Warriors Chatbox is made by Darkeh and Lilly.

Briarlight: Hello, this is Warriors Chatbox, with your host, Briarlight!

Crowd: *cheers*

Briarlight: So, who will be the 4 stars today?

  • Graystripe, Berrynose, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Brambleclaw and Ivypool are pointing at Firestar*

Briarlight: Ok, Firestar....

Graystripe: Who else?

Briarlight: Sandstorm. Dustpelt. Spottedleaf.

  • The four cats walk up to the stage*

Firestar: Hello, Brokenspine! What are we doing here?

Berrynose: Love Square.

Seedkit: Love Square.

Brindleface: Love Square. 

Squirrelflight: ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Dustpelt: Fine. A love square, Firestar.

Spottedleaf: Ahem? Pretty tortoiseshell she-cat waiting for a handsome ginger tom?

Sandstorm: NEVAH!

Firestar: Sandstorm, I thought you hated me. :/

Sandstorm: Uhhhh.......

Firestar: Go practice your gooey eyes on Dustpelt.

Dustpelt: Forever alone

Sandstorm: I'll love you!


Firestar: NU.

Sandstorm: WHy?


Sandstorm: noooo....

Dustpelt: *sigh*

Firestar: That's it. You are all being stupid. I'm calling Ferncloud. 

Dustpelt: NUUUUU

Sandstorm: I still love him.

Firestar: Sandstorm, you can't date kin. Now go love a kittypet. 

Sandstorm: EWWWW NO. I don't care if he's my uncle. I love him.

Spottedleaf: Firestar, just let them be together.

Molepaw: I'll get the duct tape!

Firestar: Why, Spottedleaf? I give up my nine lives I'm going CRAAAZZYYY. 

Spottedleaf: Because then we can have perfect leader X medicine cat against-the-warrior-code kits!

Leafpool: HEY! I did that!

Spottedleaf: Some did it before it was cool. 

Yellowfang: Hey! It was never cool!

Raggedstar: It was always cool.

Crowfeather: No. No. No. No. NOOOOO!!!!

Nightcloud: Don't give him bad memories! *hugs Crowfeather*

Crowfeather: EW! Don't hug me! Go hug a kittypet!

Smudge: YAY! Hugs!

Briarlight: Ok, we are done with time now.

Firestar: No! I still need to argue!

Briarlight: Do you want me to get Scourge?

Firestar: No! C'mon guys, let's go.

  • Firestar takes Sandstorm, Dustpelt and Spottedleaf off the stage.*

Briarlight: Well, that's it! Tune in for the next episode of Warriors Chatbox.

Firestar: That was so short....

The next ones will be longer, I swear - Dark

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