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Featured Stories

Syncopation: Maplepaw hasn't ever seemed normal to the rest of her Clan. She's always been the weird one, with little friends in her Clan, or in general... until she meets Senka. The loner is the only one who understands her, but she hides a terrible secret, one that may tear these friends in half. Written by Stork.

Mistakes: Three cats. Blood and kin. One a kit, one a 'paw, one a 'star. A suicide. Thought to be murder. Blamed on them. They must prove everyone wrong. Can they show everyone the truth before they are exiled... or killed? Written by Ro and Hope.

The Silent Call: It has been many, many, moons since the original Clans fell. After the new Clans, SunClan, StormClan, MountainClan, LakeClan, and DarkClan fall, only a few cats can restore the Warrior Code to its former glory. Written by HUDAman, BlueFire, and StarNight

Pokemon Battle Cats Edition: Cats are (sometimes randomly) paired with each other, and they have to use their attacks to defeat the other cat. Lots of other characters are sometimes summoned to make the battles more interesting. Written by Awesome and Ferret.

Surrounded by Shadows: Darkness falls over the trees, sealing the way out of Thunderclan territiory. The other clans have fallen; Shadowclan, Windclan, Riverclan, Skyclan. Now it's their turn. Each night, an evil being kills one cat. Each day, they turn into one of the cats. Pinemist can't trust anyone, but knows he has to stop them. Will he be able to find the cat, or will the clans become nothing more than a memory? (Gore warning). Written by Ginger.

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Storkbork Storkbork 21 January

Regarding Character Pages & Rule Breaking

Big fancy title? And caps from Stork? Not something you see too often. However, there's a method to this formatting.

You can probably guess from the title what I'll be talking about: character pages a…

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Storkbork Storkbork 12 August 2020


so for those of you who don't know, WFW has been selected to be one of the first wikis to transfer to a brand new layout called the Unified Community Platform setup. this was not an idea selected by t…

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Storkbork Storkbork 29 May 2020

a discussion of pride, hope, and diversity!

shorter title: it's gonna be pride month in two days and I'm ready for it.

pride month seems to always bring out both the best and the worst in people. for those who live the best versions of themselv…

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Storkbork Storkbork 24 May 2020

collab suggestions!

hi guys!

so I see a lot of you on the wiki are into collaborating with each other - and that's really good!! I just have a few suggestions to help make your collabs better!!

  • don't be afraid to use clic…

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