The Beginning Of The End is the first story in the Rising Darkness Arc written by Toa Kolhie. It follows the events after 'The Last Hope'.



A lonely cat lingered in the fields near his now destroyed home. He dragged the body of his deceased friend further, he wanted to bury him near their old home.

"Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten," he said to his dead friend.

He placed the body near a tree and lay next to him to share tongues for the last time. He prayed to Starclan to give him a sign, something that would show him the way to the place in the forest his best friends were. Before he fell asleep after the ceremony he saw a star blinking very bright. He quickly buried his friend's body and walked in the direction of the star.

"Thank you Starclan, thank you."

A red cat with a pelt shining with starlight stood near a lake that was now shining very brightly because of his presence. A blue she-cat approached him and suddenly every cat of Starclan stood by his side.

He jumped on a rock together with the blue cat and spoke for all of Starclan:

"Warriors of Starclan," he began, "a new prophecy has been fortold."

"Is it a prophecy about the destruction of the forest?" asked Whitestorm concern filling his voice.

"No, but someone will rise," replied the red cat.

"Firestar what are you talking about?" asked the blue she-cat.

"Darkness, Bluestar," he replied with a menacing tone in his voice, "Darkness will rise."

"But how will the Clans stop the darkness? You can't stop it!"

"There is a way, six must become one to face this evil," said Firestar.

"But which six cats?" asked a Starclan member, "Do we have to choose them?"

"No," replied Firestar. He noticed that most cats were saying something to their neighbors. "Silence!" he cried. The crowd stopped and looked to him. "The Ancients spoke to me and they said they had already made a decision."

"But who?"

"Tiger, Fire, Ice, Water, Night and Moon," replied Firestar, "We must warn them quickly before the Darkness rises and consumes all hope!"

In the nursery of a camp a she-cat is giving birth to her kits. The kits are healthy but when she gives birth to the final kit a thundercloud comes over the camp and obscures everything.

The kit is born and it has black fur with a bit red on his breast and paws. A storm shivers the whole forest. More darkness fell and rein began to fall from the skies.

The Clan's medicine cat suddenly stood still and watched to the newly born kit.

"No it can't be!"

Chapter 1

To Be Written...

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