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Featured Stories

The Mountain's Haze: You may have only heard of the four Clans living around the lake territories, but, there are Clans beyond. Far, far, away, over the vast waters of even the Sundownplace, lie the six mountain Clans: ValleyClan, CoveClan, LakeClan, PoolClan, CascadeClan, and PeakClan. When they get an omen of sorts warning of a terrible storm, the mountain cats must prepare for something they've never seen before, especially with the added risks of slipping off the rocky bluffs or being swept away in the mighty rivers. Now the Clans must adapt to their territories becoming threatening, something they've never seen before. Written by Holly.

Seven Walls: The Warrior Code has crumbled, and Ranks are now decided by the shape of an animal on the cats' fur. Snake being the highest and Rat being the lowest. Bramble, a young Snake, has all she could ever want. Food, water, high status. But she finds herself leaning towards a more criminal future. Lion, a Rat of the same age, is furious when Bramble takes prey off the rat's pile. She has nothing. She is a slave. Written by Yellow & Night.

Rhythm of the War Drums: StarClan lost the Great Battle against the Dark Forest. Tigerstar has taken over and the Clans have to find a way to get rid of him before he gets rid of them. But there’s one thing: They can’t kill him. The Clans must reunite with each other and with their long forgotten ancestors to banish the Dark Forest for good. Written by Wolfy.

Rise of the Three: Hollykit, Featherkit and Darkkit are blood relatives but they don't know it yet. After mysterious murders start to happen in each clan they must figure out who is responsible and why. When Featherkit and Darkkit receive strange dreams the deaths seem to become more frequent. Will they be able to save innocent cat's blood or will more blood be spilt? Written by Hope & Silver.

Mind Over Matter: Two sisters born within the walls of the Riverclan camp are just trying to live their lives as normal. With one getting a fierce and merciless mentor, and one getting a kind and loving mentor, the two grow into seeing two different views of the world. While this is going on, there is the looming threat of war in the clans. Written by Flame & Kara.

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so for those of you who don't know, WFW has been selected to be one of the first wikis to transfer to a brand new layout called the Unified Community Platform setup. this was not an idea selected by t…

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Featured Stories: Round 2

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The same rules apply, as implied in Wetty's blog (see here). We will switch every two weeks on …

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