I'm glad I didn't decide to bring them to Oakheart, Bluefur thought. One of them would have died. Mistykit stretched a little, then curled back up.

That next morning was horrible. Thistleclaw was all up in Bluefur's face.

"I think I will be the next deputy," he smirked. Bluefur curled her tail around her kits.

Oakheart, I will take them to you tonight, Bluefur thought. I promise. I can't let Thistleclaw take over.


That night, Bluefur woke her kits.

"We are going to play a game called secret escape," she whispered. Bluefur proceded to tell her kits about the game, and the kits accepted it. They trekked across the snow, reminding Bluefur of her sister. With a pang of guilt, Bluefur remembered the Thunderpath.

"Mother," Mosskit whimpered. "I smell fish." Bluefur looked up.

"That is your father," she meowed softly. "Your father is Oakheart."

"But I though Thrushpelt was our father," Stonekit replied. Bluefur sighed.

"Who told you that?" Bluefur asked.

"Runningkit," Mistykit replied. Oakheart drew near.

"Bluefur," he smiled. "Why tonight?"

"There was a blizzard, and I couldn't let any of them die," Bluefur replied. "The tom is Stonekit, the pale gray-and-white she-kit is Mosskit and the she-kit that looks like me is Mistykit."


In the moons that followed, Bluestar heard about the new apprentices: Mistypaw, Stonepaw and Mosspaw. Bluestar felt very proud of her kits. One special Gathering, Crookedstar announced something that filled Bluestar's heart with pride.

"Today, we have three new warriors!" Crookedstar announced. "Please welcome Mistyfoot, Stonefur and Mossheart!" The four Clans cheered.

My kits, Bluestar thought. I am so proud of you.

2. If Ashfur Became Deputy/Leader

Firestar still wasn't sure. Squirrelflight was close to Brambleclaw, but that didn't mean anything. Even though Leafpool told Firestar about the omen, Firestar still didn't trust Brambleclaw. Walking out onto the Highledge, Firestar called the meeting.


"I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice," Firestar yowled. "The new deputy of ThunderClan is Ashfur!"

Ashfur felt so proud of himself.

"Thank you Firestar!" he yowled.

Shocked whisperes flew through the crowd. Cats said things along the lines of, "I thought it would have been Brambleclaw!" and "Ashfur?" Ferncloud pushed through the crowd.

"Good job!" she purred.

"I'm going out for a walk," said Ashfur.

The gray tom walked out of camp towards the ShadowClan border.

"Hawkfrost," Ashfur greeted the tom. "I'm ThunderClan's deputy now."

"Good," Hawkfrost smirked.

Ashfur ran to the camp and got Firestar for the plan. Brambleclaw followed. Firestar soon got stuck in the fox trap. Brambleclaw was conflicted. Ashfur glanced at the dueling brothers and pulled the fox trap shut. Squirrelflight burst into the clearing.

"Firestar!" she cried.

Ashfur didn't stop her. The damage was done. Firestar was dying six times. In a matter of minutes, Firestar was dead. He had joined StarClan. Squirrelflight wailed.

"Squirrelflight," said Ashfur. "I'm ThunderClan's leader now."

Hawkfrost laughed.


That night, Leafpool and Ashfur headed to the Moonpool. Leafpool was stone cold. She didn't speak. Laying down by the Moonpool, Ashfur recieved his nine lives.

"Hello Ashstar," meowed Leafpool in a tight voice.

Ashstar smirked. When they returned to ThunderClan, Squirrelflight was sitting with Brambleclaw, their tails entwined. Ashstar glared at this.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather below the Highledge!" he yowled.

ThunderClan gathered.

"My new deputy is Birchfall!" Ashstar called. "And Brambleclaw, you are exiled."

"Why?" Brambleclaw challenged.

"For challenging me and being Tigerstar's son," Ashstar replied.

Brambleclaw held his head high and walked towards the entrance of ThunderClan's camp. Squirrelflight started to follow.

"Squirrelflight, stay here," Ashstar commanded.

"Either you let me leave with Brambleclaw or Brambleclaw says," she meowed defiantly. "I'm not going to be your mate."

Ashstar yowled in fury. He jumped down from the Highledge and pushed Squirrelflight. She fell over. Ashstar jumped on Brambleclaw and the toms fought. After a long battle, Brambleclaw was lying, fur torn and bloody, under Ashstar's paws. Squirrelflight headbutted Ashstar off of Brambleclaw and the two ran as fast as they could out of ThunderClan territory.

Oh no, Ashstar thought. I chased Squirrelflight. I'll just have to make sure the patrols keep an eye out for her.

"There is no room for codebreakers!" he declared.

Leafpool looked startled and dashed out of camp, following Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw.


Squirrelflight found cobwebs and marigold for Brambleclaw's wounds. The two had trekked across WindClan territory and planned to spend the rest of their lives in the Tribe with Stormfur and Brook.

"Well, I guess this is how it'll end," Brambleclaw panted.

"Maybe if Birchfall becomes leader, we can rejoin ThunderClan," Squirrelflight pointed out. "Just know that I will always choose you."

A/N I'm glad Firestar chose Bramblestar over Ashfur :D

If Leafpool Left With Crowfeather again (the Sequel to If Ashfur Became Deputy/Leader)

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