Leafpool got the shock of her life as she got back to her home. Badgers were attacking her camp! It was a good thing she'd come back when she did. She felt sorry for Crowfeather though.

Suddenly, she saw a badger going towards the medicine den. She had to save Cinderpelt! She charged towards the den. "Stay away from her you moster!" she hissed.

The badger took no notice of her, and charged back in. With a grunt, its mighty paw caught Cinderpelt across the face. "Cinderpelt!" Leafpool cried. please be okay, please be okay.? Cinderpelt was bleeding heavily from her wound. "Cinderpelt, don't move, I'm going to get you some herbs"

"Stop it Leafpool." Cinderpelt meowed, "I'm going to StarClan and there's nothing we can do"

"Yes there is!" Leafpool was struggling to hold back the tears. She wasn't going to let Cinderpelt die because of her mistake! "If only I'd been here!" she wailed. "I could've stopped them."

"No you couldn't Leafpool, this was my destiny"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was nothing to do with you. I didn't want to trouble you" Cinderpelt meowed.

"Oh Cinderpelt!"

"Just... Do one thing for me before I die"

"Anything for you, Cinderpelt"

"Get me Firestar"

Leafpool was confused. "Firestar? Why?"

"Just do it!" Cinderpelt growled softly.

Leafpool raced in to the clearing. "Firestar!" she yowled.

"What is it Leafpool?" Firestar meowed.

"Cinderpelt's dying!"

Firestar was already on his paws and racing towards the medicine den. "What?"

"She was hit by a badger! She won't let me do anything"

Firestar entered the den and gasped as he saw Cinderpelt's body on the ground. "Cinderpelt!" he yowled.

"Firestar, don't. I have one thing to tell you before I die..." she began to close her eyes.

"Cinderpelt! What is it?" Firestar cried.

"I love you." She breathed. "I always have. From the moment I became your apprentice. Even as a medicine cat, I still loved you. I was so happy for Sandstorm. She has the most amazing cat in the world. Goodbye Firestar"

"Cinderpelt! No!" Firestar cried. But it was too late. Cinderpelt closed her eyes, gave one last twitch and fell still.

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