When the text is like this that means they're texting

When the text is like this that means they're singing

When it's like this: Bob- Hello! it's them talking enjoy!

  • Hollyleaf is sleeping in her nest in the warriors' den*
  • Lionblaze peeks in*


Hollyleaf: *groans* *grabs phone* I'm up

Mousewhisker: Hey Lionblaze, wanna play Minecraft!

Lionblaze: yes! Let's PVP!

  • Lionblaze and Mousewhisker sit down together holding their phones yelling random stuff like "Die Creeper!"*
  • Hollyleaf and Cinderheart sit by the fresh-kill pile, building awesome castles in Minecraft on their phones*
  • Firestar and Graystripe are on their phones, mining in Minecraft*
  • Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are on their phones, shearing sheep in Minecraft*
  • basically, all of ThunderClan is playing Minecraft except for Sandstorm*

Sandstorm- we need to organize patrols!

  • everyone ignores her*

Sandstorm: the elders need fresh moss!

  • everyone ignores her*

Sandstorm: The Dark Forest is attacking!

  • everyone looks up from their phones and start to panick

Sandstorm: just kidding! :P

Lionblaze: *to Mousewhisker* she's a [Censored for younger readers]

Mousewhisker: *to Lionblaze* agreed

Hollyleaf: *looks at phone* Hey guys the new R5 song was just put on ITunes! :D

  • All of ThunderClan starts singing Smile by R5 as Hollyleaf plays it on her phone*

Today I feel like running nakid through your straight, to get your attention

I broke up with my girl so tell me where to meet, oh did I meantion...

I dream on I dream about you what can I do to make you feel alright

Baby I don't wanna see you cry no-oh

I wanna see you Smiiiiiiiile!

  • Sandstorm sits there looking annoyed*

Sandstorm: I'm sourrounded by idiots

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