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Global Message

Wheeee users love this! The news reports are getting popular by the day! Users are giving great suggestions too! But what we really need is more recruits. It would be great to spread the word but don't bug a user about it, mentioning on live chat or IRC would work! Again, thank you all for sponsoring the project!

Love you,




New user interview

Main interview


.Interviewers have a week to choose someone for the interview, and New User talk. If they fail to do so, the Head Reporter or an experienced reporter will do it.

.It is a user's choice if they want to be interviewed or not.

.Reporters must find a good headline and other information, including fanfics to advertise.

.If there is an issue reporters want to write about, asking the owner of the topic is a MUST. Reports may only pass into the paper if there is evidence that permission was asked.


This is a section where we record users that have already been interviewed. Please, interviewers, make sure not to choose them again. However, if a user has been NUIed before and are now an experienced user, you may give them the main interview.

Main Interview


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