This article contains all the rules of Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, if you don't follow them, you will be punished.

1 Infraction Warnings
2 Infractions 3 Day Ban
3 Infractions Month Ban
4-5 Infractions 3 month ban

Any beyond is infinite ban which after 6 months, the user can request it to be appealed. 

As the content of warriors is child-friendly, our goal here is to make child-friendly fanfictions.

  • Mature content, as defined below, is NOT ALLOWED. Any articles with mature content will be DELETED, unless you have consent from more than half of the admins.
    • ANY form of sexual contact/mating
    • Some cursing is allowed, such as minor cursing, but please put warnings.



A fanfiction is defined as a broadly-defined term for fan labor regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. (Source:

  • This means that all articles regarding Warriors (Clan cats, loners, rogues, kittypets, etc.) must be in the form of a narrative. Any work otherwise will be removed, excluding songfics (fanfictions based on a song).
  • Short stories are allowed.
  • As the definition above also states, all credit for ideas is given to Erin Hunter (Vicky Holmes, Kate Cary, Tui Sutherland, and Cherith Baldry)
  • Anything other than stories about the warrior cats (ex. other religions, stories with no mention of the cats) will be DELETED.
  • Any fanfictions with inappropriate content will be DELETED.
  • Any character articles will be DELETED.


A songfic, as stated above, is a fanfiction based on the lyrics of a song.

  • Any songfics about subjects other than the warrior cats will be DELETED.
  • Any songfics with inappropriate content will be DELETED.


A poem must be based off of the warriorcats, and if it doesn't contain names, must have an explanation somewhere in the article.

  • Any poems about subjects other than the warrior cats will be DELETED.
  • Any poems with inappropriate content will be DELETED.


Guides are allowed here. They must contain tips on writing warriors fanfiction, or they will be DELETED.


'Crackfics', or crack-fanfictions, are meant to be funny. Please keep this in mind.


A quiz is defined as an examination consisting of a few short questions. (Source: However, they are not allowed here.

  • Any quizzes will be DELETED.

Fanfiction Talk Pages/Commenting

Authors work hard on their stories. Please be sure to comment on a story.

  • No flaming, trolling, or vandalizing. If you do, you will be BANNED/WARNED.
  • Comments are meant to critique stories and tell what you like and dislike. No comments saying: "Write more pleaseeee!", "So good! Best story ever!", "Wow just perfect," or "LOL! XD".
  • Do not spam comments on stories.

For more information on proper commenting, look here[1].


Users are only allowed two blogs per month. Users exceeding this limit will receive a warning. If infractions continue, every offending blog will be deleted and the user will receive a two-day ban per blog.


To begin a contest or to post a blog on the contest, a form must be submitted on this page and be approved by an admin. There are rules on contests on the this page.


Pictures are allowed on Warriors Fanfiction Wiki.

  • Any inappropriate pictures will be DELETED.
  • Any pictures abusing copyright laws will be DELETED.
  • Work drawn by other users are considered their art and any art theft (stealing work by others without giving credit) that occurs will result in WARNING/BANNING.


Pictures are used all over the place on Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. The following places are where pictures are allowed:

  • Article/article talk pages
  • User/user talk pages
  • Blogs



Live! Chat

WFW chat is the Live! Chat box on the wikia. 

  • Chat Rules:
    • No Cussing. There are younger users around!
    • No Flooding (Repeating the same thing/spamming up the chat with gibberish)
    • Do not chat inappropriate things such as sexual things or things that could be offensive.
    • You must be active to be on chat, and have at least 1 mainstream edit per month.

User pages and User Talk pages

User pages and user talk pages are places where you can personalize to be your own.

  • User page rules:
    • No inappropriate content
    • No giving out your address or phone number.
  • User talk page rules:
    • No inappropriate content. 
    • No personal attacks (See here for more information).
    • Please put ALL new messages at the BOTTOM of the page.
    • Leave your signature after ever message you make.


Signatures have the ability to be personalized.

  • Include a link to your talk page.


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