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Warriors Randomness Series
Preceded by:
Warriors Play Call of Duty
Warriors Randomness 1! Succeded by:
Warriors Randomness 2!

This spoof is rated safe.

This is my fourth spoof! I hope you like it and everything is compwetwy randwom (I did dat on purpwose.) I am allowing people to put thier own skits on here, just leave a message on my talk page first then and wait until I reply. Blackstar | The Leader's Den | Sharing Tongues | A Quest Has Begun | Artwork! | Spoofs! 13:58, August 9, 2011 (UTC)


Blackstar: Welcome to the first episode of Warriors Randomness! Everything here is just random just make you laugh.

Firestar: I thought I was supposed to be announcing. *Randomly explodes*

Blackstar: O...kay, on with the show. *Disappears* This is just great. Oh well on with the show.

The Episode


Firestar: Hey, Graystripe guess what?

Graystripe: What?

*Firestar throws rock at Graystripe's face*

Firestar: Your face!


Blackstar: Time to go to bed. *Goes inside. Turns to see a rock with a smiley face on it* What is this?

*Rock begins to beep*

Blackstar: What the Star- *BOOM!*

*Mosspelt appears*

Mosspelt: That's what you get foo!


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