This is my first spoof. Tell me how it is, and how I can improve it.

I watched a Christmas Carol recently and decided this would be a great Warriors Spoof. It's got a different ending though. The characters are from all different places in the original series. My main source of information is Here


  • Tigerclaw as Ebinezer Scrooge
  • Thistleclaw as Jacob Marley
  • Graystripe as Scrooge's Nephew, Fred
  • Fireheart as Bob Cratchet
  • Spottedleaf as the ghost of Clanlife Past
  • Pinestar as Fezziwig
  • Goldenflower as Belle
  • Lionheart as the Ghost of Clanlife Present
  • Snowkit as Tiny Tim
  • Redtail as the ghost of Clanlife Yet to Come
  • Longtail as the equivelent to Scrooge's maid

And a few other extra characters

Chapter 1

Tigerclaw goes on a border patrol with Fireheart and Ravenpaw.

Tigerclaw: *Growls* Ravenpaw, You'e failed to bring in enough prey today, again.

Ravenpaw: T-Tigerclaw, There's lots of prey, a-and this isn't a hunting patrol, I can h-hunt for myself.

Tigerclaw: *Glares at Ravenpaw* Bah, Humbug! *Mutters* all this newleaf buisness. They hunt for themselves while on border patrols, and don't catch enough for the clan... *Growls at Ravenpaw*

Ravenpaw: *Runs away to Barley's Barn*

Graystripe: *Bounds up* Tigerclaw! There's been so much prey, there's going to be a feast at sunningrocks tomorrow! Come join me and Silverstream!

Tigerclaw: Silverstream? *Narrows his eyes at Graystripe* Do you know any RiverClan cats better than the warrior code allows, Graystripe?

Graystripe: Uh, no... She's just thanking me for saving Mistyfoot's kits with Fireheart...

Tigerclaw: I'm going to keep a close eye on you and Fireheart, you spend too much time with RiverClan... Besides, who has time for a feast! All that prey you catch belongs to the clan! You know what I think about happiness and celebrations, they take up to much valueable time.

Graystripe: Oh Tigerclaw, It's the best time of year! You must have time to celebrate?

Tigerclaw: *Grumbles*

Graystripe: Merry Newleaf! *Bounds away*

Tigerclaw: Bah! Humbug!

Fireheart: Um, Tigerclaw...

Tigerclaw: Yes?

Fireheart: I was wondering, we have enough prey to last the clan a quater moon, And it'll be nice and fresh from the ground being still frozen. Also every clan is still recovering from leaf-bare, so they won't be crossing our borders...

Tigerclaw: Fine, you can start working when the sun has risen instead of dawn!

Fireheart: Until the sun has risen barely seems appropriate in this weather...

Tigerclaw: What do you want then?

Fireheart: The whole day?

Tigerclaw: Tomorrow would be a great day to continue clan duties many enemy warriors would think this a great time to cross borders, but seeing as your a kittypet I wouldn't expect you to understand that... Fine! Take the day off! *Stalks off Towards the camp*

Fireheart: Thanks Tigerclaw!

Chapter 2

Tigerclaw approaches the camp, completely unprepared for what will happen to him there...

Tigerclaw: *Grumbles* Lazy Kittypet.

Thistleclaw: *Appears is the way of Tigerclaw, blocking his entrance.*

Tigerclaw: *blinks in suprise.*

Thistleclaw: *Dissapears*

Tigerclaw: *Narrows his eyes at spot where his former mentor once stood*

Fireheart: You're blocking the entrance Tigerclaw...

Tigerclaw: *Growls, put off by seeing Thistleclaw, then walks into the camp*

Later, after the rest of the clan goes to sleep...

Tigerclaw: *Unsettled, searchs the camp for more signs of Thistleclaw. When he can't find anything, he grabs a vole from the fresh-kill pile and begins eating.*

Thistleclaw: *Appears, with a torn, dirty pelt and vines holding him slightly back.* Tigerclaw, my old apprentice.

Tigerclaw: T-Thistleclaw, what are you doing here?

Thistleclaw: I have made many cats suffer, making them fight and fighting mercilessly. I even set you on a kittypet kit, who will later come back out of revenge and kill you...

Tigerclaw: What do you mean that tiny black fluffball will kill me?

Thistleclaw: I have paid for my decisions. I've been sent to wander the place of no stars, and you will meet the same fate if you continue on with your plots.

Tigerclaw: That will never happen! Why are you here?

Thistleclaw: You will be visited by three ghosts. Expect the first one when the moon begins to set...

Tigerclaw: What a load of fox dung!

Thistleclaw: *Brushes past Tigerclaw*

Tigerclaw: *Turns around and sees many different ghosts rushing around the camp, all with torn, dirty pelts.* Woah!

Thistleclaw and Ghosts: *dissappears. Thistleclaw's voice echoes.* Expect the first when the moon begins to set...

Tigerclaw: *Narrows his eyes*

Chapter 3

Tigerclaw: *Sleeping in the middle of the camp.*

Moon begins to set

Spottedleaf: *appears* Tigerclaw, wake up.

Tigerclaw: *Opens eyes.* Spottedleaf what are you doing here, you're dead!

Spottedleaf: I am the ghost of Clan-life past. Come with me, and see Clan-life that has been. *Starts walking into the sky* You coming?

Tigerclaw: I can't walk on air! I'm not a spirit.

Spottedleaf: Come, you can do it, just for tonight.

Tigerclaw: *takes step* I guess I can. Come on, let's get this over with.

(Coming soon)

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