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  • Wetstream

    Hello! We are reincorporating the Featured Stories list back into the wikia. Stories on the list with be featured on the front page and the sidebar. 

    We will be switching out stories every two weeks, …

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  • Storkbork

    a reintroduction!

    March 16, 2020 by Storkbork

    so, I haven't exactly been seen around too much here~

    my name's stork! I'm a senior user and known for some of my fanfictions (such as king, nebula, and surrender) and my signatures. more recently I h…

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  • Bramblefire3118

    yes, it's that time of the year when brams sees that it's her wikiversary and writes a blog post. so yeeee

    So it has been six years sinch a considerably-younger me made her first edit here on WFW. Now…

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  • Storkbork

    this is more of a dual message from me and brams but we remodeled the discord for the wiki, so we’re gonna promote it here!

    What is the Discord?

    if you’ve never heard of discord, it’s a social media pl…

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