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Warriors Fanfiction

Here is where you and other members of the wiki can set up commenting trades. Here are the instructions and rules:

Rules (aka instructions to be followed)

  1. Post the story you want comments on in the Talk Page under a Header (Heading 2). This will allow people to edit and add their own trades. (More than one trade per heading is allowed, it just means more than one person wants to trade with the person who submitted a form.) A form will be below for you to follow.
  2. Limit to three stories per submission. Any more after that are to be disregarded. This is to keep the list from being a neverending supply of stories you can choose from (because that would just be regular commenting!) This will make it easier for admins to archive old submissions.
  3. Note to above, we will do our best to close all headers that already have three trades. If you are the third one, it would be helpful if you could add "(CLOSED)" to the header!
  4. If you want to make a trade with another person, edit their heading and use (Heading 3) to put your story in. A form will be below for you to follow.
  5. Try not to only make commenting trades with your friends or disregard users. If you see a lonely header, by all means go make a trade! We're a wiki that includes everyone in our family so play your part.
  6. When you're done with your trade comment, you should indicate on the page that you are done so that admins can know when to archive the submission.
  7. Limit up to two stories pending for trades at a time from each user. You can offer as many trades as you want, but you can't ask for trades for all your stories at once.
  8. Link your stories and your username! It will be easier to contact or access your story.
  9. Finish your trades (make your comments) by the deadline! Please don't offer a trade if you know you can't or won't finish by the deadline set up by the submission user.
  10. Please try to make trades with other people before requesting your own story (it doesn't help when we have a ton of requests but nobody trading with them).
  11. Have fun!

Please try to follow these rules and the forms below to keep the page orderly and efficient. We want this to be as successful as possible and we need your help to do so!

Below is an example of a submission form with a trade offer. (Disregard all the brackets or parenthesises when you are creating your form.)

[Insert Story Title] by [Username 1]

NOTE: Link your username and story in your submission title and if you are offering a trade!

Deadline: [Insert Date]

[Insert Story Title] by [Username 2]

(This Heading 3 subtitle means that someone has offered to make a trade.)

Username 1: COMPLETED.

(This person [the submission person] has finished making a comment on the offered story.)

Username 2:

(Without the COMPLETED mark, it means that this person [the person who offered the trade] has not completed their deal yet.)


If anything is unclear, please message one of the admins about it! Remember everything goes on the talk page. Have fun!