This is a page where users can put lists of the numerous guides that are here to assist new users and old in writing and new ideas for stories.

There can be several of one type of Guide. For instance, there can be Arti's Guide to Charries as well as JibBob's guide to charries.

Guides can be humerous, but when you list them, please include 'Genre - Humor' in the description. We don't want people thinking Foxpaw's Guide to Being Reasonably Insane is about the wiki. xDD

Guides shouldn't be offensive. If you think warrior names should make sense, in your guide to making a good name, do NOT say 'You'd better put names that makes sense or your story won't be as good'. That's not very nice to hear now, is it?

Don't make more then one guide to a single subject. Just add to the one you have. Would YOU read 20 versions of 'JibBob's Guide to Names'?

Please title blogs somewhere along the lines of '__________'s Guide to _________' or 'A Guide to __________ by ____________'. You get the picture. :)

I'll add more rules as I think of this. Enjoy!!! --Can You Feel the Love Tonight?Happy V Day! 22:31, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

Arti's Guides

How to Make Your Clanmates Think You're Smart - Genre: Humor. A bunch of little thingees for you enjoyment and growth of smarts. ;)

Arti's Guide to Names - A guide to naming your cat. This is actually something that people find the hardest. If you don't believe me, check out the hundreds of blogs entitled 'Warrior Names Please?'. ;)

Arti's Guide to Characters - A guide to creating your characters. I know a lot of people just make them up as they go along, but in case you get stuck or would just like to check this out first, here it is.

Misty's Guides

Mistysun's Writing Tips: Characters - Covers everthing about making a charrie for your story. Includes the steps to making a charrie, personality, naming cats, apperances, and more!

Mistysun's Writing Tips: Prolouges and Epilouges - About what prolouges and epilouges should include, tips on writing them, etc...

LarkSong's guides

Larke's Guide to Creating and Naming Characters- It's about, well, creating and naming characters. It'll cover rogues, kittypets, and Clan cats.

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