leader: tropicalstar, she-cat with a rich honey brown coat, deep amber eyes.

deputy: rainbliss, she-cat with a white body with patches of gray, caring light blue-green eyes

medicine cat: honeyheart, she-cat with honey colored coat with white tipped ears, soft gentle brown eyes

warriors: lemongrass she-cat gray gazing violet eyes, lemondrop, she-cat honey colored coat with a white patch over her left eye pretty yellow eyes, mystielight, tom with a white coat and beautiful ocean eyes, hetherwhisk, tom with a black coat and glowing green eyes, willowgaze, she-cat with a white coat and black spots and ice blue eyes.

apprentices: littlepaw, tom black cat with a white underbelly and calming orange eyes

elders: lilyfoot she-cat with a gray tabby look and graceful light yellow eyes


leader: flowerstar, she-cat with a dark brown coat and light orange eyes

deputy: lilystrike, she-cat with a cream colored coat with silver like eyes

medicine cat: fetherwind, tom silver tabby with gentle cold gray-blue eyes

the warriors in thunderclan have descriptions but i did not know it would take that long XD

warriors: milybreeze- she-cat, hollypelt- tom, witherblade- tom dandyfrost- she-cat

i will make a shadowclan and windclan but that will be another page/book


The rain poured and scorched the clan, and sheltered barn cats. And as the trees got light and broke free of the dark. It was just past full moon and the clan cats were just waking to see the mystical shower that fell from the sky. Lemondrop, one of the warriors went outside and played in the rain and acted like a kit. She loved when nice showers poured and when the very colorful arch became visible. It was a fresh morning and Lemongrass emerged from her den. She picked up two small mice and set one by her sister. Lemondrop sank into a patch of sun just by the leaders den.

Lemongrass came calling at her "you better save a spot for me sister"

and jumped onto the rock, and shoved her way in. mystielight nuged lemongrass to wake up. Lemongrass followed mystielight out of the camp. Lemondrop secretly followed and watched the two climb a tall tree. Lemondrop nearly barfed watching as her sister lean against her love. Lemondrop vomited at the sight of the two tails rapping on another, then fainted. As lemondrop stumbled back home she heard a rustle in the river. She slowly made her way down, she stopped at the sight of a cat with a spotted coat. Legs ready to flee she stopped to look at the cat.

The cat called to her and meowed "don't just stand there come and help me get some herbs."

Lemondrop glared at the cat, she just stayed sitting watching the cat. Lemondrop turned away and headed home.

the cat meowed in a low harming voice"i will come and find you."

smoke heavily fell and the cat slipped into the darkness. Later that afternoon as Lemondrop sunk into a patch of sun and fell asleep, her sister came and sat next to her.

Lemongrass replied"see you i the morning sis"

and Lemongrass fell asleep

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