Jury: Jayfeather



Host: Brackenfur

Episode 1

Brackenfur: Welcome by the first episode in Warriors Got Talent! What? Oh no! I’ve heard that Mistystar is sick! Whatever. Her replacement is Mousefur! Today’s contestants are: Mystery Guest, Hollyleaf and Crowfeather.

Leafpool, Feathertail and Nightcloud: Crowy! Crowy!

Brackenfur: First, the Mystery Guest!

*Dramatic flashlights, drum roll, Purdy walks in*

Mousefur: *Cheers* Purdy! Purdy!

Purdy: Ah! Good ol’ talentshows!

*Jayfeather hears Purdy talking, presses the red button*

Purdy: Hey! I not even started my act yet! Why you press you that button?!

Brackenfur: *Mutters under breath* I can understand why! *louder* You can begin now!

Purdy: Okay! Today I’m gonna tell you youngsters a story! When I was a youngster, just like you…

Bluestar: *Presses the red button*

Purdy: ...And than I chased that mangy badger out of my territory...

Bluestar and Jayfeather: *Sleeping* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

*five hours later*

Purdy: And that’s the end of the story!

Jayfeather: *Wakes up* Finally!

Bluestar: *Sleepy voice* Huh? Wazzup?

Mousefur: *Cheering again* Purdy! Purdy!

Brackenfur: Is Purdy through or not?

We must interrupt the episode for commercial break.

Blackstar: Eat Meow cat food and you can hunt and fight the whole day long!

*Movie about a exhausted cat. He eat something out a bowl. He goes outside and hunt some mice. Then he meet a cat, fight with him and beat him*

End of commercial break.

Bluestar: NO!!!!


Mousefur: I SAY YES!!! I LUV YOU PURDY!!!

Brackenfur: I’m sorry, *whispers* not *louder* but you’re not through. Our next contestant is Hollyleaf.

Lionblaze: GO SISTER!

*Hollyleaf walks through the door*

Brackenfur: What are yougoingto do?

Hollyleaf: I'm going to sing The Kitty Song!

Brackenfur: Okay! You may start now!

Hollyleaf: I am a little kitty!

Miauw miauw miauw!

I am a little kitty!

Miauw miauw miauw!

*Continue singing with a awesome voice*

Brackenfur: Is she through or not?

Bluestar: Awesome! I say yes!

Jayfeather: I say yes too! But the song is really bad! Is it made by a kit or what?

Hollyleaf: *Crying* I made the song by myself!

Jayfeather: You are crazy!

Mousefur: *Grumpy* I got a thorn in my moss. Where are apprentices when they needed? Anyway, You got three times yes!

Brackenfur: You are the first one through! Our next contestant is Crowfeather.

*Crowfeather walks through the door*

Leafpool, Nightcloud and Feathertail: *Cheering* CROWY!!

Brackenfur: What are you going to do?

Crowfeather: I'm gonna dance!

Brackenfur: Okay! You may start now!

Crowfeather: *Starts doing Chicken Dance*

Brackenfur: Is he through or not? *Mutters under breath* I don’t think so…

Bluestar: 4 words! This. Was. Not. Good.

Jayfeather: How do you dare to let us watch THIS?!

Mousefur: 4 words: You. Are. Not. Through.

Brackenfur: I am so not sorry, Crowfeather. You are not through! The only one through is Hollyleaf! Congrultations!

Crowd: *cheering* Hollyleaf! Hollyleaf!

Brackenfur: This was today’s episode! See ya next time!

Episode 2

Brackenfur: Welcome by episode 2 of Warriors Got Talent. Mousefur is injured by a thorn in her moss, so Mistystar managed to bring herself to Warriors Got Talent. Today’s contestants are: Tigerstar, Millie and Brambleclaw. First, is Tigerstar. Come in!

*Tigerstar arrives in a pink tutu*

Everybody except Tigerstar: Okay……...

Brackenfur: *In shock* Okay… what are you going to do?

Tigerstar: I’m gonna dance!

Brackenfur: *Still in shock* Okay… You may start now!

Tigerstar: *Starts dancing like a ballerina*

Everybody: *Speechless*

Lionblaze: *Walks on the stage* Tigerstar is disqualified because of a attack on the jury. You may now go. Second is Millie. Come in Millie!

Millie: *Walks in, do not wait for Lionblaze to speak* I’m going to play the piano and sing!

Lionblaze: Okay. You may begin now.

Millie: *Starts playing awful on the piano*

I’m a kittypet

I don’t deserve Graystripe

Miauw miauw miauw

La la la

*All three judges presses the red button*

Brackenfur: *In shock again* My… eardrums… are… broken…

Mistystar: The worst thing *Cough*I’ve ever heard! *Cough*You. Are.*Cough* Not. Through.

Jayfeather: 0_o Besides that I am blind, I am now deaf as well! Are you expecting from me that I let you through?!

Bluestar: I am kind often, but not right now! This was terrible! You are not through!

Brackenfur: *Recovered from shock* You are unfortunately not through. I am very sorry. *Whispers* not. *Louder* Our third and last cat is Brambleclaw. Come in!

We must interrupt the episode for commercial break

Tigerstar: Are you a ballerina? Good! Tigerstars Ballerina Shop has everything for ballerina's!

*Movie about a cat. He walks into Tigerstars Ballerina Shop. A while later he comes out wearing a tutu. He starts practicing dance moves.*

'End of commercial break.'

Brambleclaw: I am going to juggling!

Brackenfur: Okay! You may begin now!

Brambleclaw: *Begins to juggling, all the balls are falling. He gets one ball on his head, he stumbles over another ball, he flies toward the jury*

Jayfeather and Mistystar: *Pressing the red button*

Bluestar: *Wants to press the button but get hit by Brambleclaw*

Brambleclaw: Oops… I’m sorry Bluestar!

Brackenfur: You are disqualified for the same reason as your father!

Brambleclaw: *yells* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brackenfur: Go away from here!

*Brambleclaw walks away sadly*

Brackenfur: What an sad episode everyone! Two cats are disqualified and the other one is not through! Anyway, see ya next time!

Episode 3

Brackenfur: Toms and she-cats, welcome by a new episode of Warriors Got Talent! Today’s contestants are: the duo Sandstorm and Leafpool, Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt. Wait a moment… who chose this contestants?

Firestar: Me!

Brackenfur: Anyway, let’s begin! Our first contestants is the duo Sandstorm and Leafpool!

Jayfeather: *Presses the red button*

Squirrelflight: *Holds up banner which say: Go mommy! Go sis!*

Brackenfur: What are you going to do?

Sandstorm: We’re going to tap-dance!

Brackenfur: Okay… you may start now!

*River dance music starts*

Leafpool: Oops… the wrong music!

Mistystar: *Presses the red button*

*The right music starts playing, Leafpool and Sandstorm starts tap-dancing*

Jayfeather: *Presses Bluestars red button*

Bluestar: Hey! I wanted to see more!

Brackenfur: *Quickly* What regrettable! You two have three red crosses! You two are not through! Our next contestant is Spottedleaf! Come in!

Spottedleaf: *Comes in* Hello! I’m going to train a kittypet!

Brackenfur: Okay! You may begin now!

Spottedleaf: *Calls kittypet, kittypet walks on stage, Spottedleaf grabs hoop with jaws* jump through it, kittypet!

Kittypet: Not if you abuse me for kittypet!

*all three judges presses button* Mistystar: I’m sorry, but *cough* this is not something for Warriors Got *cough* Talent. This. Was.*cough* Really. Bad. You are not through.

Bluestar: You should prepare before you do something. You are not through.

Jayfeather: Have you prepared before you did this?!

Brackenfur: Unfortunately you are not through. Its good tha… eh, I mean its pity that I can’t see more! Last but not least is my sister! You can come in!

*Cinderpelt limps on stage*

Cinderpelt: I’m going to sing!

Brackenfur: Okay sis! You may begin now!

Cinderpelt: *Sings*

Fireheart looks at me

I fake a smile so he won’t see

*Continue singing with a awesome voice*

Bluestar: This was really awesome! I say yes!

Mistystar: *Cough* This was really good! I say yes too!

Jayfeather: I say also yes!

Brackenfur: Your through sis! Congrultations! The only one through is Cinderpelt! See ya next time by Warriors Got Talent!

Episode 4

Author's note

I try to make this one extra funny cause' the previous one was not very funny... I've had no ideas, so I asked Blackstar if he had ideas, and he had a idea! So I give credits to the Firestar part. Everybody, the Firestar part was a idea from Blackstar! I have no ideas again! Please people, if you know some good act, please leave them on my talk page! (The part in my siggie: 1 days to go) Happy Birthday! Bob and Gijs† 1 days to go!AnimatedBirthdayCake 06:50, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

The episode

Brackenfur: Welcome by episode 4 of your loved show: Warriors Got Talent! Today's contestants are: The Fire Who Saved The Clan, The Immortal Heavystep and The Gender Changing Rowanclaw! First is The Fire Who Saved blablabla. You may come in!

Firestar alias TFWSTC: *Walks on stage* I'm going to juggle...

*Bluestar presses the red button*

TFWSTC: Hey! I've not even finished talking yet!

Bluestar: Whatever.

TFWSTC: I'm going to juggle with torches!

Brackenfur: Oohhhhhhhh.... Spectacular! You may start now!

TFWSTC: *Juggles with torches, one torch deviates and flies toward the jury, torch hits Bluestar wit the flaming side*

Bluestar: *Yells* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WATER!!! WATER!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Random cat in the public hits Bluestar with a radius of a fire hose*

Bluestar *Reliefed* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it still hurts...

Two random Medicine Cats: *Running toward Bluestar with a stretcher* Out our way! Out our way! Medicine Cats coming! *Lay a reluctant Bluestar on the stretcher*

Bluestar: AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It hurts! Put me down!

One of the random Medicine Cats: Nope.

Brackenfur: You are disqualified because a attack on the jury!

TFWSTC: *Goes insane* NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Begins bouncing around and barking like a dog*

Brackenfur: Security!!

Darkstripe and Boulder: *Walks in*

TFWSTC: *Begins running around in circles and screams* NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Finally runs off stage*

Brackenfur: Anyway, we need a new jury-member! What? Oh no!! That's a disaster! The judges are wounded many times so nobody wants to be a jury-member! Anyway, lets go farther with our next contestant: The Immortal Heavystep! Come in!

TIH: *Comes in*

Brackenfur: What's the secret of your 3 lives?

TIH: I'm actually a Clan leader and have nine lives, but Mistystar don't know!

Mistystar: *Gasp* Just when I was not ill anymore... *presses red button and presses Jayfeathers button also*

TIH: Muhahahahaha! *Starts dancing towards the exit* I've got six lives left! I've got six lives left!

Brackenfur: Bye Heavystar! Anyway, our last contestent is The Gender Changing Rowanclaw! Come in!

TGCR: *Comes in*

Brackenfur: What's the secret of your gender changing?

Rowanclaw: The Erins made me change gender!

Jayfeather: Who are the Erins? I think your hallucinating! We can't have an insane cat here! *Presses red button*

Mistystar: You're right! *Presses button too*

TGCR: But... I'm just very smart!

Brackenfur: Pity... If you are that smart you know what this mean! Bye! What a episode everybody! Nobody's through! We've learnt that Bluestar, even when she was the fire who will blaze through the forest, is allergic of fire! We've learnt that Heavystep is actually a Clan leader and that Rowanclaw is hallucinating! Bye! See you next time at Warriors Got Talent!

Episode 5

Brackenfur: Hello and welcome by: Warriors Got Talent! We still have 2 jury-members. Anybody please become jury-member! Anyway, today's contestants are: Daisy...


Brackenfur: *yells* SILENCE IF I SPEAK! *Normal voice* Anyway, Daisy, Ferncloud and Scourge. First is Daisy. Come in!

Daisy: I'm gonna Line dancing!

Jayfeather: *Presses red button*

Mistystar: Are you gonna Line dance alone?!

Daisy: Yup!

Mistystar: 0_o

Brackenfur: Okay.... You may start now!

Daisy: *When the music starts, she starts Line dancing with the wrong timing*

Mistystar: *Presses red button*

Daisy: Oops... the wrong music...

Brackenfur: Bye Daisy! You may go now!

Daisy: *Wails* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just one little fault! *Flutters eyelashes to Jayfeather* I think you will let me through, sweetie!

Mistystar: 0_o He's blind so he can't see your eyelashes! Anyway, you must go now!

Brackenfur: That's not funny! Anyway is my line! Anyway, bye!

Daisy: Bye!

Brackenfur:: Our next contestant is Ferncloud! What? Oh no! Ferncloud has gotten another litter of kits so she must stay in the nursery!

Housecat *Walks in*

Mistystar: And who are you?

Housecat: I'm Bob! One of Wolffur's pet cats!

Mistystar: And who is this Wolffur?

Bob: The person who writes on this moment about us! Anyway, I begin my act! I'm gonna play saxophone! *Begins play saxophone*

Mistystar: That was AWESOME! I say YES!

Jayfeather: I say yes too! But you stink like a kittypet!

Bob: *Flat voice* I AM what you call a kittypet, fool!

Jayfeather: Sorry, kittypet!

Bob: AND CALL ME BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *leaves*

Mistystar: That cat is more grumpy than you, Jayfeather!

Bob: *From offstage* DO NOT CALL ME GRUMPY!

Brackenfur: Next is Scourge! Come in Scourge!

Scourge: *Comes in, bleeding*

Brackenfur: What happened?

Scourge: A red and white tabby cat attacked me when I'm called him a kittypet!

Brackenfur: Akward! Anyway, what are you gonna do?

Scourge: I'm gonna rap!

Brackenfur: Cool! You may begin now!

Scourge: *Raps*

One day in twolegplace

I was just terrorizing

a weird tabby tom

came to me

he than said:

Come on!

Lets rule the world!

I pretend i agreed

I want to rule the world

but alone

One day

H e takes me to

a weird place with 4 trees

Then I killed him

and I felt triumph

Mistystar: *Scared* This was awesome! You are a good rapper! I say yes!

Jayfeather: *Also scared* I say yes also!

Brackenfur! Cool! You're through! You may go now!

Scourge: *Leaves*

Brackenfur: Two cats are through people! A weird cat named Bob and Scourge! See ya next time at Warriors Got Talent!

Episode 6

Brackenfur: Welcome by another episode of Warriors Got Talent! Today's contestants are Half Moon, Willowshine and Cinderheart.

Jayfeather: *Angry* Who chose these cats?

Strange cat: I did...

Everyone: *Turn their heads*

*A strange cat walks soundless on stage. Everyone makes their head follow the cat. Everything turns into slow motion, Then there are two explosions behind the cat*

Everyone: *Looks in awe*

Mistystar: *Still in awe* Who are you?

Strange cat: I am Blackstar. I am Bluestar's replacement. *Walks over to the jury and sits down*

Brackenfur: *Recovering from awe* Okay. Our first contestent is Half Moon!

*Half Moon walks on stage.*

Brackenfur: What are you gonna do?

Half Moon: I'm gonna ventriloquy! *Holds up little hand-doll*

Jayfeather: *Presses button*

Mistystar: Really, Jayfeather?

Half Moon: But... Jay's Wing!

Jayfeather: *Flat voice* My name is Jayfeather.

Brackenfur: *Quickly, to prevent a quarrel* You may begin now!

Half Moon: *Holds hand-doll in front of her mound* Hello! I'm Night Moon!

Blackstar: *Presses button*

Jayfeather: *Presses Mistystar's button*

Brackenfur: I'm so not sorry! You're not through! Bye!

Half Moon: But... *Drops tail, walks off-stage*

Brackenfur: Our next contestant is Willowshine.

Jayfeather: WHOO! Willowshine!

Everybody: O_o

*Wilowshine walks on stage*

Brackenfur: What are you going to do for us Willowshine?

Willowshine: I'm going to play the trumpet.

Jayfeather: You may begin!

Brackenfur: Hey! That's my task! Anyway, you may begin.

*Plays trumpet perfectly with beautiful, crisp sound*

Blackstar: Amazing! You are T-H-R-O-U-G-H, through!

Mistystar: That was perfect! I wish I could play the trumpet like that! You're through!

Jayfeather: I love you!

Brackenfur: Congradulations, Willowshine, you're the first one through! Our last contestent is Cinderheart.

*Jayfeather pushes button*

Blackstar: Really?

Cinderheart: *Walks in* I'm gonna do a illusion!

Brackenfur: Exiting!

Cinderheart: *Holds up little hat, waves with stick*

Jayfeather: Hey! That's my stick! Sticky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinderheart: Whatever! *Picks out rabbit out the hat*

Onestar: RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMME THAT RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinderheart: Nope! This was my act! Hope you enjoyed it!

Blackstar: Amazing! You are through.

Mistystar: That was the best thing I've ever seen! You're through!

Brackenfur: Well it's been a long episode. We've learned that Cinderheart loves illusions, Half Moon can't ventriloquy and Willowshine can play trumpet! Keep a look out for the next episode of Warriors Got Talent!

Episode 7

Brackenfur:Welcome by the last episode of Warriors Got Talent...

Everyone: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brackenfur: ...before the quarter finale!

Everyone: WHOO WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brackenfur: Today our contestants are Spiderleg, Ivypaw, and Patrick from Spongebob!

Crowd: o.0

Brackenfur: JK! Our other contestant is Tigerheart.

(Dovepaw stands up in crowd and starts holding up a big sign that says: I LUV YUE TIEGURHART)


Brackenfur:....... On that note, lets get this started!

(Spiderleg walks in, holding a scroll and wearing Harry Potter glasses with a philosophical look)

Spiderleg: This is a poem that I devised about Daisy. Eh eh hem...

Roses are red,

Daisy is fat,

ThunderClan will starve,

Because Daisy is eating all of our prey to get fatter.

Ehem. Thank you. *bows*

Jayfeather: *presses red button immediately*

Blackstar: Umm... I don't think you have the makings of a poet.

Bluestar: No. Goodbye.

(Spiderleg runs off the stage)

Brackenfur: *cough* Now for Ivypaw!

(Ivypaw walks in with a baseball bat)

Ivypaw: Today I will be doing a tremendous act of strength. Can I have a volunteer from the audience?

Hawkfrost: *jumps up and down waving his hand wildly* ME! ME! ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!

Ivypaw: *smirk* Very well then. Come on, Hawkfrost.

(Hawkfrost jumps onto the stage, grinning)

Ivypaw: Ready?

Hawkfrost:Oh ya, baby. I-I mean, sure, noble apprentice. *shifty eyes*

Ivypaw: *shrugs, then holds the bat high over her head* Okay, go stand three hundred tail-lengths away from me.

Hawkfrost: *does as told*

Ivypaw: *evil grin* Okay, now, I will sling this bat at his head from three hundred tail-lengths away from me!

Hawkfrost: Wait, wha-

(Ivypaw slings the bat at him, hitting dead center)

Hawkfrost: *is knocked out* Unghhhh....

Crowd: *whispers* Wow, she's good!

Brambleclaw: *in crowd* *stand up and claps wildly* WHOOOOO!! GO IVYPAW! GO IVYPAW!

Bluestar: Yes!

Blackstar: Yes!

Jayfeather: Yes!

Brackenfur: CONGRATSIES!

(Ivypaw dances off stage)


Graystripe: Stompeez!

Firestar: The slippers that come to life!

*shows Firestar and Graystripe dancing around in Stompeez*

(Tigerheart comes on)

Tigerheart: I will now sing.... (wait for it).... OPERA!

Everyone except for Tigerheart and Dovepaw: *eyeroll*

Dovepaw: MARRY ME!!!!!!




(Four hours later)


Bluestar: *eye twitches*

Jayfeather: *starts foaming at the mouth and swiping at him with sticky* NO!! LEAVE GO!!! BOO HISS GRR RAWR BOO!!!! (name THAT reference!)

Blackstar: *slams paw onto red button*

(Other judges do the same)


Ivypaw: *shifty eyes*

Dovepaw: *runs up stage and starts foaming at the mouth and rants angrily to the judges about why Tigerheart is special*

Bluestar: SECURITY!!!!!

  • Silverhawk and Bone come out and pick up Dovepaw*

Bone: We don't want to hurt you, but we will if we have to. (HES A SPECIAL LOL!! more references -.-)


Brackenfur: *wipes sweat from forehead* Uhh.... that's all for today folks! See ya later BYE!!!!!

Zeh Spoofeh QUEEN was here. >:D

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