This is the second episode of A New Danger.

Watching Out

Leafpaw looked to see if any of her Clan was watching, then slipped to the deputy. "Is it ok if I hunt?" she asked. "Fine, but just come back with prey this time," snarled Redpelt, the deputy. "It's not my fault prey is scarce!" hissed Leafpaw. Or maybe because I'm visiting a rock.

Leafpaw walked out of camp wordlessly. She carefully picked her way down to the rock. "Anyone there?" she whispered. "Uh-huh," rasped the rock, turning. "Are you actually a rock?" asked Leafpaw curiously. "O' course, but I use t' be a cat," he rasped.

"Huh?" Leafpaw gasped. "How?" asked Leafpaw in disbelief. "There was a curse. Where ya coul' get turned int' a rock. Long time 'go." he rasped. "You dunno ho' lon' I missed my friends," it added. "What is a curse?" asked Leafpaw suspiciously.

"Somethin' bad," replied the rock. "Your funny," mewed Leafpaw. "Heh, I'm borin'," he replied. "Nope, but is there something we can do to bring you back?" asked Leafpaw. "Not that I know o'."

"So, how long have you lived?" asked Leafpaw. "Many moons," replied the rock. "Well, you ARE a rock," meowed Leafpaw. She heard a rustling in the bushes. She turned around to see a patrol. "I have to go," she whispered. She dashed back to camp. She crashed right into Redpelt. Bad luck, she thought bitterly. I'm crow-food now.

Redpelt glared down at her. "Again with no prey!" he hissed. "S-sorry," stuttered Leafpaw. "There was nothing out there." Redpelt glared at her. "Hunting patrols have been returning rich with prey. What's the matter with you!?" he snarled. "Nothing," sighed Leafpaw. She was weak with relief he hadn't asked her any questions.

"So, get to the apprentices' den," he spat. "I'll see to this... Issue!" he spat the word 'issue' out.

Leafpaw sighed and padded off.

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