By Mossypool40 and LightningShade51.



Crowfeather followed Leafpool up the moorland slope. He was overjoyed that Leafpool had stayed with him, and especially when she was so loyal to her clan. He stayed close to her, not wanting to lose her in the darkness of night. "I'd like to go far from Clan boundaries." Leafpool said as they passed the WindClan border. Crowfeather glanced at her, surprised, but nodded his agreement. Moons passed, and Leafpool and Crowfeather were walking along a forest that was bordered by moorland. Crowfeather was determined to find a place to stay that day- hopefully for forever. They arrived at a large, camp sized circle protected by tall growing trees, brambles, ferns and thick branches. Crowfeather found a small entrance, small enough that it wouldn't be obvious, but large enough for a cat to squeeze under. Leafpool followed him in as they took in the sight, There was a small tunnel entrance in the floor, Leafpool gave it some good, strong sniffs before disappearing inside. a small stream ran from next to the tunnel to the other side of clearing, were a rock was, Crowfeather leaped up and looked down at the clearing. a pool of water was on top of the rock, it fed a waterfall that fed the stream. The pool was large enough that Crowfeather was certain that it would last another moon without rain. He leaped down from the rock and found a from the rock and found a clump of bushes. plus a tunnel in the side of the rock that led into a den. Crowfeather realized he was thinking as though this were a camp, the clump of bushes being the warriors' den, the rock being the "Great rock" The tunnel that led inside it being the leader's den and the tunnel leading underground being Leafpool's den, or the nursery/medicine den, as Crowfeather had guessed from Leafpool's plump belly that she was expecting his kits. He looked around and saw a thickly growing thorn bush. Apprentices. He thought. He ventured down the tunnel Leafpool had gone down. The tunnel split three ways and Crowfeather followed Leafpool's scent trail. He found Leafpool lying on her side, whimpering in pain. "What's wrong?" Crowfeather rushed to her side. "Crowfeather, it's time" Leafpool mewed softly. Crowfeather stared at her, shocked. "I thought there was at least a moon" He whispered. "No-" She broke off in a yowl pf pain. Crowfeather watched, through the night as Leafpool lay there, eyes glazed with pain. Finally, some where at moon-high, Leafpool pulled their three new kits to her belly. Crowfeather crouched next to her, proud of Leafpool and his kits. Leafpool broke the silence. "What should we call them?" Crowfeather stared at her for a moment before dragging his gaze to the kits. The first one was a blue she-kit with white dashes. "How about Blue....kit" Crowfeather asked, flicking his tail toward her. Leafpool glanced at the kit. "Bluekit" She agreed firmly. The second kit was a brown tom with streaks of white and gray. "Snowkit" Leafpool meowed. Crowfeather nodded and turned to the last kit, a mottled gray and brown she-kit. Crowfeather could see that the brown was the exact shade of Leafpool's fur. He glanced at his paws, the shade of gray on the kit was the same shade of his paws. "One of them inherited our looks," Leafpool meowed proudly. Crowfeather spoke without meaning to. "Applekit?" he asked. Leafpool didn't speak for what felt like a moon but was actually only a few moments. "Yes" She meowed. "I had a dream the other night. It showed me this place. I didn't now what it meant at first, but now I know, Crowfeather, this is our home now. Our camp" Crowfeather nodded. "I already have the apprentice, warrior and leader den's marked out." He meowed. "Trust you to do that" Leafpool purred. "I'll get you bedding and fresh-kill." He said, giving his kits a lick before emerging from the tunnel. He found that the amounts of moss growing on the trees and rocks that sheltered the camp were bigger than he had ever seen. He took enough to make Leafpool her nest and took it to her. She nodded thankfully and scraped together a nest. Crowfeather slipped out and crawled under the low entrance to camp. He was overwhelmed by the scent of rabbit and found one nibbling on a patch of grass. He moved around in a wide circle until the wind was blowing towards him. Crowfeather stepped lightly, determined to catch the prey. When he was close enough to pounce, he crouched, bunching up his muscles. Suddenly, a hawk cried out and the rabbit ran. The hawk managed to catch the rabbit. Crowfeather didn't hesitate, remembering his time with the Tribe Of Rushing Water, he pounced. The hawk was bigger than him, but smaller than most hawks. Crowfeather hung on to the bird's back and bit the neck. The hawk screeched in pain and threw Crowfeather off. Crowfeather watched the hawk stumble in the air and land on a tree that bordered the camp. Crowfeather watched it for a long time and let out a loud yowl. The hawk didn't move, and Crowfeather was sure it was dead. He trotted to the tree, a wound on his throat aching with pain. Reaching the tree, he reared up and shook the tree, making the hawk fall into camp. He ducked through the camp entrance and pulled the rabbit free from the hawk's talons. He took the rabbit into Leafpool's den, and raced back up, wetting some moss to keep the hawk fresh. Once he had buried the hawk, he decided to explore the other two tunnels. Leafpool had taken the tunnel all the way to the left, which left the middle tunnel and the right tunnel. Crowfeather padded quietly into the middle tunnel, wary for badgers or foxes. But all he encountered was enough space for an elders' den. He trotted out and was stumbled into the last tunnel. He walked until he reached an entrance and found a cave with shining water. Despite all his apprentice training, he bent down and lapped up a drop of the water. It felt colder than ice on his tongue. Crowfeather felt himself plunging into darkness, and he shut his eyes. He waited a moment before opening them again and he found himself on a hilly moorland. He crouched, looking for a sign of a cat or something familiar. He spotted a dark mass in the distance, coming toward him. He waited for them to come closer before he counted them. This is StarClan. Crowfeather realized. He spotted his siblings, Downkit, Hillkit and Eaglekit. His father, Deadfoot. Onestar and Tallstar sat behind them, tails curled over their paws. Onestar's dead! Crowfeather thought, alarmed. A pinkish gray she-cat sat there too, Heatherstar? Crowfeather thought. He had heard nursery tales about the WindClan leader. He saw a silvery she-cat in the crowd too, Feathertail! Crowfeather was overjoyed at the sight of the silver she-cat. Crowfeather recognized Mudclaw, his former mentor. Nine cats. Crowfeather thought."Crowfeather, It is part of your destiny to start a clan. StarClan will help by giving you your leader name and nine lives." Onestar meowed. Crowfeather stared at him. "I'm gonna be leader?" He asked. Onestar nodded and gave him his first life, then Tallstar, then Downkit, then, Hillkit, then Eaglekit, then Deadfoot, then Heatherstar, then Mudclaw and finally Feathertail. Onestar stepped forward again. "I'm a proud to be the first to call you by your new name! Crowstar!" He meowed. "Crowstar! Crowstar!" The starry warriors chanted. Crowstar dipped his head and closed his eyes. After a second, he was back in the camp. Crowstar panted, unsure if what just happened was real, when he saw the shadowy spirit of Onestar looking back at him.

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