This is the Contests page, it is the area where you can learn what contests are being hosted, their end dates, and other information on the contests.

Contest Rules:

  1. Every two to three months two members of the staff, Wetstream, Rainsplash987, Cchen3, and Bluestar&Brightheart will host a wiki wide contest. The contest will be judged the the 3 staff members, and the theme and other elements will be decided by the staff.
  2. Any user may host a contest, however contests are limited down to one contest a month per user. Usually since it takes at least a month to write a small one-shot story. The amount of time given to make the story can range from 1 month-as long as you want. 
  3. Contests cannot be canceled unless you have a proper reason. If not enough users join the contest can be removed, if you have personal real-life troubles the contest can be canceled. The same goes for the contestants, if you decide to drop out of the contest you can't join another contest for the remainder of the month. The story can either be completed in your own time, deleted, or put up for adoption.
  4. If you do not finish a story in time for the deadline, you can complete it later, put it up for adoption, or have it deleted by one of the staff. We don't want half finished contest stories cluttering the wikia!
  5. Each contest must have a good prize that fits in with wikia rules, it can't break any rules at all. Even just a simple banner will do that says "You have won so-and-so's contest". If no winner is chosen, then what type of contest is that? There can be draws, but each must gain an equal prize, or have to show-down with a mini-story, songfic, or whatever the user choses.
  6. You must send in a contest form in the Talk Page before making a contest official (this means making a blog on your contest). You will get an approval from either Arti or Wetty if it is approved. You have to update in the Talk Page on who has joined, and how many spots you have left. 
  7.  DO NOT BE A SORE LOSER! If you lose and throw a fit you will get a warning, if it continues a ban. This also includes trying to get pity from other users and having other users protect that the other person won. Come on guys, there will be other contests you can enter!

Contest Form:

Use the =='s and put "(User's name here) Contest when doing this.


  1. Theme of Contest: WILD RAMPAGING HORSES
  2. Amount of Contestants Aloud: 7
  3. Deadline: November 28th 2012
  4. Type of Contest: (Fanfiction, Songfic, Short Story, Picture, etc)
  5. Amount of Chapters at the most: INFINITE (Can be as many as you want)

And on your little message on the Talk Page you have to update it when people have joined, who they are, and how many places there are left.

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