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This story was created in 3rd grade. The plot is terrible and switches ideas constantly. Read at your own risk. 

Chapter One

Lionfur rustled in his nest his eyes sleepily opened as he stood up one his forepaw. His heart dropped as he saw right outside of his den one of his four kits, Fuzzpelt, was playing with a ball of moss. He sighed licking his left paw. He remembered the day of his birth, Snowheart's warm milk scent with his sisters Leafcloud, and Snowleaf. His father Whitestorm died before Lionfur even became an apprentice. Then he left his path of a warrior from the shame of his father’s death, which no one knows, and went to the path of a medicine cat. Now when he was a medicine cat his mother left to ShadowClan when Blackstar and her fell in love, and Snowleaf grew up in ShadowClan. She would never go back, she was born a ThunderClan cat but as a kit about three moons old she was took to ShadowClan for apprenticeship because Snowheart let her. Now to protect Snowheart Blackstar went back to being a warrior renamed Blackfoot on his last life and let Snowheart became Snowstar. Lionfur shook the thought of being the half brother of Spotstorm and Willowfur being Snowstar's and Blackfoot's kits.

"When will Tawnystar find out?" He grumbled under his breath.

He could just imagine Arastar and love at first gaze. Then it all turned wrong when they became mates and Arastar was from NightClan and he was a ThunderClan medicine cat! Then it ended up with four kits with mixed blood. Fuzzpelt male, Sunrise female, Arrowshot male, and Appeltail female. Appletail and Sunrise look like Lionfur because of their reddish orangish fur and Sunrise has black stripes with it and Arrowshot a light tan color with dark brown arrow like stripes. He walked out of his den his head full of thoughts.

"Hey Lionfur want to relax with a game for a bit?" Fuzzpelt said as he nudged the moss ball toward him.

Lionfur's eyes filled with guilt and sorrow. He felt like this any time around his kits, mostly Fuzzpelt because his fluffy white pelt reminded him of Arastar except she had a silver moon shape on her forehead. "

How could this happen..." He said softly.

"What?" Fuzzpelt twitched his tail.

"Nothing." Lionfur meowed very swiftly. Fuzzpelt padded quickly to Sunrise she was the one who looked identical to Lionfur."

Hey Sunrise have you noticed that me, Appletail, Arrowshot, and you look allot like Lionfur and Arastar and I scent worry on them whenever they see us." Fuzzpelt curiously.

"We need to gather some information on our real parents all I remember is our mother took us to tenrocks and this unfamiliar cat took us to ThunderClan before we even opened our eyes!" Sunrise meowed with anger. Furiously she calmed down and her yellow eyes clouded with sorrow. "The smell it had no prey smell so I guess she doesn't eat meat. But with a sweet touch..." Her eyes widened. "Arastar doesn't eat meat right?" She gulped

"I think, but-" Fuzzpelt's eyes widened to. "Yes she doesn’t eat meat."

They both gripped the ground staring at Lionfur.

"What!" Lionfur hissed running in his den kicking a cloud of dirt in his path.

"L-L-L-Lionfur, he must be our-" Sunrise was interrupted by Fuzzpelt.

"Get Appletail and Arrowshot. We're going to NightClan."

Chapter Two

They were padding behind WindClan's mountain when the strong scent of NightClan was getting close. They saw they were in their territory. Then a bit up ahead they saw a clearing with lots of black, brown, and dark orange cats with only a few light colored cats. One of them was Arastar. They have only seen her at gatherings and when they sheltered in ThunderClan preparing for the battle with RiverClan that killed Leopardstar then left RiverClan with Mistystar. Chatting with a NightClan warrior they saw Arastar. Then they skidded up to the clearing the rustled a few leaves and some cats bristled with alarm, some went down into crouch position ready to spring.

"Wait!" Arastar hissed and circled around the four.

Each trembling Arastar sniffed each one.

"ThunderClan warriors..." She grumbled. ‘’No cat should hurt these exact cats." She turned her head to say to the others.

"Why Arastar? We should defend our clan or the other clans would think we are weak..." Tuskfoot the NightClan's deputy meowed angrily.

"Silence Tuskfoot." She softly hushed her bristling deputy.

Come over to the corner no one will hear us." She meowed to the intruders with a soft voice.

When the got to the corner, Fuzzpelt blurted out, "Arastar," Fuzzpelt took a deep breath. "Are you our mother? Fuzzpelt let out.

Arastar's mouth opened slightly. "That is classified information. But honestly I have nothing to say about that mousebrained question. Now leave and wash yourself in the river by the edge of the clearing to get the scent of NightClan off you." Arastar ordered briskly.

As they got to the river Arrowshot hissed, "We need better than that!" He meowed with anger as they washed the scent of them.

"Ugh, I hate the water what do they think we are RiverClan!" Appletail hissed not remembering that NightClan could swim. "

We got the answer, and do you think Arastar would lie? Fuzzpelt growled.

They each shook their heads and headed back to camp with soggy pelts. "


"Where in Starclan are they!!!" Lionfur yowled.

The Clan had searched for the four ThunderClan warriors.

Goldenheart filled with anger because of searching, he always felt like always because the death of his brother when they were apprentices, Smokepaw, his brother, died killing a bear.

Finally Arrowshot, Appletail, Fuzzpelt, and Sunrise came back. Cats sighed in relief but the warriors got a good scolding.

That night Fuzzpelt didn't feel the warmth of Arrowpelt or Appletail. He only heard Sunrise's faint snores. He heard a snarl and a bark in the distance.

A bark of a dog.

He then smelled a fresh scent of his siblings. Then he thought about it.

"Sunrise! Wake up!"

Chapter Three

They both ran in the woodland. They saw Appletail slashing at a huge black dog. Arrowshot was unconscious by her.

Sunrise skidded toward him liking his limp pelt. "Help! Appletail Fuzzpelt!" She yowled as she gently lapped Arrow shot’s pelt again and again.

Fuzzpelt jumped up on the dog and bit him on his side. They have never seen a dog this big only the smaller ones herding sheep in the moorlands. The dog shook him off flinging Fuzzpelt into bracken. He yelped and ran off. But he fell somewhere in yelped again running far away with a limp leg. Arrowshot still not moving still laid limp in one spot.

"I think h-h-he is dead..." Sunrise cried softly laying her head on his chest.

Each cat sat on each side of Arrowshot.

Arrowshot's head actually shook a little. "I know who our mother is from the start she is...." His head rolled back and his voice died away, the three began to tear up even Fuzzpelt.

They carried his limp body to Lionfur's den.

"We think he's dead." Fuzzpelt whispered with horrible grief.

Lionfur stilled. With shock he came over and put his ear to his chest. "It's still beating." Lionfur meowed.

With sudden great relief they all backed away from Arrowshot and out of the medicine den.

Slowly Arrowshot fell asleep.

Lionfur lay by him and put his nose on Arrowshot's chest. "Starclan I plead you to let me walk the dreams of Arrowshot as an unknown cat..." Lionfur prayed.

Then within seconds Lionfur fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Four

It was dark all Lionfur could see was outlines of trees. There was no moon and no stars. A few fox lengths away he could see Arrowshot chasing a mouse. The mouse never would die but it bled so much from the slashing Arrowshot caused. Arrowshot disappeared but the mouse ran in a hole.

What’s happening? Lionfur thought as he walked around the dark forest.

Then in flashes he could see Arrowshot being slashed by a dog, Sunrise running to him, a huge black dog snarling and slashing at Appletail. Fuzzpelt pouncing and being flung off. It all came to him in one flash in the eye. Then in front of him he could see Arrowshot but he was a bit darker in fur color holding a star in his paws. Then all he could see was light. Then it all came to him. The prophecy, four will rely on one to save the clans, Arrowshot was the one. Lionfur woke and Arrowshot ruffled in his nest.

"You are the one that Starclan picked. You will save the clans..." Lionfur whispered.


After awhile Arrowshot awoke. Lionfur... He coughed. "I had a dream." Arrowshot got up and sat down with his tail around his paws. "It was weird all I remember is chasing a mouse then I saw you and a star were in my paws." He meowed curiously.

"Arrowshot, come with me, we need to talk to Tawnystar." Lionfur said walking out of the den.

Arrowshot bounded after him.

Tawnystar was in the clearing, she was sniffing a magpie from the fresh-kill pile.

"Tawnystar Arrowshot is the one." Lionfur meowed.

Tawnystar got up. "From the prophecy?" She looked serious.

Lionfur nodded.

Tawnystar was in shock. "I thought it would be Brackenfur or Goldenheart!" She hissed in confusion.

"I went in is dreams and found out..." Lionfur whispered in Tawnystar's ears.

Tawnystar was the only one to know the fours real parents, causing her to know many things about Lionfur and Arastar's kits.

Lionfur went in to Tawnystar's den with her and talked about Arrowshot.

Arrowshot just walked away his head hanging at his paws. "I can't live out my life knowing that Lionfur is my father..." Arrowshot spoke to himself. "And I know that Arastar is my mother. What shall I do!"


That night Sunrise awoke looking at Arrowshot leave the den into the stormy night.

"Where’s he going?" She murmered under her breath.

She decided to get up and follow Arrowshot out the den. The moon made her orange and red pelt look like the sun. She breathed silently as they left the bramble tunnel out to the territory. She looked around in the morning the forest looked alive at night the forest looked like it had no life. The trees were swooping and she could here rustling of small animals. Then she could see moorlands and the fresh scent of WindClan in the distance she could see the mountain. They crossed the border into Wind Clan territory.

She stepped on a branch and made a crackling sound. Oh no! She thought and hid behind a small bush.

Arrowshot’s light tan pelt and brown arrow looking stripes turned as he sniffed. "The last thing I need is if anyone’s following me..." He growled to himself.

Sunrise held her breath as she padded slowly behind Arrowshot as they reached moorland and went behind WindClan’s mountain. They entered NightClan territory.

Sunrise froze.

The feeling of being in this clan at night gave her chills. NightClan cats stay up at night sometimes. With fright she screeched and ran back to ThunderClan. That morning Sunrise woke up from her nest. Arrowshot wasn't in his nest.

"He left." She mumbled with sadness hidden in her voice.

Fuzzpelt was out in the clearing talking to Tawnystar. "He's gone I tell you! He should have come back by now if he was making dirt or on a small walk in the forest!" He cried.

Appletail was talking to Dove flight. "I just don't know what happened to him. That night he was there in is nest the next he was gone." She meowed licking her paw.

What has he done! Sunrise thought as her eyes clouded.

She couldn't bare he thought that Arrowshot wasn't in ThunderClan. Sunrise was the smallest of her brothers and sister and Arrowshot always looked out for her, what could she do without him.

Tawnystar called a clan meeting. "At the last gathering we said that we would have a gathering during the day only this once. She yowled to the crowding cats. Dove flight, Goldenheart, Sunrise, Appletail, Graystripe, Brackenfur, Running, Fuzzpelt, Waterpaw and Spiderpaw will come to the gathering today."

Then all the cats made the journey to Tenrocks. Cats crowded around everywhere and waited for the gathering to start. Sunrise looked all over the place and saw Arrowshot chatting with a NightClan warrior. She tried to run to him but the gathering started.

"Greetings fellow clans." Meowed Tawnystar, starting the gathering. "Our clan is doing fine, except we can't find an important warrior. Does anyone have any new warriors that came to their clan last night?"

"NightClan does. Is Arrowshot who you are looking for?" Arastar meowed in a weird guiltily voice.

Tawnystar nodded with narrow eyes and showing her teeth. "Why did he go to NightClan!" She hissed, and then the clans got silent.

"Tawnystar, maybe you should ask Arrowshot why not Arastar." Moonstar leader of Windclan meowed with a soft tone like she had when she was a Thunderclan warrior.

Arrowshot came to the Splitrock and jumped by Arastar. "I left because I felt I couldn't live in a clan of too many secrets and live with a person who doesn't lie anymore." Arrowshot meowed looking toward Lionfur.

Lionfur looked ashamed and backed away to the darkness.

"Arrowshot I get your decision to live in NightClan, ThunderClan will greatly miss your service. What about you Mistystar and Snowstar have anything to say?" Tawnystar meowed trying to dodge the lying part of Arrowshot's subject.

They both shook their heads. "Okay then the meeting is over and good-bye Arrowshot." Tawnystar meowed with a sad but angry voice.

Sunrise ran over to Arrowshot. "Arrowshot we might have to meet in battle one day and we have the same blood we're siblings." Sunrise cried as her eyes filled with tears. "I don't want to hurt you!" She yowled.

"It'll be all worth it instead of living a life of unknown secrets." He murmured with no emotion in his voice. "Now I will only refer to you as a rival clan cat, not my sister." Then Arrowshot followed his clan away from Tenrocks, holding the clouding sadness hidden inside his voice.

"I will never forgive you Arrowshot!" Sunrise cried out and ran to catch up to her Clan.


When Sunrise got back to the camp she walked to Tawnystar. "Tawnystar I need to talk to you about a battle." Growled Sunrise. "With NightClan."

And that was that.

Chapter Five

The next day apprentices were training harder then they ever had. Sunrise was put in charge of getting everyone ready for the battle with Nightclan.

Goldenstripe the new warrior of Thunderclan, she was a sleek thin, golden tabby with blue eyes, was doing some fighting moves with her new mate Goldenheart. Goldenheart loved Goldenstripe and Goldenheart always was depressed and stubborn before he met Goldenstripe. Goldenstripe was a Shadowclan warrior but after one day she moved to Thunderclan.

Goldenheart sheathed his claws and slashed at Goldenstripe. Then Goldenstripe did the same. "Good job!" Meowed Goldenheart.

The battle training all started when Sunrise lied to Tawnystar that Nightclan stole their prey. Widdowheart one of the queens she was putting brambles up all over the nursery.

"I won't let my Angelkit get hurt!" She hissed. Widdowheart had green eyes and was a black cat with a partly white face and her belly and legs were white except that her paws were black. Angelkit looked the same except her paws were white.

"And I'm sure Ravenwind's kits don't want to be destroyed either Grassclaw, so nip it!" She yowled to her mate Grassclaw.

Grassclaw was yellowish brown with orangish brown eyes. Ravinwind was brown and had black paws with dark yellow eyes.

At night the clan ran to Nightclan territory and started attacking cats like crazy. Sunrise headed for Arrowshot and pounced on top of him giving him a slash on the neck! Arrowshot flung her off his back then bit her leg and slashed her throat.

Sunrise gagged and got up. "You're going to get it!" She yowled and clamped on to Arrowshot's leg.

"Yow!" Arrowshot yowled and slashed Sunrise across the face.

Sunrise fell right on her back into a pile of oak leaves. Pain filled her mind and her eyes clouded up with blood then she became unconscious. Tawnystar stopped the battle once she found out Sunrise lied about Nightclan stealing prey. Then they went back to Thunderclan. Sunrise woke up in the warriors den. It was sunhigh she felt guilty. She knew she would be punished for her lie that started a battle just so she could hurt Arrowshot.

She walked into Tawnystar's den. '"Sunrise, why?" Tawnstar meowed with anger.

"I don't know Tawnystar I went a bit over board, I'm sorry." Sunrise meowed with guilt and sorrow.

"Well, you will still be punished, for half a moon you will be an apprentice. You'll still have the ceremonial part of a warrior it's just people will refer to you as Sunpaw and you will have apprentice duties." Tawnystar meowed .

"Fine it seems fair for what I did." Sunrise, now Sunpaw meowed.

Tawnystar climbed onto the stump where she starts meetings. "All cats in the clearing for lying to the clan that Nightclan stole our prey Sunrise will be known as an apprentice, Sunpaw, an will sleep in the apprentice den and will do apprentice duties for half of a moon." Tawnystar yowled to the clan.

Giggles and snickers came from the cats in the clearing. Sunpaw went over to Spiderpaw who was sharing tongue's with Waterpaw. Spiderpaw was black and had what stripes going down his back with grey pale eyes. Waterpaw was a light grayish blue color and had eyes that looked like heather. Coming over to them was a yellowish brown cat with reddish brown eyes.

"Hay Runningpaw!" Spiderpaw meowed to his den mate.

"Guess who got punished and became a apprentice for half a moon!" Waterpaw giggled.

"Who?!" Runningpaw meowed excitedly. "Sunrise otherwise know as Sunpaw!" Spiderpaw meowed with laughter.

Then the three all started laughing and pointing their tails at Sunpaw. "Sunpaw, Sunpaw, Sunpaw!" The three laughed and kicked a cloud of dust into Sunpaw's face.

"Hahaha, a warrior turned to a apprentice!" Waterpaw laughed.

"Maybe one day she'll get into so much trouble she'll become Sunkit! Then she'll have to be a kit in the nursery taken care of by a queen!" Runningpaw joked.

Then the three apprentices all laughed like crazy.

"Ugh." Sunpaw grumbled.

Runningpaw, Waterpaw, and Spiderpaw were the only apprentices besides Sunpaw. That night Sunpaw had to sleep in the apprentices den and face Spiderpaw, Runningpaw, and Waterpaw's teasing and laughing at her. Sunpaw woke up at dawn and she hardly got any sleep from the laughing and teasing from her new den mates.

"Uhgh, I hate this punishment." Sunpaw grumbled.

"Sunpaw go give the elders fresh moss and some fresh-kill, change out the moss in the apprentices den and warriors den, then go and give the queens fresh-kill , fresh moss and some water, after your done with all that you can hunt for the clan and at least get two pieces of fresh-kill." Tawnystar ordered.

Since Tawnystar never gave any orders to the apprentices like this she supposed it was apart of the punishment. It was sunset when she finished giving the queens what they needed. Then she had to hunt for the clan. She exited out of the bramble tunnel. Then she headed for the stream close to the entrance.

"The stream is the perfect place to catch water voles in Thunderclan." Sunpaw meowed.

She padded over to the stream and caught sight of a water vole washing his face. Sunpaw dropped into crouch position and licked her lips as she slashed the water vole into the air then she jumped up to it and killed it in a quick nip.

"I'll bury this piece then get it later." She meowed as she dug a hole and buried the water vole.

She caught sight of a squirrel up in a tree a couple fox-lengths away. She unsheathed her claws and started to climb the tree. When she was close to the lowest branch she hopped on it. Then the squirrel laid on the branch and started to sleep. Sunpaw hopped to the next branch then another till she reached the squirrel.

The squirrel rustled a bit but Sunpaw was to fast and she nipped the squirrel and hopped down with it clamped firmly in her jaws. "Okay I'll just bury this with the water vole" she meowed with a muffled voice because of the squirrel.

After a while she caught two mice. The moon was rising and Sunpaw got her fresh-kill and headed back to camp. She padded carefully by the bramble wall that protected Thunderclan, then went into the bramble tunnel into camp.

"Who's there?" Meowed a voice.

"It's just me Sunrise," Sunpaw meowed.

"Oh, you mean Sunpaw." The voice snickered.

"Fuzzpelt stop that! You know I hate my punishment, now let me in I'm exhausted!" She hissed.

Once the white tom let her in, she put her fresh-kill into the pile and went to the apprentices den and laid down into a deep sleep.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Meowed Waterpaw.

Sunpaw opened one eye and then closed it. "It is uhhh, dawn so, ya leave ma alone." Sunpaw meowed sleepily.

"I can hardly understand you, I'll just give you a some more time to sleep." Waterpaw meowed and ran out into the clearing.

It was almost Sunhigh when Sunpaw awoke.

"Hey Sunpaw!" Spiderpaw meowed to her.

"Wonderful day huh Sunpaw?" Meowed Runningpaw.

"What no rude remark like look at the warrior turned to an apprentice and stuff like that?" Sunrise hissed.

"No we thought it was mean and it hurt your feelings so we stopped." Waterpaw remarked.

"And Tawnystar told us to sto-" Runningpaw was shoved by Spiderpaw.

"Oh... Sorry." Sunrise meowed sadly.

It was finally a half moon and Sunrise went back to being a warrior.

"Hi, Sunrise..." Waterpaw meowed so sad. "I wish you were still an apprentice we were such great friends but now you a stage higher then me..."

"Waterpaw in just a few days you'll become a warrior Tawnystar told me. In fact I need to talk to her." Sunrise meowed with a grin and turned to walk into the leader's den. "Hey Tawnystar I need to talk to you about a warrior ceremony..."

Chapter Six

On the tree stump sat Waterpaw and Tawnystar, together. Right beside the tree stump was Sunrise.

“Thank you Sunrise!” Waterpaw meowed with her sparkling heather colored eyes.

Sunrise grinned with joy.

“All cats old enough to catch their own prey come to this clan meeting.” Tawnystar yowled. “I Tawnystar leader of ThunderClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice, she has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend her as a warrior in turn, Waterpaw do you promise to uphold warrior code and protect and defend your clan even if it cost your life?” She meowed to Waterpaw.

“I do.” She vowed Waterpaw with a strong tingle of loyalty in her voice.

“Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name, Waterpaw from now on you will be known as Waterdrop. Starclan honors your patience and faith, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan!” Tawnystar’s voice rang out.

Finally, she laid her chin on Waterdrop’s head and Waterdrop licked Tawnystar's shoulder.

“Waterdrop! Waterdrop!” Spiderpaw started the chanting.

Waterdrop! Waterdrop! Everyone yowled out in harmony.


It was a moon later and Spiderpaw became Spiderweb, Runningpaw became Runningfeet, and there was four kits turned to apprentices. Stonetail's kits, Robinpaw and Fluffpaw, and Ravenwing's kits Weedpaw, and Hornpaw.

But despite all the other kits turning into apprentices, Widdowheart's kit Angelkit was only two moons of age.

Goldenstripe was looking for Goldenheart. “Goldenheart!'” She said when she found him. “I'm moving to the nursery!”

“What? Why!?” Goldenheart meowed surprised.

“Because I'm expecting kits!” Goldenstripe meowed shaking her tail all around! “I’m so happy!'” Goldenheart meowed then the two licked each other’s cheeks.

That night Goldenstripe moved in to the Nursery and Goldenheart decided to stay in there till the kits were born.

“Greetings Goldenstripe, going to have kits I see.” Widdowheart meowed while Angelkit slept by her side.

“She is beautiful!” Goldenstripe meowed to Widdowheart.

“I know she really is a charm huh?” mewed Widdowheart eyeing Angelkit.

Angelkit was very pretty; her fur sparkled in the moon light from the crack on the roof of the den. Her soft snoring soothed Widdowheart as she laid her head down. “Good night Goldenheart and Goldenstripe.” She yawned.

The next morning Sunrise went over to Waterdrop. “Want to go on a dawn walk around our territory?” Sunrise asked Waterdrop.

“Sure.” Waterdrop meowed.

The cats were half way around the territory when they saw a Windclan cat on their territory. “Get him!” Sunrise hissed.

They both pounced on the Windclan cat. “Let me go! I come in peace!” Yowled out the Windclan warrior, yet the two refused to release their grip. “Never mind! Moonstar would expect the cats to attack me!” He hissed then shoved Sunrise off of him roughly.

“Oh Waterdrop what have we done!” Sunrise gasped out, scrambling to her paws.


Back at the camp Lionfur was mixing herbs since leaf-bare was a moon away. Brackenfur, Brambleclaw, and Doveflight were adding extra insulation and more layers to make the dens warmer.

“Hopefully my kits are born before Leaf-bare or their sure to freeze to death!” Goldenstripe worried.

“They'll probably be born in a quarter moon so don't worry my little Rosebud!” Goldenheart assured softly.

Widdowheart was Goldenstripe's closest friend. She was the only one that trusted Goldenstripe when she first came to ThunderClan from Shadowclan.

“Hey guys can you be a little more quiet, Angelkit is sleeping…?” Widdowheart whispered, looking at the bundle of fur that slowly slept beside her.

They both nodded in agreement, smiling and hoping their kits would be just as wonderful.

Sunrise and Waterdrop came back to the camp exhausted.

“I’m going to go to sleep.” Sunrise yawned, her fur standing on end still.

“As am I…” Waterdrop muttered, obviously guilt practically flooding off her scent.


Their paws slipped the ground as they headed for the warriors den. A cold gust of wind ruffled Fuzzpelt's fur. He could see that his winter coat was growing in as his fluffy white fur grew thicker.

Appletail was finishing the last gulps of a thick juicy mouse. “Hello there Fuzzpelt.” Appletail purred to her brother.

Fuzzpelt's sister Appletail smelled sweet and had a soft ruffled voice.

“I suppose I should show you something.” She rose to her paws.

“Really? Sounds like fun!” Fuzzpelt gasped, eyes widening with excitement. “What sounds like fun for you young warriors?” Fireheart has asked coming out of the elders den. He changed his name back to Fireheart when he retired.

“Oh nothing, just a walk.” Appletail lied, her voice growing softer and quieter. Fireheart nodded then walked over to the fresh-kill pile, his eyes still piercing into their fur.

“I’m going to take you to the place that Arrowshot and I meet with two Shadowclan cats and two Shadowclan, and three Windclan cats!” Appletail meowed excitedly.

Before he knew it Fuzzpelt was walking toward a wide hole that sloped underground.

“Come on! We meet here every night or so!” She hissed, growing highly impatient. Fuzzpelt gulped then he urged himself to go down the slope.

The slope was a tunnel that opened up to a small two-leg nest. They padded inside was a boulder then a small bramble cave in the corner. In the cave were nests. Then in the back there was rotting log that went up to another level of the two-leg nest they climbed up the log.

Fuzzpelt slipped a little but Appletail helped him up. Up there was all the cats! They each dropped a piece of fresh kill in a huge pile! It was bigger than what the Clans could ever catch. “And this is WildClan!” Appletail had a devious smile, looking very proud and excited to show her brother such a fine assortment.

There were nine cats not including Fuzzpelt and Appletail. “I am the leader of WildClan and everyone refers to me as Applestar, okay?” Applestar told him. Fuzzpelt nodded, still amazed and somewhat…Curious.

“Ah, wise Applestar bringing more help for Wildclan eh?” A Shadowclan warrior meowed, his tail flicking back and forth.

“This is my brother Fuzzpelt, and Fuzzpelt this is my deputy Webfeet. She meowed pointing her tail towards Webfeet, he had strong and dark, amber eyes and his fur was musty grey with a black tail.

Wonderful to see you Fuzzpelt.” Webfeet went on, slowly sitting, his amber eyes looking off to the distance, “We established such a, makeshift Clan, to show all the other Clans that this fighting needs to end. Everything we do is to train, and strengthen our wits so once we are prepared…At the night of the gathering, we shall speak our right minds!” Webfeet yowled, with strong and angered howls of approval.

Suddenly, Fuzzpelt caught a cat in the corner of his eyes.

A small apprentice about seven moons old came up and spat at Fuzzpelt. “Intruder!” He hissed flinging his paw with unsheathed claws.

Chapter Seven

It had been a quarter moon later, and the cats had still been meeting secretly because at the last gathering they weren't ready to fight.

Angelkit was three moons old now and was very excited to know that maybe even in a day Goldenheart's and Goldenstripe's kits would be born. Light snow was already falling and Goldenstripe was as worried as ever.

“Do you think they'll survive? Oh they'll probably die in a sunset if I’m not careful!” Goldenstripe worried with a high pitched whine.

“It's alright; they'll be born with a heart like a bull!” Goldenheart assured, eyes narrowing with determination.

Angelkit yawned it was almost sunset and she had been up all day waiting for the kits. “I really want to see them!” Angelkit begged.

She started to wince with tire and snuggled up to Widdowheart. She yawned a “Good night” and quickly fell asleep.

In the morning Angelkit woke to the sun shining dimly and snow lightly falling. “Why am I out here?” She squeaked.

“Goldenstripe is having her kits and I wanted her to have some privacy for a while.” He mother glanced to the sun which was raising high into the sky.

“Can we go in now?” She mewed wide-eyed.

“She might be done about now, Fine lets go.” Widdowheart nodded. She grabbed Angelkit by the scruff.

“My, my you’re getting big. You are big enough to walk on your own, come on.” Angelkit was let down and scampered after her mother. They entered the nursery to find three small squirming kits right by Goldenstripe.

One had a dark orange fur color all over his body with black flecks and pale green eyes. The other was amazing it was actually purple all her body with a white tail white tipped ears and purple eyes. The next was a dark brown with smoky grey paws and yellow eyes.

“We'll have to think really hard to name to purple one!” Goldenheart purred. “How about Nightkit because of its purple pelt?” Angelkit squeaked her suggestion. “Well…Actually….Wait that’s a great name! Thank you Angelkit!" Goldenstripe purred.

“Let’s call the brown one Harronkit. Goldenheart cooed licking the small brown tom.

Clearly it was Goldenheart’s favorite. “And we'll call the orange and black one...” Goldenstripe stopped off thinking hard.

“Firekit?” Angelkit piped up.

“Yeah! That’s a wonderful name!” Goldenstripe purred, smiling at the small kitten.


It had been almost three moons and Angelkit was almost ready for apprenticeship. She was very protective of Goldenstripe and Goldenheart's kits. She guarded the nursery making sure only people that wanted to go in there to tell her there name and sniff them out.

“Ok Doveflight you can come in but I have my eyes on you!” Angelkit gave a small nod of approval.

Doveflight scampered in looking at the small kits. “Can they speak yet?” She whispered.

“Yeah I'll wake them up.” She meowed shaking the three moon old kits gently.

Harronkit toppled onto his feet. “Harronkit hasn't been doing well this leaf-bare.” Goldenstripe meowed looking sad. “Lionfur says he has greencough and might turn into blackchest...” Tears dripped from Goldenstripes eyes.

“I can't lose him Doveflight, he is Goldenheart's favorite. I can't let my mate down; I told him they'll live to be warriors no matter what....” She started to look down at the young kit. “He's going to die...” She cried softly.

“No! He can't, my brother has been talking about is Harronkit is so beautiful, I can't wait for his warrior ceremony, I’m so proud of that kit. That’s all he says!” Doveflight hissed.

Harronkit coughed, roughly opening his bloodshot eyes. “Can he take catmint? She asked.

“I’ll go get the catnip and go ask Lionfur to try.” Goldenstripe meowed. “Watch the kits!” She meowed scampering out of the nursery to Lionfurs den.

In a few minutes Lionfur came out with a bundle of catmint in his mouth. ”Eat this Harronkit it'll make you feel better, I hope.” Lionfur meowed.

Harronkit ate the catmint leaving none left.

“Now rest Harronkit.” He said softly.

Angelkit walked away from the nursery to Tawnystar. Tawnystar was looking over the fresh-kill pile.

“Yes Angelkit what do you want?” She meowed not taking her eyes off the pile.

“Well Tawnystar I haven't gotten to leave the camp and I think I’m ready to become a....” Angelkit stopped.

“An apprentice, I know what you want it's just... I don't know.”

Angelkit looked surprised at Tawnystar. “But I deserve to become one I want to leave the camp! I just want to Angelpaw not Angelkit! I need to become an apprentice!” Angelkit hissed she gripped the ground with her claws.

“It's just because all you do is guard stuff and that’s not what being a warrior is all about!” Tawnystar yowled.

Angelkit sheathed her claws she opened her mouth slightly she then shook her head and backed up then Angelkit ran out of the camp crying.

“Angelkit get back here!” Tawnystar hissed. “Grassclaw get your kit back in the camp!” She yowled to Widdowheart's mate.

Grassclaw ran right out of the camp. His paws skidded, dust flying everywhere. “Angelkit! Come on!” Grassclaw meowed.

It then started to softly snow. By sundown he had scoped half of the territory. Up ahead Anglelkit lay by a tree scratching the frozen dirt. Snow scattered her fluffy pelt. Tears were rolling down her face so she gently brushed her paw against her cheek.

She flinched as Grassclaw came by. He gently placed his tail on her shoulder. “Angelkit I will talk to Tawnystar tomorrow” He meowed.

Angelkit stiffed and then she hissed at him. "I want to become an apprentice now! I am loyal and I don't just guard stuff, I can claw a warrior to shreds if the clan depended on it! If Tawnystar doesn't think I can become a Warrior then I’m leaving!” She yowled at her father she slashed the tree then skidded away.

“Angelkit!” He cried but it was too late the snow fogged his way. “No...” He whimpered.

Back at the camp Grassclaw raced in. “Tawnystar!” He yowled.

Tawnystar ran to him. “Yes Grassclaw? Did you find Angelkit?” She meowed with a tense face.

“I did but she said that if you don't trust her to become a warrior then she is better off leaving! I tried to catch her but the snow blocked my view!” He meowed, voice horrified.

Tawnystar ran to the stump where meetings are called. She cleared her voice. “Cats of anywhere in here I don't really care I am setting a search patrol for Angelkit she ran away search anywhere, cross the borders I don't care! Just find that kit!” She screamed.

“Widdowheart, Grassclaw will go with Goldenheart, Appletail and Waterdrop to find Angelkit!” She hissed. “What are you waiting for? Don't sit there like a bunch of dirt go now!” She yowled.

Tawnystar watched as the cats scrambled out of camp into the powdery snow.

Goldenstripe watched as her mate, Goldenheart, and her best friend, Widdowheart, run out of the camp. She sighed as she watched her kits play with a twine ball, all except for Harronkit who wasn't recovering from the herbs. She winced as she saw Harronkit in a corner. He wasn't moving. She walked over and nudged him. The small kit did not move. Instead she felt is pelt but did not feel a pulse.

“Harronkit, you'll be okay. You’re in a better place.” She stopped when she could feel tears coming down on her.

She laid her head beside his limp body. “Why!” She cried lifting her head to the sky. Her pelt bristled. But she then picked up the small kit and lifted him to Tawnystar.

“His sickness over took his life.” She whispered.

“I am so sorry.” Tawnystar looked away slightly. “Goldenheart will be so dreaded to hear this news.” She meowed.

A few minutes later the elders came with Goldenstripe and buried Harronkit. “You would have been a great warrior...” Goldenstripe trailed off as she said her last words to Harronkit.

Then she walked away, grief and burden heavy on her pelt.

Chapter Eight

Arastar looked down at Arrowshot he had not eaten in days. He was skinny and weak. Arrowshot was homesick. His mind was struck with lies and sorrow thoughts. Arastar knew that he couldn't go home but he wasn't enjoying it here either. ‘’How did he find out, how will he live a life full of lies? How did I give birth to a litter of kits that were raised in ThunderClan but one with a major prophecy for him has to move to this clan…’’ Arastar thought.

She walked toward him. “Arrowshot, you have to eat. You can't let depression take over you.” She meowed putting her tail on Arrowshot's shoulder.

“Well how can I even live? I have nothing to take my life has mixed blood! I’m part Nightclan and then the other part is ThunderClan! I have a life of lies and I rather let myself be killed and be over run by maggots!” He hissed.

“Stop I will not let you treat you mother like this!” She hissed.

Cats of the clearing turned their heads in shock, most wide eyed.

“I thought you never had kits but …?” Tuskfoot gasped padding up to Arastar. Arastar backed away from the shocked cats. She shook her head backing away she ran up the tree which is her den.

“You are her son?” Tuskfoot glared at Arrowshot in shock. ‘I will reveal it at the next gathering…This one, I shall not” Arrowshot meowed, his voice shaking.

Back at ThunderClan Lionfur was having a serious talk with Nightclaw his medicine cat apprentice. “Ok Nightclaw threw the times of training to become a medicine cat you finally tell me you don't believe in Starclan!” He hissed.

“No I don't believe in that myth you call Starclan.” Nightclaw meowed sternly. “Ok Nightclaw if you don't believe in Starclan you may not be my apprentice anymore. I was even thinking I would step down early for your progress, but not anymore. You deserve not even to be a warrior! You don't even deserve to live in this clan. You will be rouge. Now get out. Now.” Lionfur snarled unsheathing his claws into the ground.

Nightclaw hung his head low and swiped it up very swift and slashed his paw in the piles of herbs making then squish and splat all over.

“Out!” Lionfur hissed!

Nightclaw skidded out of the camp.

Lionfur licked his paw and starting to cry when he saw all his collected herbs all destroyed. “I need a new apprentice before the gathering!” Lionfur winced, gritting his teeth.

He quickly lay in his nest. “Starclan give me a sign of a new apprentice.” He whispered.

Lionfur was in complete darkness. He could hear voices but could not make out the words. Then he saw Goldenstripe and Goldenheart's kit Nightkit and her purple fur shining. Then he could now hear the words, they were saying Nightkit.

He awoke and ran to the nursery. The next morning would be Firekit and Nightkit’s apprentice ceremony.

“Uh, Goldenstripe.” Lionfur called.

“Yes Lionfur?” she meowed coming over to him.

“We found her!” Goldenheart interrupted, rushing in to camp.

A bunch of cats followed after him and Angelkit was by Grassclaw's side. “She even had her very own apprentice ceremony with us.” Grassclaw meowed.

“She deserved an apprentice ceremony.” Tawnystar sighed, coming up to now Angelpaw.

“I am sorry I delayed your apprenticeship.” She meowed.

Angelpaw smiled and nuzzled her shoulder.

“Ok, now what do you want Lionfur?” Goldenstripe asked after the clearing calmed. “Well since Nightclaw was banned from the clan I needed a new apprentice. So I saw in a dream that Nightkit was the one.” He announced squinting at Nightkit.

“Ok… I'll talk to her about it." Goldenstripe sighed.

“What is wrong, Goldenstripe? Lionfur looked confused.

“It's just that... Nightkit was taking about becoming Nightstar and how her deputy would be her brother Firestripe!” Goldenstripe smiled but then started to frown a little. “I just wish it wasn't her, she wanted the path of a warrior not a medicine cat.”

“Well Starclan said what they want. I am sorry but it was meant to be.” Lionfur meowed sympathetically, and then he licked Goldenstripes shoulder.

Goldenstripe sighed and padded over to Nightkit. "I am going to crush her dreams." She meowed sadly.

Chapter Nine

The clans were at tenrocks but instead of Arastar on the split rock was Tuskfoot.

"Ok, where in Starclan is Arastar!" Tawnystar hissed.

"She left the clan because a rumor was she gave birth to Arrowshot and possibly Arrowshot's brother and sisters." Tuskfoot meowed.

"So the clan left you as leader?" Snowstar stepped in to the conversation.

"Yes I will be known as Tuskstar now but we will wait for half a moon for Arastar to come back before I can have my nine lives granted." He meowed smiling.

"This goes way over the warrior code!" Snowstar meowed angrily.

"How can you be the leader but not have a real ceremony!" Mistystar hissed.

"Stop this madness I am the leader for a half moon and if Arastar comes back before then I will step down from that position but If she does not come back I am the new leader of Nightclan! There needs to be a leader when the former leader is gone!" He hissed claws unsheathed.

The cats all silenced.

"Ok we will stay up to your mousebrained plan." Tawnystar growled.

"But this is more important!" Snowstar butted in. "Rockeyes our newest medicine cat, since Littlecloud retired, has ran off with Thunderclans old medicine cat apprentice, the filthy rouge Nightclaw! Now we are empty pawed and will have to settle with a very old retired medicine cat till we find her!" Snowstar's eyes narrowed.

"We will send all the search patrols we can." Tawnystar lied with ease.

Snowstar squinted her eyes angrily. "I was your friend before Tawnystar, we saved your life. Don't you dare think we could be friends again with your lies!."

She meowed broadly. "Says the cat that left ThunderClan! Anything else to say to me with your prey stuffing mouth?" Tawnystar hissed.

"Thought you would never ask that!" Snowstar said flinging her paw into a slash into Tawnystars face.

Tawnystar flung off the split rock landing on the cold frozen ground. She got up dizzily and skidded up the rock biting Snowstar on the neck. Snowstar slashed Tawnystars leg making her tumble a bit. Mistystar bit Tawnystars tail and Moonstar bit Snowstars tail making them both yowl in pain then they stopped.

"What do you think you're doing? You were breaking the truce and you both could've cause an all Clan war!" Tuskstar hissed.

Tawnystar looked ashamed while Snowstar was still battle hungry to hurt Tawnystar.

"I think I would say this Gathering is over!" Mistystar hissed.

Then the clans went back to camp in silence.

Tawnystar was actually praised for how she fought in the fight with Snowstar.

"Well it was nothing, all I had to do was kick that mouse-dung cat all the way to the stars!" She grinned false-pride burning in her eyes. She truly missed Snowstar, their adventures and journeys still deep in her memory.


But Lionfur was spying on Goldenstripe by the entrance of the nursery trying to hear what she was saying to Nightkit.

"Ok, Nightkit, I have to tell you something that might hurt you a little... No more holding it in. Nightkit, Dear, Lionfur saw a vision in is dream from Starclan...Well it said since Nightclaw was banned you would be the new medicine cat apprentice." Goldenstripe struggled to say.

Nightkit then looked at her mother with sad droopy eyes. "So no Nightstar?" She murmured, looking to her paws.

"Sorry Nightkit but you will make a wonderful medicine cat, and have a connection with StarClan that no other cats have." Goldenstripe tried to soothe the sad kit. "Tomorrow you start a new life."

Nightkit then smiled a little and pressed on Goldenstripe's flank.

Lionfur purred as he walked back to his den then he laid in his nest. "Thank you Starclan... I believe she will have great wisdom one day." Lionfur whispered.


The next morning Firekit and Nightkit sat on the Tallstump; the place were Tawnystar called the meetings, and were waiting for the apprentice ceremony. Tawnystar leaped on the Tallstump and cleared her throat.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey come to this apprentice ceremony!" She yowled. Firekit started to twitch but Nightkit settled him. "By Naming apprentices we show that ThunderClan will survive and remain strong. Firekit from now on you will be Firepaw, Lionblaze you are ready for an apprentice, you will be Firepaw's mentor." She meowed.

What! Out of all the cats you give me Lionblaze! I wanted Brambleclaw he is way stronger then that half blooded clan cat! Firepaw thought.

But then he remembered that Goldenstripe, his mother, was originally from Shadowclan so he had some Shadowclan blood in him. Firepaw looked guilty.

Lionblaze came up to the Tallstump and he quickly licked Firepaw's shoulder. Firepaw did the same.

"Also Nightkit, from now on you will be Nightpaw and Lionfur, from a dream StarClan gave you it was Nightpaw who is going to be the new medicine cat apprentice, you will be Nightpaw's mentor."

Lionfur padded up and leaped up to Nightpaw. He did the same that Lionblaze did with Firepaw and Nightpaw did the same.

"Firepaw! Nightpaw!" The clan cheered.

A bit later Nightpaw had begun training with Lionfur.

"What's this?" She meowed looking at herb that looked like sorrel.

"That is dock." Lionfur meowed padding toward the pile of dock. "Picked it fresh a quarter moon ago." He said looking at the storage of herbs.

"Hmm this looks weird..." Nightpaw murmured as she licked the liquid.

"No! Nightpaw that’s-" Lionfur yelled.

"Yuck! Ew! It tastes horrible! How is this taste going to leave my mouth!" Nightpaw hissed.

"Mousebile." Lionfur laughed. "Gets them every time! Watch what you lick off moss!" He meowed humorously.

"Blauck!"Nightpaw grumbled.

"Isn't that Juniper berries?" Nightpaw meowed the question after getting the dreaded taste away from her tongue.

"Yes. How did you know?" Lionfur asked.

"Well when I was young I remember you giving them to my mother when her stomach hurt. You told us what it was and I remembered it because it reminded me of my purple fur." She meowed looking at the purple berries.

"They are also a great use for cats that are having trouble breathing." Lionfur meowed putting the berries in a small corner with thee rest of the herbs.

"What is dock?" Asked Nightkit. Questions would never be enough for her.

"Dock is a herb that can be chewed up and it can be applied to soothe scratches especially nettle stings." Lionfur answered a little tired from all the questions. "Before any other things you feel the need to ask, this is comfrey, you chew it into a poultice."

Then Lionfur taught Nightpaw about goldenrod, watermint, chervil, coltsfoot, and about cobwebs, he also taught Nightpaw how to tell how many lives a leader has. Lionfur's eyes started to droop.

"I think its time to go to sleep." Lionfur yawned.

"Ok, I want to sleep in here tonight no matter what!" Nightpaw smiled.

Lionfur grinned, and got some fresh moss to make a nest for Nightpaw. Lionfur crawled near Nightpaw as she slept. He laid by her and closed his eyes.

Chapter Ten

Lionfur could see the same dream he had moons ago. He could see Arrowshot but more clearly but it wasn't Arrowshot! It was Nightpaw!

"But no! It was Arrowshot! Nightpaw doesn't have that type of power or destiny!" Lionfur cried out.

But then he could see four cats below her. There was Arrowshot, Appletail, Sunrise, and Fuzzpelt. He looked around then realized.

"Arrowshot isn't the one. He is one of the four that will rely on that one."


Lionfur woke up. But Nightpaw was still sleeping. "She must know... What do I say? That she has more powers that are stronger than any cat to live?" Lionfur mumbled.

Nightpaw yawned as she gently woke up. "Good morning!" She purred.

"Oh, well hello good morning to you too." Lionfur struggled to say.

"You seem troubled, and your mind is in a haze." Nightpaw gazed at Lionfur.

Lionfur met her gave. "Did you just... Read my thoughts?" Lionfur was astonished.

"Well, I don't suppose I can really... I just concentrated hard on your thoughts and emotions. It just all seemed clearer..." Nightpaw meowed.

Only Lionfur could enter dreams but not read minds or emotions.

"Ok, well today Brambleclaw scraped his pad on a rock on dawn patrol. It is swollen but is not infected." Lionfur meowed to Nightpaw.

"I'll go get him!" Nightpaw called out as she ran to the warriors den.

In a little while she came back with Brambleclaw.

"Ok let me see that pad.' Lionfur meowed as Brambleclaw lifted his paw up.

"It is a little bit swollen and has some blood. Nightpaw I need some-" Lionfur was interrupted by Nightpaw.

"Marigold and cobwebs?" Nightpaw suggested.

"Yes, I was just thinking that." Lionfur grumbled.

He was angry that the apprentice read into his thoughts once more and that she would remember all he was thinking. Lionfur sighed as he saw Nightpaw chew the marigolds into a pulp and rub it on Brambleclaw's wound. She then gently wrapped the cobweb around Brambleclaw's paw.

Weedpaw ran up to the den his thick fluffy brown yellow fur shining. "Hornpaw and I will become warriors tomorrow!" He meowed happily. '

"If we pass the assessment." Hornpaw confronted as he ran up to Weedpaw. T

hey were the opposite of each other mostly because of their fur colors. Weedpaw's was a fluffy yellow brown but Hornpaw's was a crisp dark grey. They only things they had in common was their mothers blue eyes.

"Well I bet you guys will pass and Ravenwind will be real proud!" Lionfur purred.

Hornpaw and Weedpaw heard their names being called by their mentors. "Bye!" They called as they skidded away.

"Isn't Ravenwind going to become an elder when Weedpaw and Hornpaw become warriors?" Nightpaw asked licking her paw.

"Yes she is very old." Lionfur answered.

"She still deserved to still be a warrior." Nightpaw mumbled.

"Well Tawnystar said to Ravenwind that she is getting old and the need to make room for new warriors, It doesn't always works how the warrior wants." Lionfur meowed as sad as Nightpaw was.

"So unfair!" She hissed under her breath.

Lionfur sighed and nodded.

At sunset Weedpaw and Hornpaw had done their assessment. Ravenwind came in through the entrance of the den.

"Weedpaw and Hornpaw are becoming warriors now!" She meowed in her old ruffled voice.

"They are?" Lionfur was overjoyed. He ran out to see the ceremony.

"Why is he so excited every time an apprentice becomes a warrior?" Nightpaw meowed curiously.

"Well rumor says that he always wanted to be a warrior but by the shame of his fathers death, he decided to go with the life of a medicine cat." Ravenwind whispered coming up to Nightpaw's flank.

Nightpaw sighed and followed Lionfur. She could see their leader Tawnystar on the Tallstump.

"Cats that can catch their own prey come to this ceremony!" She yowled. Cats gathered around.

"I Tawnystar leader of Thunderclan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have worked hard to learn the ways of your noble code and I commend them as a warrior in turn. Hornpaw do your promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your clan even if it costs your life?"

"I do!" Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name. Hornpaw from this day forward you will be Hornnose!" She yowled proudly.

Hornnose's eyes shone with light.

"Now Weedpaw, do you promise the uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your clan even if it costs your life?"

"I really do!" Weedpaw meowed waving his head in the air.

"Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name! Weedpaw from now on you will be Weedfur!" She yowled.

"Weedfur! Hornnose!" Lionfur started the chanting as hard as he could.

Then Nightpaw joined after she heard the clan all start chanting. After the noise had died down Ravenwind came up to Tawnystar. She nodded smiling and Tawnystar led Ravenwind into the elders den. But then there was a shriek by the entrance of the camp. Appletail was guarding but something attacked her!

"Shadowclan warriors!" Tawnystar shrieked.

"Attack!" Starpatch her deputy called the battle cry.

Ravenwind ran out of the elders den. But surprised to be pounced on by a shadowclan warrior.

"Ambereye! Get off of her!" Hornnose cried and her pounced on the senior warrior.

Ambereye hissed and flung Hornnose to the nearest tree and was fighting Ravenwing. Weedfur ran up to him and bit Ambereye's leg. Ambereye yowled in pain and toppled on Ravenwind. His huge body smashing her elderly bones. Ambereye ran to the other fighting cats. Hornnose got up dodging the battling cats. He and his brother Weedfur, dragged Ravinwing's limp body to the elders den were there were Longtail, Fireheart, Mousefur and Leafpool smooshed in the corner safe from the battle. Hornnose laid her flat and she was lifeless.

"She walks with the cats of Starclan now." Hornnose struggled to say as he muzzled the lifeless body. Hornnose sobbed into Weedfur's pelt. Weedfur soothed his brother with gentle licks.

"It's will be ok Hornnose." Longtail croaked.

"Yes I know, it's just she was always there for us." Hornnose sighed.

"Come on we have to help other Clanmates fight!" Weedfur perked.

Hornnose grinned. Then he ran, blood pumping in his ears as he raged down to destroy Shadowclan. Firepaw was fighting beside Angelpaw. Even though Angelpaw was going to become a Warrior before him, they got along very well.

Angelpaw slashed at Dawnpaw's muzzle as she cried in pain. Rainfur, a new Shadowclan warrior lunged up at Firepaw. Angelpaw flung her paw at the warriors leg lurching him backward. Firepaw pinned Rainfur down aiming his claws for the young warriors throat. Ivytail ran toward them before Firepaw could slash. Ivytail bit Firepaw's flank making him ooze blood. Firepaw fell to the ground.

"Firepaw!" Anglepaw slashed at Ivytail making her fling over to a pile of bracken.

"Don't! I’m beg-" Ivytail's voice was cut off by Angelpaw grabbing Rainfur's throat claws unsheathed.

Rainfur was blood splattered and froze as Angelpaw sunk her claws down into his flesh. His eyes showed pain and he struggled to get out of her grip, but Angelpaw yowled in furry and ripped open his throat.

Ivytail screamed and she ran over to him. She cried and ran over to the medicine cats den. Lionfur was fighting and was not aware that Ivytail was in her den.

"What have I done!" Angelpaw cried she skidded over to Firepaw.

The young apprentice shook his head blood streaking his flank. He winced in pain as Angelpaw lapped at it. He smiled and shut his eyes happily as he knew that she was at his side.

Chapter Eleven

Eventually, Rainfur died after Ivytail tried to save his life. But it ended up as he lost to much blood and fainted. So when Ivytail got any herb she could it was to late.

Angelpaw still felt guilty that she killed him by ripping open his throat. "But I was stronger then a warrior! I had to defend my clan!" She protested herself.

Firepaw brushed against her flank. "I would have never lived if it wasn't for you by my side." Firepaw nuzzled her.

"You should have killed him, he could have destroyed us."

"Yeah, but Ivytail really liked him... Now she hates me!" Angelpaw pouted.

"Well yeah she was his mentor!" Firepaw rolled his eyes.

Angelpaw licked the top of his forehead and they walked over into the clearing.

Waterdrop yawned and walked out of the warriors den with Spiderweb and Runningfeet.

It was a mystery to find out that Spiderweb and Runningfeet were brothers, it was that they were Widdowheart's first litter which makes them Grassclaw's kits to and Angelpaw's brothers. Angelpaw was devistated to find out that they were her brothers. Runningfeet and Waterdrop had a relationship that was really strong.

Sunrise looked around, she had the same dream that Lionfur had and figured out that she was apart of four that would rely on Nightpaw. Fuzzpelt and Appletail got the same dream too and possibly Arrowshot. All that didn't get the dream was Nightpaw.

Someone entered the camp it was a tan cat with brown arrow looking stripes.

"Arrowshot!" Sunrise ran over to him and pressed her flank against his.

"I missed you guys!" Arrowshot meowed as Fuzzpelt and Appletail ran after him.

Tawnystar ran with a surprised look on her face. "Arrowshot?" She was astonished. "You're back!" She cried.

Lionfur ran out smiling and he ran over to Arrowshot. "You're back." He purred.

Arrowshot was surrounded by happy cats. "Arastar is back!" He meowed.

"The most important thing is that your back." Sunrise purred.

"Yes, I got a dream I am apart of four." He meowed.

"Me too and so is Fuzzpelt and Appletail." Sunrise turned her head to Lionfur.

"Yes I know." He knew they knew that he knew they were apart of the four. "Come here." He ordered.

They followed and entered the medicine cats den. Nightpaw was in there putting an ointment on Firepaw's wounded leg.

"Hello Nightpaw." Arrowshot greeted.

"Who's he?" Nightpaw whispered into Lionfur's ear.

"A cat that left this clan before you were born." Lionfur meowed. Arrowshot forgot about how long he was gone.

"Guys Nightpaw has powers no cat not even Starclan could have." Lionfur whispered to the four.

They were all ready for the plan. They were going to go to Tenrocks and have dreams with Starclan with Nightpaw. So that night Nightpaw came with them. Her glossy purple pelt stood out in the moon light. They each laid on the split rock. Nightpaw looked amazed! She had never seen Tenrocks. The split rock was so big and the ten boulders in a circle around it was amazing to her. She hopped up onto the split rock and fell asleep. It was bright like the sun She could see each and every cat with her.

"Ready?" Lionfur asked. They all nodded. A cat came down threw a ray of sunlight. It was Bluestar.

"I haven't even seen her in person." Lionfur meowed and kneeled at the past leader, the others followed. "Bluestar, what do you have to say about the prophecy and about us?"

"Ah, yes Four will rely on one to save the clans." She purred, her beautiful fur made them smile. "Ok well you four, will have to rely on Nightpaw. But the adventure will start when Nightpaw receives her medicine cat name." She meowed her voice clear and soft. Lionfur grinned. "You will meet rushing water, an old home, you will have to meet a badger in this way. Stars will guide you and powers will behold threw each of you." Bluestar spoke. Then she vanished.

"But it makes no sense." They said looking to the white ground. They all awoke.

"Will you give her the medicine cat name at the next Medicine cat meeting?" Arrowshot asked.

"I guess I might just have to." Lionfur meowed.

Nightpaw also had great progress with her medicine cat abilities. The next day it was ready for the meeting at Tenrocks with the other medicine cats. Nightpaw and Lionfur raced to Tenrocks. Rockeyes was surprisingly there.

"I thought you left?" Lionfur was confused. Rockeyes sighed.

Mothwing was there and Willowshine. There was Kestrelflight and Littletail; Nightclan's medicine cat.

"Ok before we start, I have to say that Nightpaw is outstanding and can remember anything. Dhe does have true destiny, even though her pelt is unusual she can remember a lot. She even remembered when I gave her mother Juniper berries when she was a kit. Ok, Nightpaw I am giving you your true medicine cat name. Nightpaw do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from the rivalry between Clan and Clan, to protect all cats equally even if it costs your life?" Lionfur said boldly.

"I do."

"Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your true medicine cat name Nightpaw from this moment forward you shall be known as Nightsky, Starclan honors you for your independence." Lionfur was proud.

"Congratulations Nightsky now lets share dreams with Starclan." Barkface meowed.

Then Nightsky put her nose on one of the cracks of the Splitrock. She was dreaming. Past leaders were all around her. Bluestar was right in front of her. Her whiskers touching her cheeks.

"Nightsky we have come to tell you about the prophecy. I told you last time that you will meet many things, and so you and the four first have to go to the old territory. It is destroyed and smashed, but then you will meet the Tribe then a special badger a name you will find out. You will meet a special cat that will lead you to the mountains to the Tribe. You will also find a new place to meet with Starclan like the Moonstone. Now go Nightsky! Your adventure of a lifetime will start tomorrow!" She yelled and then they all started to vanish.

"Thank you." Nightsky meowed softly.

Then she woke up. Each cat was already awake.

"Ok we have to now go back to our territories." Mothwing said as each cat left to their camps.

Chapter Twelve

Nightsky was getting ready to leave with the others.

Goldenstripe was washing Nightsky's pelt. Firepaw and Angelpaw were sitting together smiling at Nightsky.

Nightsky ran over to Firepaw. "Become a warrior for both of us." She meowed to his ear. Firepaw licked his sisters cheek.

"Come on!" Sunrise meowed.

Then the five started to walk to the entrance. The clan was cheering them as they left. The cats walked to the edge of the forest to a Thunderpath that led to another place that was not apart of the territories.

"I remember nursery tales about the old forest, but I don't remember. I don't think that I was born there or ever been there." Arrowshot meowed.

A monster shot by ruffling their fur. "Starclan will lead the way, just follow your mind." Nightsky meowed as she quickly ran across as another monster shot by just missing her. The other skidded following her. They had made it to another part of a new forest.

Something shot by them it was crisp grey with black ears. "Another cat!" Fuzzpelt hissed.

The cat stopped in front of them. "Greetings fellow cats." The cat meowed. "I am Runner, follower of my own rules.

"Excuse me, are you a rouge?" Fuzzpelt asked getting closer to Runner.

"I guess you could say that, except I go by a code, I get what I want, I do what I want, I eat what I want, and the most important I can't be overrun." He narrowed his eyes at the last one.

Sunrise was a little uncertain.

"I was sent by a dead cat in a dream to lead you some place, she said an old territory." Runner grinned.

"You know where the old territory is!" Appletail was amazed.

"I might know some stuff, but you will live by my code. I will be your leader and I will get what I want." He ordered.

"Fine but no, taking over us." Arrowshot hissed.

Runner nodded.


The sun was starting to set and stars were appearing.

"First we have to get some rest I will bring you to my nest." Runner said as he started to pad near a big log. The rest followed and they stepped inside the log. It was moist and soft with moss. It had a few damaged parts but it would hold up for the night. "At least it fits all of us inside." Runner meowed settling beside Sunrise.

Sunrise narrowed her eyes at him. "I’m still not certain he can maintain us!" She grumbled at the others.

"I know he's a rouge but you lucky he is even helping us!" Nightsky hissed.

Sunrise grunted and settled. They each slept away. The next morning Runner and Fuzzpelt were out catching prey for the others. They dropped a vole, blackbird and two mice.

Runner nudged the blackbird to Sunrise. "Come on, share with me." He insisted. Sunrise rolled her eyes and shared with Runner. His grey pelt was tingling with happiness.

Fuzzpelt ate the vole with Arrowshot and Nightsky and Appletail ate the mice.

"Ok lets set off!" Runner meowed and they started to pad off.

It was sunhigh when they reached another Thunderpath. Sunrise went first right after a huge monster shot by. Then Appletail and Nightsky went. Then the last three. Nightsky looked around at a marshy place. It was torn and trees were knocked down.

"I think this is Shadowclan's old camp." Meowed Fuzzpelt.

"My paws are sinking in this junk!" Appletail hissed. Nightsky quieted Appletail.

Sunrise sniffed the land. "I smell another Thunderpath." She grunted.

The cats walked and she was right but it abandoned. There was trees in it and it was cracked and torn.

"It still reeks of stale monsters." Fuzzpelt meowed sniffing.

Each cat walked on the blackish land till they reached the other side. This land was dry and had more lush grounds. There was a small stream but trees torn to their roots. There was a faint smell of ThunderClan. It was so faint it was hard even to smell it.

"This is Thunderclans old territory!" Nightsky was excited.

They padded through, looking at smashed logs and crumpled land. It was all destroyed. But the most surprising was the camp. There was dens ripped to shreds. There were crumpled rocks and leaves covering the ground.

"No wonder they left, this place was destroyed." Runner muttered.

They passed the camp and into land that was not ruled by any clan. Dirt flew in every step and it became slopes.

"You better claw the ground it is steep!" Nightsky meowed clawing the ground.

Each one went slowly, they would have slipped all the way if it wasn't for their claws. They stopped at a rocky land and boulders were covering each area. But the big thing was the huge rocky mountain and the river flowing down from it.

"This looks like we should stop for the day." Runner meowed looking up at the rocky mountain.

"Yeah." Fuzzpelt gulped as he saw rocks tumble down from it. They all laid under a tree and slept.

"I will overcome this mountain. I will rise and find my true power along with my friends. I will fulfill my true destiny." Nightsky said and fell asleep.

Chapter Thirteen

In the morning they set off to the mountain before eating. "I think we are going to the Tribe of Rushing water!" Nightsky meowed.

The rocks were scraping up Sunrise's pads. "Oww!" She yelped.

Runner came over to her and so did Nightsky. "Mousedung! I wish I had some dock with me." Nightsky cursed.

Runner shrugged and started to gently lick Sunrise's pads. Sunrise quickly put her paw in. She was still certain she did not like him.

The cats walked up the mountain dodging falling rocks and jumping up ledges. They then stopped at a gap. There was one end and then the other was a fox-length away. Then in the middle was a cold death.

"Who goes first?" Appletail gulped.

"You!" Sunrise laughed pushing Appletail forward.

Appletail slashed her paw at Sunrise making her tumble. She then tripped and started to go down the clift. Runner was astonished and dipped his head fast enough to grab Sunrise's scruff and he clawed the hard ground pulling her up.

Sunrise was shocked. But then she nuzzled Runner. "You saved my life!" She purred. She looked into to his clear gazing green eyes and her mouth opened slightly. Their gazes met and just kept gazing till Fuzzpelt stopped them.

"We have to get to the tribe!" He hissed.

Then Runner went first. It looked like he was flying when he jumped. Sunrise followed shortly after. Nightsky was next and Appletail gave her a nudging start. Then the rest leaped like birds to the other side. They skidded on the rough rocks as they felt mist sprinkle their pelts. They were right by the freezing water. Snow started to gently fall and they could see a cave.

"Well there it is! I never would have thought I would see this beautiful moment!" Runner purred as he was pelt to pelt with Sunrise. Sunrise smiled at him as they went into the cave.

"Who go's there!" A dark grey cat meowed as it echoed threw the cave.

"It is us, Nightsky, Arrowshot, Appletail, Sunrise and Fuzzpelt!" Nightsky called out.

Someone burst passed the grey cat. It was Jewelfeather. She left the camp because a prophecy said she had leave to the Tribe.

"Arrowshot? Fuzzpelt, Appletail, Sunrise!" Jewelfeather meowed excitedly. She had only seen the four twice and she felt like they were family to her. A light grey cat came up by her.

"Remember my mate Willowfur?" She meowed putting her tail by him. They nodded. "But who are these two?" She asked walking over to Nightsky and Runner.

"Well the purple one is Nightsky and the grey one with black ears is Runner, he is a rouge sent by Starclan to lead us." Appletail meowed. "Oh and Nightsky is the new medicine cat apprentice."

"Well then welcome! Make your self feel right at home! Here we will make some of the Cave-guards share their beds. Oh and here’s Shade my daughter I know you remember her. Oh and there’s Fire. Shade is now a prey-hunter but Fire is still a To-be." Jewelfeather sighed.

"It's getting pretty late." Meowed Appletail looking up to the dark cloudy sky.

"Indeed it is, it might also rain. You better talk to Stoneteller, then you may rest from your long tough journey." Jewelfeather meowed pointing her tail toward a dark musty brown elderly cat.

The six went toward him. "Hello, and welcome young warriors." The elderly cat meowed not even looking toward them. "I know who you are. I have had a dream about all six of you. Including the rouge.'" He turned his head slowly when he said the last sentence. Runner frowned awkwardly.

"Ok I wanted to talk to you because The Tribe of Endless Hunting gave me a sign that the six would come, it was a stone it had five big lines and one small." He spoke.

"That must mean that Nightsky is the small." Runner whispered.

Stoneteller came over to Nightsky. "If you have a dream with The Tribe of Endless Hunting or Starclan please tell what you need if it included us." Stoneteller meowed while closing his eyes dipping his head.

"I promise Stoneteller." She meowed.


They each tried to find some nests out of all the tribe cats. Some where muscular, some were skinny and tall, others plump and ready for kits, and others small little cats mewling for milk.

They finally hade a cave-guard show them a next for each. "Sleep well clan ones." Sheer, a cave-guard, meowed.

Then they started to fall asleep in the cold cave. Nightsky was surrounded once more by unknown cats. But they were tribe cats this time, pale and misty.

"Nightsky, we have a message, you will have to ask Stormfur and Stoneteller to take you to Midnight the badger you must meet." The mysterious cat spoke. "She will guide you with wise words and you will learn how to find a new place for cats to meet with Starclan now go!"

Chapter Fourteen

Nightsky awoke still shaking the sleep off of her. She yawned then streched downward. Her clanmates were still not awake yet. She looked suspicious at Sunrise and Runner snuggled up together but just rolled her eyes and went to awake Stoneteller.

"Stoneteller," She meowed.

He turned over in his nest and got up. "Yes Nightsky?" He yawned blinking the last bits of sleep from his tired eyes.

"Well I got a dream that told me that you and Stormfur need to take me and the others to Midnight." She meowed remembering the words the cats told her in the dream.

Stoneteller nodded his mouth slightly opened. "I'll go fetch Stormfur, and you wake up your Clanmates and get something to eat before we go."

She awoke them then they went to the Fresh-kill pile. There were no mice only birds water voles and fish, alot of wet fish.

"Maybe I won't get to live by my code, because this is really not what I want." Runner meowed under his breath.

Appletail looked at the pile her mouth open disgustedly.

"I call a bird!" Fuzzpelt clamed as he took the biggest bird he could find.

"No fair!" Arrowshot meowed puncing on Fuzzzpelt. But it ended up they had to share.

Sunrise and Runner ate a water vole. Then after they were done Stormfur and Stoneteller were waiting outside of the cave.

"Lets go we will lead you to the peeks of Midnight's land." Stormfur meowed.

They lead them up a slope on rockier lands. "Watch out, there's some steep places you might have to jump a little." Stoneteller warned.

Claws scraped the stone as some jumped the steep ledges. "Oww!' Hissed Fuzzpelt as his hind leg was scraped on a sharp pointed ledge.

"Gently lick it!" Nightsky called, and carefully padded through the steep areas. If anyone would have had made a mistake and slipped they would meet a falling death.

Nightsky gently licked his hind leg. "It's bleeding but we mustn't stop. If it gets worse tell me and we will find the closest resting area." Nightsky ordered. Fuzzpelt nodded and started to limp slowly after them.

It then started to get wider and easier to walk. Their pads bleeding and bruised, they stopped. It was dark and they were unable to move no more.

"Ok we are right by a waterfall, we may sleep near the end of the river area." Stormfur meowed licking his strong pads.

"How can mountain cats live hear, how do their pads get so strong?" Nightsky wondered.

They walked down a slope to the end of the waterfall by a stream. The rocky river cooled off the cats with a refreshing spray of mist.

"It may be a little hard to sleep on but we have to find Midnight." Stormfur meowed looking up to the smoky sky.

They all settled with the cool winter wind and slept soundly. In the morning the started to claw on to the slope to get up to the top.

"If I were a mountain cat, I would die on my first day for what you have to take!" Appletail laughed.

"Let's leave you behind then!" Fuzzpelt sneered as they reached the top.

It was windy and the sky covered in smoky grey clouds. Then up ahead they saw mountain peeks.

"There it is." Stoneteller was amazed by the beauty.

"Welcome again special cats, I have been waiting"

Chapter Fifteen

It was a badger but it spoke cat!

"Thank you." Stoneteller meowed as himself and Stormfur bowed.

"You must come with me to my mountain peeks." She said with a low voice.

Nightsky was so astonished about how a threat to clans could be so helpful. They followed Midnight up to the peek of the mountain.

"I am sorry young ones but we may not move any farther then my home. A roaring creature now lives below, and I may not go by it unless I speak to it asking what it wants. It is heartless and wants only bloodshed." Sighed Midnight.

The cats looked below an surprised they saw a roaring bear. "It destroyed by chances to go down there." Midnight said looking with them.

"We can find a way to get him out if it need fighting we will, and if it needs some chasing we will do it." Stormfur offered.

"Really? Thank you special ones! After you get him out I will tell you about the place where you can meet with Starclan." Midnight promised. "Now look at the stars, they tell forbidden tales about behind secrets can tell." She ordered.

The cats looked up at the stars in the peaceful sky till the last one faded away. "This is probably what Starclan meant in the stars will guide you!" Nightsky purred.

"Come on Midnight we have to defeat that bear!" Arrowshot called out as they all followed.

They skidded down to the valley beneath. They saw the dirty brown pelted bear he snarled and ran over to them. Midnight did some snarls and growling noises that was not language cats spoke. The bear snarled and growled back.

"He said he wants sacrifice, he will enjoy bloodshed of any kind and he will leave. He said if we refuse he will shred us." Midnight spoke.

"No sacrifice!' Stoneteller hissed.

The bear practically knew his answer and came charging at them. Midnight slashed at the bear with her hind legs and told us to run. The cats skidded up to the peek watching Midnight come up after seeing the bear snatching and growling as she left.

"He wants sacrifice or he will come up here in the night and shred us." Midnight looked to the ground her voice rumbling in the darkness.

"We can always leave." Stormfur suggested.

"No." Stoneteller stopped Stormfur. "We will sacrifice. Midnight tell the bear that the sacrifice will be tomorrow." Stoneteller ordered she nodded and went down to the valley.

"How will we-" Stoneteller silenced Nightsky and they went to sleep.

In the morning each cat was watching the bear circle around the valley. Stoneteller and Midnight were talking and getting ready for something.

"Okay, we have decided to tell you about the sacrifice." Stoneteller meowed. "I am going to jump off the area by the starting of the waterfall then I will have to plunge down into my death." Stoneteller winced, his heart breaking.

"But the rocks they will tear you and the water you will surely die!" Stormfur cried.

"I know, but the clans mustn't not go without doing what Starclan told. Stormfur, you will be the new healer of the Tribe. I will meet you in the Tribe of endless hunting."

They all followed him till the bear saw them. He grinned a weird fanging grin as Stoneteller was ready to plunge into death.

"Goodbye." They whispered sadly.

Stoneteller breathed in and leaped into the waterfall.

"No!" Stormfur cried as he saw Stoneteller die into a explosion of water and pointed rocks. He saw blood trail in the water. "Stoneteller!" He cried.

They skidded down to the end of the waterfall. Surprisingly the bear kept his promise and left. They found clumps of fur in the water. Blood still stained the river and they saw a wet bloody body by the shore.

"Stoneteller, Thank you. You were the best, you have been here for long and you were so brave and so mighty just to do this for the clans. I will make a great leader." Stormfur spoke right by the body of Stoneteller.

They buried him right by the shore and headed up the peek.

"Tell us now about the place we will meet with Starclan." Nightsky meowed to Midnight.

"Ah yes, it is right behind an old two-leg nest by Ten-rocks. By there is a rocky ledge with a tree on top there will be.' Midnight spoke. "Now goodbye young ones. Also Stormfur, become a great healer and meet Stoneteller in your dreams.' Midnight said as they started to exit the land and leave to the Tribe.

"Thank you. Nightsky whispered back.

Chapter Sixteen

Back at the camp Angelpaw had received her warrior name; Angelwing. Also Firepaw had just received his warrior name; Firebird.

"Has Nightsky come back?" He asked Tawnystar again.

"Not yet. I promise she'll probably be here in a quarter moon." Tawnystar promised.

Firebird sighed and walked over to his new mate Angelwing. "Hello Angelwing.' Firebird meowed.

Angelwing gently washed her gorgeous pelt.

"Just to think I was a kit about nine moons ago." Meowed Firebird. He looked up at the shining sun. "You are the sun in my eye Angelbird. I love you, you mean everything to me.' Firebird purred.

"I know, I was the only one who loved that black and orange tiger striped fur. I mean who wouldn't love it? You look like you are from Tigerclan!" Angelwing praised.

Firebird cheeks turned a little red with happiness.

"Come on lets go get a piece from the fresh-kill pile." Angelwing called out as she raced to the food.

Lionfur was pacing around his den. "I have not heard from Starclan about Nightsky or the others. It is getting dark and I need to know if she is alive!" Lionfur hissed worryingly. 'I just need some rest.' He sighed and laid in his nest.


Sunrise was running along with Runner they were laughing together as they raced to the others. "Guess what guys!" Sunrise purred as she got closer to Runner.

"What? Did you finally decide to leave him since we're just about to get into our own territory!" Appletail hissed.

"No, never." Sunrise narrowed her eyes, she relaxed them when she was ready to speak again. "You'll be a little surprised but,' She breathed in a little. "Well me and Runner were mates and so now, I am expecting kits." She was waiting for the yelling and hissing to start.

"Ok, I know that you like him but this is so Foxbrained!" Appletail said her voice filled with worry.

"I was expecting when we were leaving the Tribe!" Sunrise hissed then it was silent.

"Wait, so that means they will come anytime now?" Nightsky was blinking very rapidly like she couldn't believe what was happening.

"They will mostly be here... Tomorrow." Sunrise sighed at the last part.

"No wonder I saw her belly was getting wider, I thought she was still stuffing her mouth with prey!' Fuzzpelt cried.

"This goes over the warrior code!" Arrowshot yowled.

"Yeah and so does leaving your clan for no mouse-dung of a reason!" Sunrise hissed.

Runner licked his pads. He then closed his eyes with sorrow. "Sunrise, I am sorry to say, you either you become a rouge, or I take the kits and you go back to the clan." Runner spoke.

"What! No they are my kits, and I thought you loved me." Sunrise cried putting her muzzle into the ground.

"It's just I go by my rules, I don't follow a leader, I am my own leader. They are my kits too and, well, I can't join the clan. I will take the kits after they are a few moons old. Then you may leave to a the clan, or become a rouge, or if you refuse to give me the kits I will kill you. I am sorry I will have to do that, but I need a future of my own leaders enjoying rules of own." Runner looked up at the shining stars in the sky.

Sunrise ran off toward Tenrocks crying tears flying when she ran.

"Runner, why?" Nightsky whispered enough for all to her.

Runner breathed in and went after Sunrise.

"We have to settle here then." Nightsky sighed. They went under a soft mossy area under a tree and slept. "Wake up Nightsky!" Runner yowled shaking Nightsky's flank.

"W-w-what?" She meowed drawlingly.

"Sunrise is having her kits!" He cried. "It's not working well she needs help! Now!" He winced hoping she would get up before his mate would die.

"Ok! Lets go now!" She meowed running to the nearby Tenrocks.

They appeared in and saw right near the split rock was Sunrise huffing in pain.

"Wait! Sunrise we will help you!" Nightsky yowled racing toward the clump of reddish orange fur.

"It hurts I’m not ready!" Sunrise cried.

"Save her if you don't I will kill myself, no matter what I want her to live." Runner pleaded.

Nightsky got close to Sunrise.

"Yahh!" She screeched.

"I think that might be a pain wave!" Nightsky cried.

"Now hurry and push!" Pleaded Runner.

Appletail watched the terror from by the entrance while Arrowshot and Fuzzpelt went beside her. "We can't let her die. She is our sister." Arrowshot shook his head.

"We mustn’t bother her." Appletail meowed pushing her brothers away.

They waited till dawn back under the tree and they went to Tenrocks. "Fuzzpelt, Arrowshot come look!" She yowled and they went beside her.

A tail length away was three squealing kits suckling Sunrise. There was a grey one with smoky black paws and blazing red eyes, there was a puffy kit was a pure orange pelt, it had only one red ear and had pure green eyes. The last one was a dusty brown with a black stripe across his face. Sunrise looked up at the ones looking at her then she calmly licked her small kits stroke after stroke. Runner cleared his throat as he looked at the newborns.

"Well the grey and black one is going to be Stone, she named him after Stoneteller, and the orange and red is Blaze, I decided to name him, and the last one is Lion. I don't know why Sunrise wanted to name the dusty brown one that, I was thinking Oak or Wood." He meowed.

The cats purred and smiled at Lion. They knew that Sunrise had named it after their father Lionfur. Sunrise smiled as Runner and her met gazes.

"Well we decided to tell you," Sunrise smiled at Runner, but then sighed at her siblings. "I am becoming a rouge." She closed her amber eyes and waited for sadness and pain throughout her siblings.

"If that is what you really want to do then you should. If you want it badly you should have it. We'll miss you Sunrise." Arrowshot mumbled looking to his paws.

Nightsky nodded her head and Sunrise and Runner picked up their kits and said good-bye. They dragged their paws and went into the forest waiting to reach the bramble entrance of their camp. It was Sunhigh and they finally entered into the camp. Squirrelflight was guarding the entrance.

"You're back!" She purred. They smiled and she let them through.

Lionfur raced out of the medicine cat den and saw them enter the camp all but one. "Nightsky!" Purred Lionfur. "Where is Sunrise?" He looked worried.

"Well, we met the cat leading us to the Tribe, they fell in love and... When we were coming back they had kits. She decided to leave as a rouge and she gave birth to three wonderful kits. One named Stone, after Stoneteller who gave up his life to let us succeed what we needed, one named Blaze, and the last," Appletail smiled at this one "Lion."

Lionfur smiled and licked her forehead. "You found out didn't you." He whispered.

She nodded. "I don't care if I have mixed blood, the most important thing is you didn't give up just because you became mates with Arastar and had us." She purred quietly only enough for Lionfur and her siblings to hear.

Nightsky looked up at Lionfur. "I see four kits one that looks like Sunrise, one Appletail, one Arrowshot and one Fuzzpelt, being carried back to Thunderclan in your memories."

"That’s is nothing just a, Err, dream I had just one where I saved four kits, just a fantasy dream that’s all." Lionfur lied.

He knew she was reading his mind and that he was thinking about taking Fuzzpelt, Sunrise, Arrowshot, and Fuzzpelt to Thunderclan after Arastar, gave up to him so she might have a chance to become deputy. He smiled and Nightsky took the other four to the medicine cat den to check them for any wounds or scratches from the adventure.

Nightsky told Lionfur about where they would meet and that they would adventure there tonight. So that night they padded along behind Tenrocks and behind the abandoned two-leg nest and saw a rocky ledge and on top a mighty oak tree. They climbed up the path way of rocks till they reached the top and the tree under that tree was a big pile of spread out moss for when the medicine cats were to lay down and share dreams with StarClan.

"What shall we call this place?" Nightsky asked looking up to her mentor.

"Moontree." He spoke looking up at the mighty oak that spread to the clouds as he could see bright lights of the stars between the branches. "Thank you Nightsky your are a true medicine cat."

Chapter Seventeen

In the morning Nightsky couldn't stop thinking about the secrets foretold about the Moontree. How did the spread out bedding of moss get there? How did Midnight know about it? Who were the first cats that went there and shared their dreams with Starclan? So many questions that would be answered later at the next gathering of all the medicine cats.

The gathering was tonight was Lionfur had to go and tell the clans about the Moontree. Lionfur told Tawnystar, and she was going to announce it now.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey come to this clan meeting!" She yowled.

The cats gathered around and looked up at their leader. "Nightsky, Arrowshot, Fuzzpelt, Sunrise, and that we are sorry she doesn't live with the clan anymore, and Fuzzpelt found out about the Moontree. It will be the replacement for the Moonstone and it will be the new place cats will meet and share dreams with Starclan." She meowed she jumped off of the Tallstump and heard yowls of improvement and exciting happiness threw out all.

"Do you think we'll ever see Sunrise again?" Nightsky meowed by Arrowshot.

"Honestly, I think we'll find her and she might tell us something that will surprise even you." He purred.

That night he was happy just to stumble upon his own nest, he was tired from all those moons of different nests. Appletail settled down on a fluffy patch of moss. He felt emptiness inside of him. A thorn stabbed his heart as he thought about his sister leaving. He then slumped down and finally closed his eyes into a deep sleep. Arrowshot looked around he could see a forest of nothing but trees. He started walking around these trees but nothing seemed wrong. He most likely was just dreaming

"Finally, peace at last." Arrowshot purred. He looked around. His eyes were glittering. "This means something to me, I need to find a quiet place." He smiled.

"I will find a place I can settle and enjoy myself and just relax!"


Arrowshot awoke, it had been a moon since he had the special dream. He yawned and saw it was barley dawn. He stumbled out into the clearing. Not even Tawnystar was up. "This will be the perfect time to find my special place at last." He whispered and he padded out the bramble entrance.

He walked, looking around making sure he found no cat following him. He was looking sideways when he stumbled into a stop on something. He looked below him. A small kit turned his head and started to play at his feet. He was a bright orange with one bright red ear. The kit smiled with bright emerald green eyes and started to nibble on Arrowshot's claws.

"Blaze? Is that you?" Arrowshot couldn't believe his eyes.

That was his kin and he had grown so much. A cat came running toward Blaze. She had a reddish orange pelt and black stripes all around her body. "Blaze get away from that warrior you're lucky he didn't kill you! Now go to your father!" The she-cat hissed.

Blaze grumbled at his mother and stormed away. "I am so sorry Thunderclan war-" She stopped when she saw Arrowshot. "Arrowshot!" She cried her muzzle went right into his chest.

"Sunrise! I missed you so much!" Arrowshot purred. He breathed in and closed his eyes. Depression came within him.

"Arrowshot, don't become sad. I have made a decision. I am coming back to ThunderClan. Runner decided it was best for our family. He said he will follow the code and come with us." Sunrise smiled.

Arrowshot flinched from his nest. "It was just a dream!" Arrowshot hissed.

He then sighed and gently kicked away the remain of scattered pebbles at the entrance of the warrior den. He could see the creep beyond the mountains. The light barley touched the camp, it was cold and silent. He was the only one up.

He quietly padded out of the warrior den and went up to the apprentice den. He saw the only two apprentices were Fluffpaw and Singleear, formerly Robinpaw. They were delayed from warriorship because, one day when Fluffpaw, her mentor Creampelt, and Robinpaw and his mentor Brackenfur were walking in the woods for the dawn patrol. Fluffpaw had a light cream colored coat with sky blue eyes, Robinpaw was a black, brownish orange and brown tortoiseshell with a white belly and paws. They were looking around for anything unusual. They then caught a fresh scent of fox and paw prints in the hardening mud. They followed the track until full caught of a fox den. They followed then the dwelling below. It was cold and musty. They could here scuffling and barks ahead. They then saw a red and white furry creature.

"Fox!" Fluffpaw had yowled. But the fox growled and snatched at the cats.

Brackenfur clamped on to the foxes tail. But it gave a big slash at his ear. The cats ran out of the foxes den. The beast speeded after them. Fluffpaw tripped on a branch clamped her paw on Robinpaw's hind leg. He stumbled down. Creampelt and Brackenfur kept running not knowing the two apprentices fell. They screeched but it was drowned by the over coming fox. They prayed closing their eyes with the fast breathing of the fox overhead. Robinpaw could not keep it in and scratched at the foxes muzzle. It growled and bit on Robinpaw's tail. He cried, his eyes full with pain. Fluffpaw struggled to get up but she leaped into the air putting her hind paws first and shook Fluffpaw off. Fluffpaw tumbled into some oak leaves but pushed herself back up. The fox was battling with her brother Robinpaw. A cry of pain split the air.

"Robinpaw!" Fluffpaw cried but the her own weight kept her down.

Robinpaw's ear had been sliced off by the foxes sharp claws scrapping his head. Blood trickled down from his head. When they got back to the camp Creampelt and Brackenfur rushed toward them. The saw Robinpaw leaning on Fluffpaw. Lionfur skidded out of his den, he took Robinpaw from Fluffpaw and ran back to his den. Tawnystar renamed him Singleear, for his only ear and half of his hearing lost. Fluffpaw delayed hers so she could take care of Singleear.

Arrowshot shook the thought out of his head. He saw the scar where Singleear's ear use to be. Arrowshot padded out into the clearing peeking into the nursery, no one was in there but he could still smell the faint scent of milk. He could hear meowing in the distance.

He saw Angelwing and Firebird talking quietly together. "Mousedung!" He hissed under his breath. Arrowshot padded into the clearing he plunged into a bush a tail-length away from the conversation.

"Angelwing, you'll have to give them up you know that you were forbidden to have kits when you ran off that day!" Firebird whispered almost hissing.

"But to who?" Angelwing whimpered. There had been no queen in the camp for a moon.

"Different clan, at the most." Firebird sighed. Angelwing sobbed into his pelt.

Arrowshot felt sad for the young warrior, as he knew what it was like to give something that he loved most himself. He dipped his head thinking of Sunrise, her wavy red and orange pelt with black stripes. Her comforting voice soothing even the most powerful warrior, her stride and strength helped her with battles and to protect her clan. But the most he missed of her was that she was his sister. Arrowshot stumbled to the ground his heart breaking with emotion. He would have done anything for his sister.

"I will find her, I will find her kits, I will bring them to the clan, and I will kill Runner." Ambitious ways overpowered him. He hissed in fury and ran into the clearing.

Widdowheart was talking among Grassclaw and they were sharing tongues. "We should have more hunting patrols," Grassclaw meowed looking at the white patch of frost in front of him.

"Yes, it is getting colder and the prey is scarce, we should catch it while we can." Widdowheart agreed.

Arrowshot skidded by then kicking snow behind him. It splattered on the two.

"Arrowshot! Grassclaw hissed. He hated snow. He shook it from his fluffy brown yellow pelt and bolted after the young warrior. He pounced on Arrowshot and pinned him down making him invincible to the belly rake. "Now you better slow down and take some time, or else we're going to have trouble, it's cold and I don't enjoy being hit by snow everywhere I go. Is that understood?" Grassclaw growled through gritted teeth.

The large toms big powerful body was no match for Arrowshot. Arrowshot swallowed. Grassclaw jumped off of Arrowshot licking his claws.

"Leaf-bare is getting harder every time." Arrowshot sighed. He was born in the horrible everlasting leaf-bare.

He stretched down and yawned. The sun was up and shining. "I will keep my promise to myself." Arrowshot dipped his head.

He looked around and saw cats just meowing and talking about leaf-bare, which was here. He quietly padded out of the bramble entrance and held his breath when he got out and heard padding of cats. He then hid behind a tree and saw it was the hunting patrol, Brambleclaw, Firebird and Cloudtail.

Cloudtail sniffed the air. "I smell something." He sniffed.

Arrowshot felt hot as fire when Cloudtail started to follow his trail. He pressed against the tree. He waited until he felt something us him to the ground. "Get off of me Cloudtail!" He hissed.

Cloudtail shot up. "What are you doing here Arrowshot?" He asked not amused.

"Well I was trying to just get some prey, but a fool just pounced on me scaring off a shrew!" Arrowshot lied narrowing his eyes.

"There is no scent of shrew, all I smelt was a cat." Cloudtail widened his eyes knowing that Arrowshot was lying.

"Don't challenge me!" Arrowshot growled.

"Why? Cause I know your a liar? I should challenge you!' Cloudtail unsheathed his claws.

"Don't try me." Arrowshot hissed under his breath.

Cloudtail curled his lips into a snarl. "I will not follow a pity warriors orders!" Cloudtail sneered.

Arrowshot showed his teeth and closed his eyes in anger. He shot them open fire burning through his mind he pounced on Cloudtail ripping his claws into his shoulders.

"Get off of me fox-dung!" Cloudtail cursed. Arrowshot felt his flesh rip between his claws.

"Stop Arrowshot!" Brambleclaw yowled he ripped Arrowshot off, since his claws were still gripped into Cloudtail's shoulders his claws ripped through him.

Cloudtail cried out blood staining his shoulders. "That’s a sign you should not challenge me!" Arrowshot growled.

"Arrowshot! You need to stop now!" Firebird hissed.

"But it was Cloudtail's fau-" Arrowshot was interrupted by Firebird and Brambleclaw gripping him by his front legs. They started to drag him across the forest floor. "What, wait stop!" He cried.

Cloudtail was nudging him by the hind legs so that Firebird and Brambleclaw could drag him more. He could feel his fur being ripped and blood strained down him. Rocks scraped his belly and his tail was always stepped on by Cloudtail. He yowled and hissed into the air for help, but it was stopped by Firebird's tail covering his mouth. He growled and bit it. Firebird slashed Arrowshot's mouth and Arrowshot spit out blood. He breathed fast and struggled to free the grip, but he was not match. He was thrown into the entrance of the camp. His eyes were throwing him off and he started to go into a thick fuzzy black. Cloudtail ran to him in horror.

"Wake up Arrowshot!" He sobbed. "Wake up, we didn't mean to go this far!" Cloudtail shook Arrowshot. Firebird and Brambleclaw looked down by Arrowshot and hung their heads.


Arrowshot was alone by a weird land. He saw a cat in front of him crisp white. "Who are you?" Arrowshot backed up a little.

"Whitestorm. Your grandfather." The white tom meowed.

"Are you here to lead me to Starclan?" Arrowshot's eyes glistened as his ears flattened.

"I wish I could, but no. I have come to lead you back to the clan, I have stopped you from going to Starclan." Whitestorm meowed bowing his head to Arrowshot.

Arrowshot flinched from his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes to see Lionfur standing over him. His eyes hazily showed fuzzy figures. He slowly got up his legs shaking.

"Oww!" He yowled and fell to the ground. "My leg is giving on me, I need help!" Arrowshot cried.

"I'm afraid I can't do anything." Lionfur admitted. "Except for the twolegs. But we'll have to give him up to twolegs." Lionfur swallowed.

"No, he just needs time." Nightsky pushed beside Lionfur. "Let me handle this." Nightsky offered.

"Ok, but if something go seriously wrong just yell!" Lionfur called out as he padded to his den.

"You should leave him some privacy now." She meowed to Firebird and Brambleclaw.They both padded away and Arrowshot was left by Nightsky. "It's alright Arrowshot, you're in good paws now." Nightsky purred.

Arrowshot slowly opened his yellow green eyes. He could feel Nightsky lay by him her head of his chest. He could feel the warmth of her and he could see her dark purple fur matching purple eyes white tail and white tipped ears. Her eyes met his and they smiled along with a purr. He could feel her head still laying on his powerful chest. She gently stroked his fur with her tongue. It soothed him from the pain in his legs. His paws were warm and his heart beated normally but with a warm feeling. He looked to the stars when Nightsky fell asleep head sideways on his chest.

"StarClan, don't blame me for falling in love." He whispered, his voice floated into the air.

He awoke. Nightsky still laying upon him. His tail was laid on her neck. He looked at the arrow stripes on his tail. "I might be unusual, but I've found someone special." He pawed Nightsky's back trying to wake her.

"Huh, what?" She mumbled. She looked up surprised to find that Arrowshot was by her.

She got up and blinked the last bit of sleep out of her eyes. Arrowshot shot up to his paws.

"Someone has recovered!" Nightsky smiled a purr rumbled from her throat.

Arrowshot closed his eyes. But a deep freeze quickly stopped himself from purring instead he coughed. "Oh no! Since we slept in the cold of leaf-bare we could have caught a cough!" Nightsky cried she bolted to the medicine cat den.

Arrowshot slowly padded after her getting lost in her beautiful fur and he remembered her gazing purple eyes, oh how wonderful they were to him. He stopped just thinking how he liked her.

"Arrowshot? Arrowshot!" Nightsky disturbed his day dream.

Arrowshot coughed. "Sorry." He meowed, his voice rumbling.

They walked into the entrance of the den. The smell of herbs struck Arrowshot right as they went in.

"Whats up?" Lionfur meowed not looking up at the cats.

"Well we might have a cough and Arrowshot's been coughing a lot." Nightsky admitted.

"Ok, let me check you out." Lionfur meowed padding over to the cats. He started to sniff them and inspected mostly their necks and throats. "Well, Nightsky you don't have a cough but Arrowshot does." Meowed Lionfur. "Nightsky go get me some coltsfoot." He ordered.

Nightsky went to the medicine storage. "We're all out!" Nightsky called worryingly.

"Ok, I'll go search for some try finding some honey or something." Lionfur said as worried as Nightsky because that Arrowshot was his son.

Nightsky looked in the storage and found some honeycomb wrapped in a leaf. She saw that there was enough left for Arrowshot. She carefully carried it with her jaws making sure it didn’t fall from her grip. She set it in front of Arrowshot. He gently licked the thick liquid till it was all gone.

"Thank you Nightsky." Arrowshot thanked. The honey soothed his throat and brought down the cough. "Ok, I think I'm good for now." Arrowshot meowed licking his sticky paws. He padded out, a small cough burst out from him.

He turned his head back at the medicine cat den and saw Nightsky looking at her herb stock. Arrowshot just stared at her just like if he was a tree just standing and couldn't move. "Just beautiful." He purred and walked to the fresh kill pile.

Angelwing was very plump and seemed to almost be ready to have kits. Also, Stonetail was ready to have her second litter anytime now. Stonetail was a grey cat with black stripes all over her and amber eyes, she was thought to be a male when born but after awhile it seemed she was a female, but since she was named Stonekit she kept with that name. Her mate Fishsplash got captured by two-legs and they never saw him again, she became pregnant before he got captured. Stonetail was started sleeping in the nursery yesterday and was excited since her last kits would become warriors, she wanted to live the nursery life again, she missed the kits and how wonderful they were.

Stonetail would have birth any minute now and Lionfur and Nightsky started to go into the nursery, Widdowheart, Stonetail's sister was inside to help. Stonetail was pacing through out the nursery breathing heavily. She then dropped to the ground yelping in pain. Her eyes tense and burning with fire. The three cats raced to her.

"Ok, now become calm and relaxed." Lionfur soothed.

Stonetail's mouth opened and she moaned. "Get them out!" She groaned. Then she was silent Stonetail winced in pain.

Then she started to moan again. "Ok, the next time that happens your going to have to push," Lionfur ordered.

In a few seconds she pushed then one after another kits started to come. Stonetail, saw three bundles of fur. One pure black with grey eyes and a thin long tail. The other a sleek orange with patches that looked like flowers of bright yellow all over her with dark brown eyes. The last a very fluffy tan with bright orange eyes.

"What shall we name them?" Stonetail purred pulling them closer for milk.

"Your choice, and Fishsplash would be proud about any of the names you pick.

Widdowheart smiled. Stonetail smiled back and she looked at the clumps of fur suckling her belly.

"The tan female will be Shinekit, the black tom will be Darkkit, and the orange and yellow female will be Flowerkit." She purred. Then she yawned and laid her head on the soft moss.

"Now let her rest." Widdowheart closed her eyes.

The cats exited out and left the newborns alone with their mother. Angelwing peeked inside the nursery that night, two bundles of fur hanging from her jaws. One pure silver with white paws, a white tipped tail, and white muzzle and sky blue eyes, the next was a black with white paws and muzzle and brown eyes.

"Good-bye my darlings I will leave you inside the nursery and soon Stonetail will soon find you and will be your new mother." She dropped the kits inside the nursery, and kept one eye peeking in to see when Stonetail would hear squealing and come over to the kits.

Firebird sat by her. "Did you put them in the nursery?" He whispered.

Angelwing sighed sadly. "Yes, I will miss them so." She cried softly.

They then padded behind the medicine cats den. A herb sat before them.

"Eat it." Firebird ordered.

"But, what is it?" Angelwing twitched.

"Parsley, it stops your produce of milk." Firebird licked his paw.

Angelwing started to chew the herb then she swallowed.

"The milk will be gone soon." He promised.

Back in the nursery, Stonetail could here mewing that awoke her. "What is that?" She wondered. She gently pushed her kits off of her and padded to the entrance of the den. "Oh my Starclan!" She cried looking at the kits fur sparkling in the moonlight. "They're beautiful!" She quickly lifted them up with her jaws. She dropped them by the others.

"I will take care of you little sweets." She laid by the five kits. "It might be a pawful but I'm ready." She meowed then she laid by the kits. "The black and white one will be Dreamkit, and the silver will be Wishkit, I am naming them this so one day they can wish and dream about their mother." She bowed her head then she finally slept.


It was a few moons later and almost the day of a gathering. "I am the powerful Darkstar! Feel my fury!" Darkkit laughed and pounced on Shinekit.

"I am Shinestar! The most swift leader ever!" Shinekit meowed pinning down her brother.

"I am Flowerstar, I am so loyal I will even die for my clan!" Flowerkit mewed as she landed on both.

"Then get ready to die, because I am the evil rouge Deathcry!" Wishkit growled playfully.

"And I am the evil rouge Crydeath!" Dreamkit laughed.

"Crydeath? Isn't that Deathcry backward, Dreamkit?" Shinekit laughed.

Wishkit laughed and pounced up on Dreamkit and the others joined until they were all in big clump of fur.

"Come here my darlings before we go to sleep, I brought you a mouse to share and a story to tell." Stonetail called to the kits.

The kits raced toward her, this was their favorite thing to do. "Ok now all share the mouse now." She meowed.

The cats started to eat and Stonetail got ready to tell the story. "What story do you want me to tell?" Asked Stonetail.

"The one about how you find Wishkit and Dreamkit!" Flowerkit bounced up.

The rest nodded with meows of approval.

"Ok, well one night right after I gave birth to you three, I heard mewing coming near the entrance. I pushed you guys aside and went over there surprised to see two newborn kits, one grey with white paws and a white tipped tail, the other black with white feet and a white muzzle. I made a choice that I would take care of them ,I decided I would name them..."She stopped waiting for someone to answer for her.

"Wishkit and Dreamkit!" Darkkit blurted out.

"Yes! I named them that because I wanted them to wish and dream to found out about their mother." Stonetail finished.

"Thanks mamma!" Shinekit yawned and laid in the moss the rest followed and started to sleep.

"Goodnight sweets." She purred.

Chapter Eighteen

They nodded proudly.

"I was the one who took most action." Darkkit committed.

"You guys are fantastic I was going to send out my strongest warriors but this is great! I only had to send out some kits!" She purred.

Tawnystar buried the dog and the kits were due for apprenticeship that very day. The five sat on the Tallstump as Tawnystar cleared her throat.

"We gather here for the apprentice ceremony of Dreamkit, Wishkit, Flowerkit, Shinekit, and Darkkit, they get to become apprentices early for killing the dog. We honor each and you will now become apprentices, Shinekit you will now be known as Shinepaw, your mentor will be Grassclaw, Wishkit you will now be known as Wishpaw, your mentor will be Goldenstripe, Flowerkit you will be now known as Flowerpaw, you mentor will be Firebird. Dreamkit you will now known as Dreampaw your mentor will be Whitewing. Darkkit you will now be known as Darkpaw, your mentor will be Brambleclaw." She yowled their mentors came up and each licked their shoulders.

"Can we go train?" Darkpaw demanded to Brambleclaw at Sunhigh.

"Ok lets go." Brambleclaw meowed and they raced to the sandy training hollow called the Sandyhollow.

Bramblelcaw sat a fox-length away from Darkpaw. "Ok give me what you got." He meowed.

Darkpaw squinted his eyes and ran and pounced on Brambleclaw blocking Brambleclaw's dodge. He slashed at him and bit at his scruff.

"Stop!" Brambleclaw hissed. Darkpaw pounced off. Blood trickled down his neck. "How did you know I would dodge?" He growled.

"Well, all warriors do that! But looks like I'm too smart for a senior warriors." Darkpaw sneered.

Brambleclaw ran in rage at Darkpaw. Darkpaw pounced into the air and landed on Brambleclaw's back making Brambleclaw trip and tumble down. Darkpaw slashed at his chest and Brambleclaw kicked him off with his hind legs.

"Get back to camp!" He hissed. Darkpaw grunted and padded his way back to camp.

hen Brambleclaw was out of sight he smiled and thought of a way Brambleclaw would find out his true skills once and for all. That night Darkpaw padded out of the apprentices den and peeked into the warriors den. He grinned sneakily when he saw Brambleclaw fast asleep. He then exited out of camp. He looked up in the tall oak tree that was at the foot of the entrance. He saw a owl and was ready to climb the tree. He pounced up onto the first branch then the other then another all the way until he reached the owl.

He pounced on it almost took flight but he grabbed it. But he was in mid-air! "Starclan help!" He cried.

He reached his paw out and caught hold of the tip of a limb on the tree. He still kept the owl clutched close to him and he reached the limb. He set down the owl and gave it a killing bite before it could fly away. He grinned proud of himself. He dropped to the last branch and hit the ground.

"Well done." Darkpaw jumped. A brown tabby with a split ear was behind him. "W-w-who are you?" Darkpaw shook.

"I am Tigerstar. I come from the Dark forest because I heard of a cat who defeated my son Brambleclaw." He meowed.

"That was me, he was weak and I knew the tricks. I hurt him so bad he yowled at me to go back to the camp!" Darkpaw smiled squinting his eyes.

"Yes, you are very strong and will become the new leader. I promise you I will train you just like I did Lionblaze." Tigerstar meowed his sneaky grinned felt right to Darkpaw. Darkpaw thought about it he remembered nursery tales about how Lionblaze was controlled by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and how they trained him.

"I want you to train me Tigerstar. I want you to make me become leader." Darkpaw kneeled down to Tigerstar.

"We start tomorrow." Then Tigerstar started to disappear.

Darkpaw dragged the owl back to camp. He could see the sun rise in the horizon. He dropped it into the clearing and sat up straight.

"Cats of all come here to see the best catch in history!" He yowled. Many cats yawned and came out of their dens to a suprisement.

"You caught this?" Brambleclaw's mouth dropped open.

"Yes, at night. The biggest catch of prey ever.'" Darkpaw looked at the crowd.

Tawnystar burst through the crowd and stared wide-eyed at the owl. "You have gave the camp it's best prey in leaf-bare than possible!" Tawnystar praised. "You may take first bite then all may take a piece of this wondrous piece of prey." Tawnystar meowed.

Darkpaw took a bite of the warm owl it tasted thick and juicy and her swallowed it and went to Sandy hollow.

"Ok Tigerstar, I'm ready." He waited until he saw the big brown tabby.

"Hello Darkpaw." Tigerstar dipped his head.

"Hello Tigerstar." Darkpaw meowed.

"Ok give me what you got." Tigerstar ordered.

"No." Darkpaw refused.

"Why?" Tigerstar snorted.

"Because when I charge at you, you're going to dodge, but I'll block it and eventually start clawing you by surprise." Darkpaw had a blank expression.

"You mousebrained-" Tigerstar stopped. "So you knew I would dodge?" He looked curious.

"It's what every cat does, I just know when a cat is free for clawing or biting, it's going to dodge when you charge at it." Darkpaw rolled his eyes.

"Then I'll charge at-" Tigerstar was interrupted.

"If you charge at me, I can just leap into the air and plan a surprise attack upon you back." He snorted.

"Very well, then just fight me, let me see your skills." He demanded.

Darkpaw grinned. "Now this is what I came for!" He yowled and pounced on Tigerstar clawing him each paw in front of the other.

Tigerstar flipped him off into the bracken. "Come on! You fight like a kitty-pet!" He hissed.

Darkpaw yowled in anger and pinned Tigerstar down including his front legs and hind, so he was invincible to the belly scratch. He lifted her left paw and swiftly slashed at Tigerstar's head. Tigerstar struggled by Darkpaw held him down tightly. He put his whole jaw on Tigerstar's shoulder and Tigerstar yowled and lifted his hind leg and kicked him off. Tigerstar slashed at Darkpaw's shoulder and bloods slatted all around it. Darkpaw was pinned down but he used his hind legs for the belly scratch and Tigerstar fell across the Sandy hollow. Darkpaw hovered over Tigerstar's head his black pelt stained red.

Tigerstar vomited blood and shook his head. "You fought well Darkpaw, I don't think I would need to train you but help make plans so you can take-" Tigerstar faded away before he finished his last sentence.

Darkpaw looked at the sand in the hollow, it was red and splattered with clumps of fur. He started to shake when he heard footsteps come behind him.

"Is that you Darkpaw?" A brown tabby came up. Darkpaw flinched.

He turned around. "Brambleclaw?" His voice shattered as he began to feel terrified.

He looked at himself he was bloody, clumps of fur were gone, and her was terrified at the site he saw before him. Shock overran him as he shivered and went into a horror of shaking.

"It's me Darkpaw, are you ok?" He came closer.

"No I-I-I'm terrified and hurting." He winced coldly.

"What happened?" Brambleclaw leaned up on Darkpaw.

"I fought with... Myself." He muttered his eyes staring nowhere.

"You need to see Lionfur, come on." He urged. They stopped by a stream. "Wash yourself off here." Ordered Brambleclaw.

Darkpaw washed himself off watching the stream turn red with blood. He splashed his paws and leaped back up quickly.

"Ok come on you just need rest." Brambleclaw meowed.

He lead Darkpaw by the apprentices den. "Report to me by tomorrow if your okay for some training." Brambleclaw meowed he swiped his tail by Darkpaw's shoulder and Darkpaw padded into his den.

He laid into an empty nest and started to empty his mind into sleep.

It was dark and blank Tigerstar came from behind him. "You were stressed when you left." Tigerstar said his voice echoing.

"I was in shock I looked disastrous, and I didn’t want any suspicious cats on my trail." Darkpaw hung his head.

"I understand but I have made plans. Plans I couldn't manage but maybe someone with you strength, you may achieve my plan and rule the forest and become Darkstar leader of all!" Tigerstar yowled clawing the ground fury filling his eyes. "Our meeting will be the meetings of DarkTiger! You will rise to becoming the ruler of all every cats each one eating out of your paws, they will obey your every command you speak of, they will even fight your battles!" Tigerstar burst into a creepy crooked smile.

"Is that what Starclan would want?" Darkpaw's belief in Starclan was strong and he always wanted it to be right with them.

"Fox-dung to Starclan! They don't let you live out your own life! They just don't matter, they are dead! Don't make a difference in this world, just a bunch of killed, dead, mousebrained, unworthy cats, live out your own life they don't have to rule over you they have no power here! You are more powerful then Starclan! Your alive they are dead see the major difference!" Tigerstar hissed.

Darkpaw flattened his ears. Tigerstar walked up to Darkpaw he put his muzzle up to his ear . "Now listen, Starclan doesn't matter when you are stronger and more powerful then them." Tigerstar hissed through clenched teeth.

Darkpaw leaned closer to Tigerstar. "Is this the life I'm bound to have?" Darkpaw ripped his claws through the grass.

Tigerstar stared at him with a stern angry face.

"I don't want to rule everything! I care for my clan and myself!" Hissed Darkpaw.

Tigerstar pounced on him pinning him down Darkpaw pushed him off.

"What do you know!" Tigerstar snarled.

"I know more then you, because look at you, you're speaking about how Starclan is dead and killed, well take a look your dead to so shut your fox-brained mouth shut!" Darkpaw screeched his head flinging to the air.

Tigerstar curled his lip showing deep sharp shining teeth.

Darkpaw just walked off leaving Tigerstar sitting there with his claws deep into the ground and his lip curled and just staring with greedy, unpleasant eyes. Darkpaw just padded off his paws kept moving not stopping behind.

Chapter Nineteen

Wishpaw could hardly wait for the gathering she clinged to the ground in anxiety. Tawnystar flicked her tail for the crowd of cats to follow and they started off the gathering. Wishpaw stood close to Dreampaw. Each of them had long legs and they were longer then the other apprentices. Wishpaw sat by Dreampaw at Tenrocks. They looked around more new faces to see and they could finally talk to them. Wishpaw could see Shinepaw and Flowerpaw chatting with other apprentices from Windclan.

"It is so nice that before we became apprentices, Singleear and Flufftail became warriors or else there would be seven apprentices and a small den!" She exclaimed the others laughed and started talking about their own clans too.

Wishpaw's fur gleamed under the moon light. She saw cats settle when the leader started to speak. "Welcome." Snowstar meowed.

"Hello Snowstar what is up with your clan?" Moonstar asked.

"Not much except that we keep finding scents of dog on our territory." Snowstar admitted.

"Yes their has been multiple dogs on our territory since early Leaf-fall." Tawnystar announced. "We just had to kill own a quarter moon ago."

"Everything’s alright with Windclan, the prey's getting more scarce, but we'll survive, we have found a rich place near an abandoned two-leg nest with some herbs growing in the garden." She meowed.

"Nothing wrong with Riverclan but maggots had swarmed our camp and we have to protect our fresh-kill pile, already five pieces were contaminated." Spoke Mistystar, worry in her voice thinking she would not survive the leaf-bare.

Arastar just said that the prey was in their burrows more, but it would be fine. Wishpaw turned her head as the leaders talked.

She saw Darkpaw talking to some young Shadowclan warriors. "Figures." Wishpaw rolled her eyes.

She walked toward them. "Hey warriors guess what?" She snickered a little. Darkpaw turned his head annoyed. "Darkpaw found a baby spider in his den yesterday and screamed like a kit!" Wishpaw laughed.

Darkpaw turned his head his mouth wide open.

"Good one Darkpaw!" The warriors giggled and walked off.

"Thanks for ruining my chance to look cool." He grumbled.

"Oh I didn't wreck them you'll always have other chances-" She stopped and Darkpaw smiled. "-to look like a complete scaredy cat!" Wishpaw sneered her laughs overtook her and Darkpaw flicked his tail and grumbled as he padded away.

Wishpaw just sighed in annoyance as he left.


Back at the camp something padded in wish the scent of not any clan on it.

"Who are you?" Tawnystar demanded.

"I am Rain." The cat meowed it was about the age of Wishpaw.

Appearing to Wishpaw, he was her age and was grey blue with a darker grey tail. He also had dark blue eyes. Wishpaw quickly padded over to him. "Hello!" She meowed.

Rain turned his head to her his blue gaze staring.

"Uh, why are you here Rain?" Tawnystar meowed.

"My parents were hit by monsters and I just ran off too terrified to see if they were ok." Rain meowed his head turning away sadly.

"Are you ok little guy?" Tawnystar sounded worried for the young cat.

"Yeah just a bit scared and sad." He sighed.

"Do you want to stay here?" Tawnystar asked pity in her voice. Wishpaw just closed her eyes and shook her head annoyed.

"Um. Sure." Rain was a little uncertain.

"Can you live out the warrior life?" Tawnystar smiled.

"Yes I used to be in a clan, but before I could get out of the nursery momma took us away." Rain glanced to the ground.

"Us?" Tawnystar perked a little.

"Yes, my brother and I." Rain stopped.

"Where is he?" Tawnystar asked.

"Fell in the river on the way, I tried to catch his paw but I missed so since we couldn't swim, well, he drowned and I never saw him come back up yelping for help, he just left me to his death in the water." Rain sighed he looked at Tawnystar with sad droopy eyes.

Wishpaw felt terrible for Rain, he lost his parents then his own brother, what could make is life worse?

Tawnystar came up to Rain. "Would you take a spot in Thunderclan?" Tawnystar sounded hopeful.

"Yes please!" Rain purred.

"Follow me!" Tawnystar mewed Rain following her.

Tawnystar leaped up on the Tallstump, Rain with her. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey come to the clan meeting!" Tawnystar yowled.

Dreampaw sat by Wishpaw. "Who's that?" She whispered.

"A cat Tawnystar took pity on and is bringing in the clan." Wishpaw leaned to Dreampaw.

"I have found this cat straying onto our land, he came from a family that used to live in a unknown clan. His parents were hit by a monster and his brother drowned in the river. He is alone and I am giving him a place in Thunderclan, Rain I am giving you your life as a clan cat now. Rain from now on you will be Rainpaw, your mentor will be the Flametail."

The orange tabby tom with a red tail came up to Rainpaw. Rainpaw smiled awkwardly. Flametail nuzzled Rainpaw and then heard meows of improvement. Rainpaw pounced off the stump then he showed himself to the crowd. They were impressed by the fact that he made it instead of his family.

It was a moon and he and Wishpaw were best friends he padded over to Darkpaw.

"Hi!" Rainpaw meowed.

"Ugh." Darkpaw grunted. He rolled his eyes and padded off.

"What up with him?" Rainpaw asked looking at Darkpaw.

"I don't know, but he sure is a wondrous cat." Wishpaw sighed dreamily.

Rainpaw grunted. "Aren't I wondrous?" He raised his eyewhiskers.

"Uh sure?" Wishpaw giggled a little.

Rainpaw narrowed his eyes and padded up closer to Wishpaw. "I heard Lionfur needed more herbs want to come?" Rainpaw asked smiling.

"Sure." Wishpaw meowed.

They padded out of the camp into the Sandy hollow. They padded behind it.

"You know this is past our scent line." Wishpaw reminded.

Yeah I know. His scent was still very different than ThunderClan's.

He walked past it. "This is neither Thunderclans or Shadowclans territory. We're pefectly fine." He didn't turn his head.

"I smell something, something herb like." Wishpaw sniffed the air.

"My Starclan!" Rainpaw called out.

Wishpaw raced to him. There in front of him was a giant patch of green leafy herbs that smelled sweet. "By Starclan, it's Catmint!" Rainpaw was amazed.

"It's big enough for seasons full!" Wishpaw's mouth was wide open.

"We have to pick some!" They each grabbed up the Catmint, each one had to build a pile of it. When it was to much to hold they padded back to camp.

They entered in the medicine cat den and saw Nightsky sleepping in her nest and Lionfur looking at his herbs. The two dropped the herbs in front.

"Hi Lionfur!" Rainpaw startled Lionfur.

"Oh it's you. What do you got there?" Lionfur padded to them. "Oh Starclan it's catmint by the loads! And Arrowshot's gonna need it, he's been coughing for a moon. I think he might get Whitecough if he doesn't already have it!" Lionfur thanked the two.

"Now, where did you find it? Also could we possibly get more?" Lionfur was very happy.

"Yes, it was right in the middle of the territories, right behind the Sandy hollow." Rainpaw meowed.

"Great! This is really good now we'll survive leaf-bare." Lionfur then widened his eyes.

"It's not long before Shadowclan finds out and begins to fight for the territory. I mean that Rockeyes really like her herbs." Lionfur sighed.

"We'll fight for that territory no matter what." Wishpaw was certain.

"Thank you, now I will get some more tomorrow. Also, get some mousebile and check the elders for ticks for me." Lionfur ordered.

"Ok," Wishpaw grumbled.

She hated the smell of mousebile and how it was stain her mouth if she licked her paws before washing them. Rainpaw and Wishpaw grabbed some mouse full of mouse bile and nudged it toward the elders den. There Leafpool, Longtail, and Mousefur were each were gossiping when Wishpaw and Rainpaw came in.

"Finally! I've gad a tick that has me scratching my fur off!" Mousefur sounded relieved.

Rainpaw went over to Mousefur and saw the tick was right on her back. He put the mousebile on it and the tick fell off.

"Relief." Mousefur purred.

Rainpaw checked the other elders when Darkpaw came in. "Hey Wishpaw, can I talk to Rainpaw for a second?" Darkpaw asked.

"Ok." Wishpaw meowed.

Rainpaw padded to Darkpaw. Darkpaw lead him to the clearing. "Ok let me get this straight, you leave Wishpaw alone, and I leave you alone!" Darkpaw hissed.

"What!" Rainpaw yowled.

"I will hurt you if you get near Wishpaw, she is mine! You're just a loner that can't even find someone! You'll probably have to satisfy with a rock! Then you'll die alone and me and Wishpaw will become mates and have a family of our own!" Darkpaw sneered.

Rainpaw curled his lip disgusted. "You're a sick cat!" Rainpaw snarled he ran to Wishpaw.

"Wishpaw!" He yelped.

"What Rainpaw?" Wishpaw asked padding over to him.

"Darkpaw told me that If I left you alone then he would leave me alone! Then he told me I would die alone!" Rainpaw cried.

Wishpaw began to snicker a little.

"It's not funny!" He hissed.

"I know, I know. It's just that me and Darkpaw really like each other. He's just scared you'll take him from me." Wishpaw rolled her eyes.

Rainpaw's mouth went wide open.

"Like you would steal me from him!" Wishpaw laughed.

"Yeah hah hah." Rainpaw stared to the ground shifted his paws.

"Hey Wishpaw your picked for the patrol! Come on!" Goldenstripe her mentor called.

"Bye Rainpaw!" She meowed and padded away.

Rainpaw sighed sadly and he padded into the Grassfield; a very grassy field in the camp near the leaders den. He flopped himself in the soft grass and fell asleep.

Chapter Twenty

"Come on I saw Shadowclan in the land with the catmint!" Wishpaw meowed.

Rainpaw shook himself awake, he saw Wishpaw with other cats, but all that really got his attention was Darkpaw by her.

He growled at the sight and ran to Wishpaw. "Whats going on Wishpaw?" He butted in.

"Oh, well we saw Shadowclan on the special herb place we saw." Wishpaw meowed.

They were padding through the Sandy hollow onto the free land. They saw Rowanclaw, Toadfoot, and Fernpaw were ripping up the catmint for themselves.

"Get off our land puny Thunderclan cats!" Fernpaw hissed her dark ginger neck fur raising and her claws unsheathed ready to fight.

"This is no ones land!" Wishpaw growled.

"Well, it's ours now!" Fernpaw yowled pouncing on Wishpaw holding her down.

Wishpaw fiercely did the belly rake making her tumble off."Wishpaw get to your paws!" Rainpaw cried.

Wishpaw stumbled up to her paws and was knocked over by Rowanclaw. She fell to the ground leaving a cloud of dust behind. Rainpaw screeched and ran to her. He wailed and put his head to her chest and cried.

"Come on loner fight!" Darkpaw growled.

Rainpaw hissed and stood straightly on his paws. "Fine." He said wincing.

He growled and pounced on Darkpaw biting at his neck. "Get off of me!" He hissed, Darkpaw flung him off into the growth of catmint.

Rainpaw shook to his paws and batted at Fernpaw. Fernpaw slashed at his flank in three even cuts. Rainpaw brought his paw down on her head making her fall to the ground. Rowanclaw hissed and pounced on Rainpaw pinning each arm down.

"Stop!" He wailed head flung to the air.

"You fight like a-" Rowanclaw was interrupted by Darkpaw.

"Loner." Darkpaw finished narrowing his eyes.

Rainpaw's mouth was a slit. Wishpaw was right by them with her mouth wide open and she growled at them with sorrow and anger in her eyes.

"You guys are just, just..." She ran off head hung low.

"See what you did loner!" Darkpaw snarled.

"No, I won't face this insane thing." Rainpaw meowed turning his head away. He padded off into the camp.

"What have I come to!" Darkpaw yowled. The Shadowclan cats had ran back to their territory and Darkpaw was faced to go back to the camp, tail between his legs, alone.

Chapter Twenty-one

Darkpaw padded through the entrance. He looked around and felt himself being slashed in the face by Rainpaw. "What!" He cried.

Rainpaw growled and pounced off of him. Darkpaw shook himself and could feel four lines across his face. He saw Rainpaw storm away frightened by himself. Darkpaw rubbed his pads on the scratch. He winced his eyes in pain. It stopped bleeding but he knew this would be a scar for life. Darkpaw tried to go after him but he wouldn't move. Darkpaw went back to the apprentices den and settled in a nest. He yawned and fell asleep.

Tigerstar stood before him and he had a broad face on. "Darkpaw, you fought well, but you know Rainpaw gave you that scar for life." He spoke eyes narrowing.

"Like it matters, this is a real battle scar." Darkpaw snarled.

"You're own clanmate did that!" Hissed Tigerstar his teeth gritted.

"He's not a clanmate, he's a loner." Darkpaw said eyes blazing.

Tigerstar head hung low dissapointed. "You are hopeless!" He growled.

Darkpaw could feel the hot breath on his face but he stood straight. "You don't frighten me coward." Darkpaw sneered.

"What did you call me!?" Tigerstar pounced on Darkpaw.

Darkpaw ducked away and Tigerstar stumbled onto his paws. Tigerstar curled his lip showing his sharp teeth again. "Leave me alone." Darkpaw meowed turning his head to the shadows.

"Fine, but stay in the shadows. Forever." Tigerstar dissapeared.

Darkpaw looked in the spot the big tabby was in. He looked in disbelief and hid his face away in the shadows.


Wishpaw was practicing battle moves with Goldenstripe watching. "Add some more bang, and slash harder!" She ordered.

Wishpaw slashed at a tree trunk making a chunk of bark fall. Ants swarmed out. "Eww." Wishpaw was disgusted.

Goldenstripe widened her eyes. "Ugh I hate those creatures. Let's go practice in the Sandy hollow." She meowed padding there, Wishpaw bounded after her.

Shinepaw and Dreampaw were talking after sharing a shrew. Flowerpaw was guarding the camp entrance with Brokenpaw. Brokenpaw was a tan she cat with her front left paw brown and tabby stripes that looked like broken branches.

Darkpaw hid under trees staying in the shadows. He longed to please Tigerstar, he wanted to work his way up to victory and Tigerstar to be proud.

He sighed as he saw his mentor Brambleclaw. "Why do I betray him?" He said silently.

He saw Goldenstripe come in with Wishpaw he sighed. Then Darkpaw smiled a bit. He knew that Brambleclaw was proud of him, not like Tigerstar. Darkpaw padded near him but stopped when he saw him and Goldenstripe talking.

"So Brambleclaw, you know the apprentices will soon become warriors." Goldenstripe meowed.

"Indeed, Darkpaw has had enough learning, I haven't even taught him how to attack a badger. But he showed me, and did it perfectly! I wonder how he does it." Brambleclaw smiled.

Goldenstripe purred the she looked at Brambleclaw. "We should go tell Tawnystar after talking to the other mentors!" Goldenstripe purred and her and Brambleclaw went to look for the others.

Rainpaw padded to him. "I'm sorry." Rainpaw hung his head.

Darkpaw turned his head to Rainpaw and walked away. Rainpaw narrowed his eyes at the sight. He padded near to the entrance when he bumped Flametail.

"It's time for your last session. The others have already started Darkpaw has just started, come on!" Flaimtail meowed running to the Sandy hollow.

Rainpaw grinned an skidded after him.

Rainpaw was sitting tail wrapped around paws. "Ok Rainpaw, your going to take your final assessment to see if your ready to become a warrior. Collect all the prey that you can, I'll be watching you to see how you do, but you won't see me. Now go!" Flaimtail ordered.

Rainpaw padded near some thick undergrowth. He scented a scrawny vole. "Well it's the best prey in almost the ending of leaf-bare." Rainpaw whispered to himself.

He stalked it, keeping his paws light and barely touching the ground with his belly. He pounced a mouse leangh away and killed it with a quick nip. He buried it by a tree and kept hunting. He got track of a mouse and found it looking for food for it's self. Rainpaw pounced on it throwing it into the air and swiping his paw to kill it. When it was sundown he caught he vole and the mouse, another mouse, a squirrel and a water vole. Rainpaw had his pieces of prey in his mouth and he padded toward camp. He dropped the pieces in the fresh-kill pile and saw Flametail behind him.

"How'd I do?" Rainpaw tail twitched.

"Wonderful, I'll tell Tawnystar, you might become a warrior today or tomorrow." Flaimtail meowed and went to Tawnystar's den.

"I'm gonna become a warrior!" Rainpaw cheered.

Wishpaw came over with Shinepaw, Flowerpaw, Darkpaw, and Dreampaw. "We all are." Wishpaw purred.

Rainpaw smiled at her. "My heart feels warm with you." He thought to himself.


Arrowshot paced around the camp. He couldn't wait for the warrior ceremony. But most of all, he couldn't wait for Nightsky to wake up. Nightsky yawned and padded out of her den. Arrowshot smiled and he felt complete again.

Nightsky sat by Arrowshot as Tawnystar jumped onto the Tallstump. There were all the apprentices on the stump. Tawnystar cleared her voice then did you ceremony.

"I Tanwystar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Rainpaw, Shinepaw, Wishpaw, Darkpaw, Dreampaw and Flowerpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

They all said "I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Rainpaw, Shinepaw, Wishpaw, Darkpaw, Flowerpaw and Dreampaw, from this moment you will be known as Raintail, Shineheart, Wishshine, Darkscar, Flowerfur, and Dreamcatcher. StarClan honors your Courage, Streangh, Enthusiasm, and your Loyalty , and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Tawnystar yowled proudly.

Darkscar knew that she picked the name out because of his major injury. But he was proud and he smiled.

"Raintail! Shineheart! Wishshine! Darkscar! Flowerfur! Dreamcatcher!" The clan chanted. The new warriors bowed there heads to the crowd and each smiled.

Chapter Twenty-two

After the vigil, in the morning Raintail and Wishshine padded out to the Sandyhollow.

"So Raintail, I have something to tell you..." Wishshine meowed putting her tail around her paws.

"Yes?" Raintail couldn't keep still waving his tail around.

"Well, I've spent a lot of time with you and I wanted to know if, well if, you would be my mate?" Wishshine smiled awkwardly.

Raintail's moth dropped open. "I thought you would never ask that!" Raintail purred.

Wishshine smiled and rubbed her cheek with his. Back at the camp Darkscar was depressed on hearing of Raintail and Wishshine becoming mates.

Dreamcatcher padded to him. "It will be alright, you still have the best personality I like." She purred. Darkscar closed his head and leaned on Dreamcatcher.

"Sometimes I wonder what it would be like..." Darkscar stopped when Dreamcatcher licked the top of his head. "If you were my mate." Darkscar finished with a purr.


Wishshine smiled with excitement in the nursery as Dreamcatcher and Darkscar came in, Darkscar and Dreamcatcher were now mates and they were waiting for the news from Raintail and Wishshine.

"So, whats happening?" Dreamcatcher smiled.

"Ok tell her." Raintail meowed smiling.

"I'm gonna have kits!" Wishshine purred. Raintail wrapped his tail around Wishshine.

"I am a proud father." Raintail commented.

"Thats wonderful, just wonderful." Darkscar smiled.

Dreamcatcher teared up. "I'm so happy for you." She meowed a tear of happiness rolling down her face.

Shineheart and Flowerfur padded in. "I heard someones having kits!" Shineheart meowed.

"Yes." Raintail closed his eyes. Wishshine looked at him.

"I wonder what would happen if one of our kits fell in love with a loner." She wondered.

Raintail settled down and purred. "Wonderful things," he Declared. "Wonderful things."

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