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Here it is!; Warriors: Orchidkit's Death/Allegiance


Pitch black. That's all the she-kit saw, black. She shivered from fear, and from the ice cold air that hit her skin. The kit heard paws hitting the cold grass, which made her even more afraid. "Oh! Dayspring! Your kits have been born." A raspy, feminine voice meowed as something warm and soft brushed against the body of the kit. "Yes, they have. Please, go tell Aqualeaf. I'm sure he wants to see the kits." Another voice spoke. The voice was soft and somewhat funny. The raspy voiced-creature hummed before stomping away, while the other one spoke to the kit. "Welcome to the world, young kits." She welcomed as the she-kit felt something land on her back. It wasn't warm or soft, more like wet and spikey. "You two are so adorable..." The unknown cat mumbled. "I can't wait until you open your eyes..." She kept mumbling, as the she-kit shivered. "Oh my StarClan..." A cat gasped. Unlike the other two, it sounded rough and deep. "They're... They're beautiful..." The rough voice mewed, coming closer to the small kit, she then felt something wet run across her head. "What would you like to name them?" The funny-sounding voice asked, the rough voice responding. "Well, I want to name one of them after my grandmother, Hazelclaw." A hum made it's way through the conversation, "I see... How about Hazelkit and Orchidkit?" They paused, "Hazelkit being named after Hazelclaw and Orchidkit being named after my birthmother, Orchidpetal." "That's perfect." The deep voice meowed, "The tom will be named Hazelkit."

Chapter One

"What do you mean, Rubblebranch?" Dayspring hissed. Orchidkit has been having trouble navigating around her clan recently, which deeply considered her mother. She took her daughter to Rubblebranch, the medicine cat, to which he came up with the solution that the she-kit was blind. Orchidkit heard the parents argue with the cat, to which she flattened her ears. She didn't want to be blind. She wanted to see how beautiful the world was, but the she-cat couldn't due to what StarClan had given her. Crystal tears escaped from her eyes as a friend of her's, Wildkit, approached her, "What's wrong, Orchidkit?" The tom-kit questioned, wrapping his tail around the she-kit. "I want to see how beautiful the world is..." The she-kit sobbed quietly, "But I can't... Because StarClan gave me this horrible disease!" Wildkit hummed, trying to sooth the kit. "Oh, don't worry, Orchidkit! I'll be your eyes." He smiled, even though she couldn't see it. Wildkit has been Orchidkit's best friend since birth, basically. He'd do anything for the she-kit that he befriended. If Wildkit was being honest, he did develope feelings for the blind kit, but kept his feelings hidden because he was afraid of rejection. "Really? Thank you, Wildkit." Orchidkit meowed, flicking her tail. Wildkit hummed as he lead her out of the medicine cat's den, and into the nursery. "Oh! Hi Orchidkit!" A squeaky she-kit voice greeted, the actual cat bouncing over to her. "Wildkit wouldn't stop talking about you. Thornscorch had to shut his muzzle by making him drink some of her milk!" She meowed, Wildkit flattening his ears as he replied, "Springkit, stop." Orchidkit stood there, confused. She never heard of a Springkit, or a Thornscorch. Who are these cats? She thought to herself, before Wildkit interrupted her. "Orchidkit, that is my sister, Springkit. She's a ginger she-kit that loves embarrassing her brothers." The tom-kit meowed, Springkit huffing, "Wildkit... I'm just speaking facts..." The she-kit whined, flattening her ears.

"All cats that are as cold as ice, gather beneath Frost Rock for a Clan meeting." A smooth, rich voice announced. Pawsteps dashed past the she-cat, leaving her behind. "Moonstar called a meeting. C'mon you three." A bland voice with a slight accent mewed as Wildkit led his crush to the authority of the clan they were apart of. "I, Moonstar, current leader of IceClan, look down on these two apprentices." The smooth voice meowed loudly as Orchidkit sat down next to Springkit and Wildkit. "They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you in a warrior in their turn." The cat so-called Moonstar paused to catch their breath. Whispers from two cats caught Orchidkit's attention, her flattening her ears. "Lilypaw, Quailpaw, do you two promise to uphold the warrior code and to defend your clan, even if it costs your life?" Moonstar asks, turning her head towards two apprentices. The apprentices nodded, both shouting "I do." Moonstar hummed and continued the ceremony, "Then, by the powers of StarClan, I give you two your warrior names. Lilypaw, from this moment forward, you shall be known as Lilymint, both StarClan and IceClan welcome your loyalty, energy and honesty." The she-cat leader mewed, one of the apprentices squealing with glee. "Thank you, Moonstar!" The Lilymint cat thanked, Moonstar dipping her head in response. "Lilypaw has been made into a warrior." Wildkit mewed, "She's a pale brown tabby she-cat, who is quite attractive if I do say so myself.." Orchidkit sighed, flicking her tail as she listened closely to Moonstar. "Quailpaw, from this moment foward, you shall be known as Quailwing. Both StarClan and IceClan welcome your strength, wisdom and skill in battle. We welcome you as a full warrior of IceClan, along with your sister, Lilymint." The she-cat dipped her head as the two new warriors thanked her a ton. "Meeting dismissed."

Orchidkit crouched low the the grass, listening closely. She was currently play fighting with Wildkit, which made her a little anxious if she's being honest. The she-kit heard Wildkit's pawsteps come closer to her, so she unsheathed her claws. Then, suddenly, Wildkit pounced on her, the sleek silver she-kit to squirm underneath him. "Gotcha!" The tom-kit squeaked, gently biting her neck. "Wildkit! Orchidkit!" The bland voice screeched, grabbing Wildkit off of the kit, leaving her alone, scared and confused. "Orchidkit!" Wildkit yelled out to the she-kit as him and the unknown she-cat snuck their way into the warrior's den. "Orchidkit! Go! In the warrior's den!" The rough voice from her birth shouted, as the sound of yells and screams filled her ears. "I-I don't-" The small she-kit got cut off by someone pinning her to the grass. Something sharp digging into her left side painfully slow, while her neck was being bit. "H-help!" She called out, her ears flattening as she kicked at their stomach. "Grassrain! Heatherbelly! Go help Orchidkit!" Moonstar hissed as the sound of paws thumping towards her filled her ears. She then felt the heavy weight of the cat getting thrown off her, and a gentle voice soothing her. "C'mon, Orchidkit. We need you to get to the warrior's den." The voice whispered, swiftly grabbing the kit by the scruff and carrying her to a den. The kit squirmed out of pain, since the cat, either Grassrain or Heatherbelly, unfortunately grabbed the same spot that she got bit at. The cat ran as fast as the speed of light, the she-kit slowly losing more and more blood, which was slowly killing her. Suddenly, something sharp brushed against the wounds, Orchidkit's ears flattening. "Dayspring!" The gentle voice mumbled, resting the kit gently on the ground.

Chapter Two

"It's going to be okay, young one." A tom meowed as Orchidkit sobbed from the pain. The kit rested her head on the ground, her eyes getting heavy as if she were tired. "Wow... Those MapleClan cats did a number on her..." Wildkit mumbled, while Hazelkit grinned evilly. Since Orchidkit was blind, she gained the attention of the whole clan. And then there was her brother, Hazelkit, the regular kit that had a crush on Moonstar. Needless to say, he was quite jealous of his disabled sister, so seeing her suffer was a huge relief to him. She closed her eyes, her breathing hitching. "The time has come, young one." A voice, much like her mother's, but with an accent, softly whispered to the kit, resting their forehead against her forehead. "W-what?" Orchidkit stuttered, the cat sighing, "You have died. I'm sorry, but the deceased clan leaders have chosen that you shall die this moon. It is such a shame, since you had a whole life ahead of you..." They rambled, Orchidkit whimpered. Dead? She wasn't ready. She wanted to have a mate, kits, grand-kits! She didn't want to die yet! "But... I don't want to die! I don't want to leave my kin! Or Wildkit! Or even Springkit!" The kit whined, tucking her tail between her legs and flattening her ears once again. "I know you don't, hon, but I don't make the rules here. Now, come along." The deceased cat grabbed Orchidkit by the neck, her squirming.

"Ah, thank you for bringing her, Poppyhollow." A she-cat meowed, "Hello, little kit, I'm Newtstar. I used to lead AshClan, until infected wounds claimed my last life." She continued as Orchidkit was laid onto the ground. The kit panicked to herself, unsure what would happen to her. "Orchidkit, you have been cursed with blindness. We shall remove it for you so you can watch over your Clanmates and kin." Newtstar rested her forehead against Orchidkit's, the color blue meeting her eyes. The kit looked at the leader, meeting with dark cream-colored she-cat with a ginger face and streaks. "Can you see now, young one?" She meowed, her breath smelling like fish as Orchidkit nodded. The silver she-kit glanced around the heavenly clan, her eyes watching the warriors and queens sharing tongues, kits play-fighting, leaders discussing something and elders watching over their clan and kin. "Now, go play. If you need something, please speak with a white she-cat with a brown-black coat called Blackcoat." Newtstar ordered, stomping over to the other leaders while Orchidkit muttered a quiet "Okay..."

"I'm sorry, Wildkit..." The sleek-furred kit mumbled as she watched over the tom. He was currently mourning the loss of his close friend, Springkit and another kit comforting him. "Come to check up on your Clanmates as well?" A fluffy calico tom with blinding blue eyes purred. The she-kit nodded as he stepped closer, sighing his response, "Yeah... I never really seen a kit watch over her clan, if I'm being honest. It's usually queens and elders." He meowed, Orchidkit humming. The tom sat next to her, watching over IceClan as well. He curled his tail around Orchidkit, keeping her close as Moonstar called a meeting from down below. "Who's that silver she-cat?" He asks the kit, her replying a simple, "Moonstar. She's actually quite pretty." The calico hummed, a bit confused. "How do you not know who she is?" Orchidkit whips her head towards him, being met with his blue eyes, "I died when Parsleystar was leader. He died several moons ago, probably before Moonstar was even born." He explained, "He's quite kind. He's currently speaking with Yarrowstar near that cloudy den with herbs nearby it, if you want to meet him." The cat smiled, the she-kit nodding before she heard her name come from Moonstar. She looked back down, listening closely to her words.

"Today, we mourn the loss of a young kit by the name of Orchidkit. She will be remember by her kin, Dayspring, Aqualeaf and Hazelkit, along with her friends, Wildkit and Springkit. It is quite a shame, considering she had a whole life ahead of her, but do not fear. StarClan shall take good care of her." Moonstar stated, the rest of the cats yowling out of pity. "Also, we have two new apprentices, Autumnpaw and Grainpaw. Softshine, you shall mentor Grainpaw. You learned well from Grassrain, and I expect you to pass on the skill on this young tom." An orange Tom stood, booping his nose with the apprentice's nose. "Heatherbelly, you shall mentor Autumnpaw. You learned well from Wispyriver, and I expect you to pass all your knowledge onto this she-cat." The she-cat leader meowed. "Wow, I'm happy for them." The fluffy calico purred, Orchidkit resting her head against his fur. "I am too... What's your name?" She asks, the tom glancing down at her, "I'm Patchfoot, a warrior of IceClan while Parsleystar was in control." The male called Patchfoot introduced himself.

Chapter Three

Five moons have passed since Orchidkit's death. StarClan welcomed a lot more cats during the time, queens, elders, deputies... And kits. During this time, Orchidkit grew closer to most of the deceased cats. But, she would never forget about her first StarClan friend, Patchfoot. The tom was a father figure to her, and she looked up to him. Another cat that the kit looked up to was Blackcoat. She was an AshClan medicine cat when Patchstar, the current leader of AshClan, was born. Orchidkit looked down at IceClan, watching Wildkit, Hazelkit, Springkit and Rainkit become apprentices. She was happy for them, but she was upset that she couldn't witness it in person. "Attention StarClan cats." A familiar voice spoke, catching the attention of every cat there. "StarClan is getting a little too crowded with deceased cats, so we have decided to reincarnate some cats." Newtstar announced, flicking her tail violently. Orchidkit flattened her ears, unsure if this would be a good decision for her. "Now, the leaders and I decided these cats to be reincarnated; Parsleystar, Coalstar, Patchfoot, Aldernose, Blackcoat, Beechleaf, Loudthroat, Spikybelly, Otterwhisker, Briarwood, Orchidkit, Frostkit, Cedarkit and Squirrelkit." The she-cat leader announced, Orchidkit sitting there in shock. "Wow... I... I get another shot at having a life..." The kit mumbles, smiling a bit.

It was all pitch black again. Orchidkit immediately knew what it was; birth. She was being birthed again. The she-kit squeaked, curling up into a ball for warmth. Orchidkit felt something wet and spiky against her skin, but instead of just one, there were two. "Oh my! Hollowquake!" A cat meowed quite loud, hurting Orchidkit's ears. The she-kit attempted to open her eyes, praying to StarClan that she wasn't blind in this life. She opened them, and saw blurry cats surrounded by her. She wasn't blind. Thank StarClan. A yawn came from behind the she-kit, as a few other kits came close to her face. "Wow... Pretty kits!" One purred, rubbing their head against Orchidkit. "Hollowquake! Hollowquake! Look at your kits!" A dark ginger she-cat with white paws smiled as a golden-brown tom walked in with her. Orchidkit slowly blinked as she glanced at the wet, spiky unknown things next to her. A tom with the color of calico fur, and a white she-cat with a brown-black coat. These cats look familiar... Wait, these are cats are Blackcoat and Patchfoot! Orchidkit thought to herself, smiling.

"Orchidkit, Blackkit, and Patchkit." The golden-brown tom meowed. "Orchidkit being the gray one, Blackkit being the one with the brown-black coat and Patchkit being the tom." He continued, a pale brown queen who was laying close to the kits hummed. She didn't dare to argue back. "Those are nice names." She mumbled, flattening her ears. The tom nodded, sitting next to her. The sleek, thin tail of her new mother curled around Orchidkit and her siblings, as if she were shielding them from their father.

Chapter Four

The small paws of a she-kit dashed around the camp, two other kits following her. One was as dark as the night, while the other was red-brown, like alder itself. A pale ginger she-kit and a gray tabby tom-kit would sometimes play along, but were too busy testing their battle moves with each other. There was one other kit, except for the ones in Orchidkit's litter, who was a pale brown she-kit. Orchidkit always wanted to play with her, but she never seemed interested. "Wow, be careful, kits!" An elder hissed as the kits running around stumbled into their den. The black tom flattened his ears, his tail tucking between his legs as he responded, "I'm sorry, Flowerfeet... We didn't mean to intrude..." The red-brown kit nodded, agreeing with their brother. "Get outta here before you hurt an elder." The cat known as Flowerfeet hissed, Orchidkit nodding and leading her new friends out into the clearing. "How'd you two run into the elder's den with even realizing it?" A gray queen meowed as she padded her way towards them. Her bright amber eyes rested on them, as one of her kits answers her question, "Well, Wavespots, we didn't realize because we were too focused on catching Orchidkit." The queen hummed, beginning to share tongues with him. "Wispykit, Flintkit, you two need to realize when to stop chasing a cat. Orchidkit, you need to be aware of your surroundings." Wavespots sighed, Orchidkit nodding.

"Blackkit! Orchidkit!" Her brother, Patchkit, exclaimed, catching both of their attention. Currently, they were outside of a ditch-like hole so-called "The Nursery". It was quite sad, if you ask any kit or queen, but could you blame the poor clan? They weren't exactly the most wealthy of clans, after all. "I found the border! C'mon!" The tom insisted, Blackkit being hesitant. "What if something bad happens, Patchkit?" The she-kit whispers, concerned. Orchidkit agreed with her, what if something bad did happen? "Don't be ridiculous! Nothing's going to happen!" The tom meowed, flicking his tail rather violently.

"That scent smells different..." Blackkit states as the litter makes their way to the border. Giant, shiny boxes on wheels swiftly zoomed past them as Patchkit and Blackkit began talking. Orchidkit stepped on the path, looking for any more of those box-wheel things. Where there were none, Orchidkit booked it, curious on what's on the other side. Patchkit and Blackkit hardly even noticed that she was gone, until she was on the other side. Orchidkit stared in shock, the other side was beautiful. It was swamp-like with little lizards and frogs sliding around, with swamp lilies decorated around the place. The she-kit couldn't help but to venture further into this magical new territory, while her litter pleaded for her to return. In the distance, near disgusting green lake water, she spotted two cats. One was large, with long, matted red-brown fur and a stumpy tail. The other, however, was tiny, most likely the size of an apprentice, maybe a bit bigger, with white fur and a darker tail. They both were facing away from Orchidkit, so the young kit couldn't see their faces.

The cats came closer, frightening the poor kit. The white, tiny cat's ears perked up as their eyes landed on the she-kit, noticing the other kits behind her. They whispered something to the larger cat, to which they purred in agreement. "Where'd you come from, little kit?" The red-brown cat meowed as they fixed their golden yellow eyes on the small cat. Orchidkit hesitated, before mumbling the words, "I'm lost." She didn't mean to say that sentence, but it came out of her mouth before she could stop it. The two cats' ears flattened, as if the felt pity for the small thing. "Are those kits your friends?" The white warrior asked, flicking her tail to the other side of the black path. Orchidkit flung her head to the other side, noticing the scared expressions on her siblings' faces. "They're my kin..." The sleek, gray she-kit sighed, turning back to the warriors. "Wait... That scent..." The red-brown warrior bent down, sniffing Orchidkit for a few seconds. "Don't tell me PoppyClan is sending kits to spy on us..." The warrior continued, pulling away from Orchidkit. The white one flattened their ears, picking up the she-kit. "Frillwing, we must take care of any kits, no matter what their birth clan is. Besides, Daisystar isn't that much of a bee-brain..." They argued, the cat so-called Frillwing becoming shocked.

Chapter Five

"Patchstar!" Frillwing meowed as they entered the swampy clan's camp. Multiple cats of different fur colors stared at the three cats, some with disgust in their eyes and some with interest in their eyes. One apprentice caught Orchidkit's eye, a brown tom with a white tail tip and yellow eyes. He was quite cute according to the she-kit, a slight blush appearing on the silver she-kit's face. His soft gaze rested on the kit, as the cat dropped her on the soft grass. "We found this kit by the border. There are two others on the other side of the Thunderpath, but they were in their own clan's territory." The white she-cat called out to a gray, large tom. Orchidkit stared in shock, wondering if she'll travel back to StarClan. The gray tom stared at the helpless kit, pity in his eyes. He glanced over at a pale gray she-cat next to a cliff, calling her over by flicking his tail. "Rustwing, go ahead and take this kit back to PoppyClan. Frillwing, Jumpspots, meet me in my den." He ordered, the gray she-cat stepping closer. Orchidkit attempted to crawl away, thinking that the warrior was going to hurt her. Rustwing sighed and swiftly grabbed her scruff, leaving her clan's camp.

Dirty, green water splashed from the force of Rustwing's paws. The warrior had an angry expression on her face, as if she were annoyed that she was delivering a kit to a rival clan. Orchidkit felt somewhat guilty for wasting the cat's time. She should've listened to her siblings. By the time they got to the black path, a patrol was taking place. Rustwing quickly dashed across the Thunderpath, a silver box on wheels racing towards them. Orchidkit immediately filled with anxiety, hoping that the she-cat will be okay. The warriors on the patrol took notice of the cats and rushed over, one shouting for her to run faster. The gray she-cat from the rival clan flung the kit across the path, Orchidkit scraping her legs and paws. Rustwing, unfortunately, couldn't make it in time. The sound of painful screams and hisses filled the she-kit's ears, hurting her eardrums. "Rustwing!" An apprentice sobbed, rushing over to the deputy of AshClan.

The body of Rustwing was dragged onto PoppyClan's territory, rubbing against Orchidkit's fur. The deceased cat's bloody fur traumatized the she-kit, while the apprentice shared tongues with the corpse. "Rustwing, please wake up! Please!" They begged, tears streaming down their face. "Yellowpaw..." A pale ginger she-cat with white paws mumbled, digging her nose into the apprentice's golden pelt. Orchidkit blinked slowly, not believing what was in front of her.

Chapter Six (Short Chapter)

Slatestep holds her kits close, quietly sobbing. The queen had heard of Rustwing's death, and made sure to never let her kits leave the clan's camp ever again. Patchkit was sick of it. He wanted to go explore the territories, not be stuck in camp. "Slatestep, let us leave camp! We're old enough!" He demanded, his mother shaking her head. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I can't have you end up like Rustwing back there." She responded, "I'll be crying for moons! Besides, you shouldn't leave camp until your an apprentice." Blackkit sighed, nuzzling her muzzle into the soft fur of Slatestep. Orchidkit glanced over at Wispykit, who's mother also refused to let him out of her sight. The expression on his face explained it all; annoyed. Raggedleg, Lavenderkit, Flintkit and Yarrowkit's mother, glanced over at Slatestep. The queen's eyes filled with pity, as she meowed the following sentence; "I'm sorry that she passed away... She was a wonderful mother, sister, and overall cat." Orchidkit's mother nodded slightly, scared for her kits' lives. "All cats as bright as poppies, gather beneath Flower Rock for a clan meeting." Daisystar meowed from the clan's authority. Slatestep stood, nudging her kits towards the huge rock decorated with multiple flowers. "As we all know, Rustwing has passed away while delivering one of our kits. She was a wonderful cat, helpful, kind, brave... She would've been a wonderful leader. Much better than Patchstar." Daisystar meowed, holding back tears as if Rustwing was apart of her kin. Multiple cats, including Slatestep, hung their heads in sadness. "She will be missed by me, her mother, Slatestep, her sister, and her other sister, Daisyfall. Just know that Rustwing walks with StarClan, meeting with her father once more." Daisystar lifted her head towards the sky, her eyes closed as tears spilled from them.

Chapter Seven

Two moons have passed, and it was time for some kits' apprentices ceremonies. "Wispykit, Duckkit, please step forward." Daisystar ordered, a sweet smile on her face. Wispykit and a gray tabby tom stepped forward, proud. "You two have reached the age of apprentices, and it is time that you be apprenticed. Wispykit, Duckkit, you two will be known as Wispypaw and Duckpaw. Wispypaw, your mentor shall be Scorchrain. Duckpaw, your mentor shall be Beechtail. Scorchrain, Beechtail, you two have learned well from your mentors, Maplegold and Sandyclaw respectfully, and I expect you to pass all you know onto these two apprentices." The she-cat announces, multiple cats cheering their new names. "Thank you, Daisystar!" Duckpaw meowed, happily.

"It's so boring without Wispypaw here!" Orchidkit whined, bored out of her mind. "You can still play with Raggedleg's kits. They may be four moons old, but they're still kits." Slatestep flicked her tail towards Raggedleg and her curled up kits. "Just make sure that you don't leave camp, though." The queen sighed. Orchidkit glanced over, staring at the fluffy kits playing with each other. Orchidkit memorized what moves they were doing, for some reason. She was quite invested, narrowing her eyes as a cat enters the nursery. "Oh! Hello, Goldenpuddle!" Raggedleg greeted, Orchidkit flinging her head towards the warrior. She had beautiful pale ginger fur, and snow white paws, not to mention her icy blue eyes. Goldenpuddle glanced over at the dark ginger she-cat queen, a smile appearing. "Hello, Raggedleg. I'm going to be in here for a little while." She mewed, leaving most of the kits confused. "Oh? Did you and Greenfern finally decide on having kits?" Slatestep joked, Goldenpuddle laughing a little, "Yes, it only took five moons." She rolled her eyes. "Well, we still have Wavespots' old stick bed here. You can have it now." Raggedleg throws her head towards the bed made out of sticks. It wasn't even a bed for cats at this point, it was a bird's nest. "Thank you, Raggedleg." Goldenpuddle trotted over to the bed, her swollen belly finally becoming visible to Orchidkit.

Orchidkit was awoken at Moon-high, by a pitch black tom with a white underbelly and gleaming orange eyes. The young she-kit immediately knew who it was; Wispypaw. Her close friend who she didn't meet in StarClan or IceClan. "Orchidkit, come on! I found a better clan than PoppyClan." The tom whispered, barely loud enough for the kit to hear. Orchidkit immediately perked up, curious on what clan he had found. "Really?" She whispered back, "What is it?" Wispypaw glanced at the queens, who ever peacefully sleeping. "MapleClan. They're a wealthy clan with strong, loyal cats." He mumbled, Orchidkit remembering from her last life;

"It's going to be okay, young one." A tom meowed as Orchidkit sobbed from the pain. The kit rested her head on the ground, her eyes getting heavy as if she were tired. "Wow... Those MapleClan cats did a number on her..." Wildkit mumbled.

MapleClan was the clan that killed her in her first life! The she-kit hissed, "No! I'm not! MapleClan is a horrible clan! They killed me in my first life!" She yelled, unaware that it woke all the cats sleeping in the nursery. "Orchidkit..?" Lavenderkit yawned, tired as could be. The kit flung her head toward's the she-kit, noticing that she woke every cat up. "What do you mean that "MapleClan killed you in your first life"?" Goldenpuddle stood, padding over to the kit. She had an aggressive expression on her face, which terrified the silver she-kit. She had no choice, but to come clean.

Chapter Eight

"I..." Orchidkit sighed, glancing over at Patchkit and Blackkit. Their scared expressions said a sentence to Orchidkit;"Do not tell them." The she-kit didn't listen, and faced Goldenpuddle once more. "Me and- I... I was reincarnated. I used to be a blind IceClan kit. Now, I'm here." She admitted, keeping Patchkit and Blackkit's same secret hidden. Goldenpuddle whipped her body towards Slatestep, "Your kit is a reincarnated cat!" She hissed at the poor queen, her ears flat against her head. "They're probably going to kill us all! Get rid of that thing!" She ordered, rage in her blue eyes. "Goldenpuddle-" Raggedleg stood, coming close to the ginger she-cat to calm her down. Unfortunately, before she could say anything else, Goldenpuddle unsheathed her claws and clawed her right in her left eye. Crimson blood spilled onto the sandy ground, Raggedleg's kits rushing over to share tongues with her. "Don't defend that monster!" The pale queen hissed as two warriors, one silver tom with white paws and the other being a white she-cat, rushed in. "What's all the noise? Warriors are trying to sleep!" The white she-cat hissed, Goldenpuddle turning towards her. "I'll tell you what's going on! Orchidkit is a reincarnated cat that will probably kill us all!" The queen hissed at them. The silver tom glanced over, pity in his eyes.

The next day, Slatestep was speaking with Daisystar inside the leader's den. Daisystar was questioning if the queen knew about Orchidkit's reincarnation, to which she didn't. Goldenpuddle, after knowing the truth of the kit, shamed her. She shamed the she-kit for something that she thought would be better than her last life. "You're a bad omen to the entire territories!" Goldenpuddle hissed to Orchidkit, her flattening her ears. She started believing the queen's words, crystal tears forming in her eyes. "Goldenpuddle, stop it!" Wispypaw hissed at her, the queen turning around to face the apprentice. Goldenpuddle put her face right in front of Wispypaw's face, unsheathing her claws once more. "Why is everyone in this mouse-brained clan defending this misfortune of a cat?!" She shouted, Greenfern stalking his way over to the argument, "She deserves to be exiled! Or even kill her!" The she-cat continued, her mate standing with his back arched behind her. However, before Greenfern could say something, Wispypaw quickly grabbed Orchidkit by her neck and running off into another clan's territory.

Unlike every other clan, this one had thick, bright green grass. Huge, spruce trees surrounded the territory as the apprentice carried the kit to a supposedly unknown clan. "Where are you taking me?" Orchidkit asks, as Wispypaw came across a clan's camp. "Wispypaw!" A small, gray she-cat greeted, bouncing over to him. Orchidkit glanced over at her, admiring how beautiful she was. Wispypaw gently laid Orchidkit on the soft grass, going to brush against the unknown apprentice. The small apprentice nuzzled her muzzle into the black tom's fur, him purring quite loudly. Orchidkit watched as jealousy stabbed her through her heart, "Hey! Who are you?" The kit stood, her fur becoming spiky as the gray apprentice took notice. "Oh, I'm Stonepaw! I'm Wispypaw's mate." She introduced herself, making Orchidkit perk up. "Mate?" Orchidkit mumbles, Wispypaw nodding.

Chapter Nine

"You didn't tell me that you had a kit." Stonepaw mewed as the three of them stumbled into a clan's camp. Multiple cats stared at the three, as if they were rogues invading their camp. "Oh, Orchidkit isn't my kit. She's a close friend that I wanted to bring to MapleClan." Wispypaw explained, a warrior interrupting. They had a dark brown fur color, and eyes green, which was quite the enchantment. "Orchidkit?" They asked, staring down at the small kit, "I remember Moonstar yelling for a kit named Orchidkit when Onyxstar ordered to attack IceClan..." Stonepaw and Wispypaw seemed shocked, while Orchidkit connected the dots. This must've been the cat that killed her in her first life.

"We welcome these two cats into MapleClan. Wispypaw, and Orchidkit. However, Orchidkit, only being two moons, will have to be an apprentice since we need more apprentices to tend to the elders, and that we need more warriors." A brown tom with amber eyes stared down at the sleek-furred silver she-kit. "Glenwatcher, you shall mentor Wispypaw. You've learned well from Brownpuddle, and I expect you to pass all you know onto this apprentice. As for Orchidpaw..." The supposedly leader mumbled, shifting his gaze to the feline. "Your mentor shall be Shadethorn. She has learned well from Jackalhaze, and I expect her to pass on all she knows onto you." A pale ginger she-cat stepping forward. She touched her nose against Orchidpaw's. The other cats chanted happily for the new apprentices, although Orchidpaw felt that something was off...

Chapter Ten

Orchidpaw awoke the next day in an unfamiliar environment. It was a large den with branches and leaves swooping down below, covering part of the entrance. The she-cat stood, and stretched her paws far from her body. Just then, her mentor, known as Shadethorn, cautiously walks in. Her fiery amber eyes scanning around for her new apprentice. It didn't take her long, in fact she almost spotted her instantly. "Ah, Orchidpaw." Shadethorn mewed, catching the attention of the apprentice, "I let you sleep in longer than the other apprentices. In fact, they managed to complete a whole patrol while you were asleep." The warrior continued, Orchidpaw nodding. She despised this clan, but she tried her best to hide it. "Now, I let you sleep long enough. It's time to train." Shadethorn swiftly turned her body and trotted out of the den, her apprentice following behind her.

Orchidpaw's neon amber eyes was fixed on the small vole that was in front of her. She crouched down low to the swaying grass, shifting her paws so that she would trap it when she pounced on it. When it was the perfect time to strike, Orchidpaw pounced into the air. She landed straight onto the prey, trapping it underneath her paws, Shadethorn smiled and yelled to her, "Don't forget the most important part!" That's right! Orchidpaw thought, Killing it! The she-cat lowered her head and bit as hard as she could into the vole's neck. The creature squirmed in pain, before perishing beneath the apprentice.

"Ah, welcome back you two." An old, gray she-cat with a white chest greeted. Orchidpaw glanced over, the vole barely hanging out of her mouth. "How was hunting?" She asked, Shadethorn replying, "It was well. Orchidpaw caught her first piece of fresh-kill." Orchidpaw nodded, arching her back as the old she-cat dipped her head respectfully. "Ah, wonderful. Do you mind if I have that fresh-kill, young apprentice?" She asks, a smile on her face. "Give it to Timberscorch." Shadethorn mews to her apprentice, Orchidpaw resting it onto the grassy floor in front of the she-cat called Timberscorch. The elder meowed a "Thank you" and began eating.

Chapter Eleven

Onyxstar calls a meeting from a large, thick branch attached to an equally thick tree. Immediately, all the cats in MapleClan dashed over to hear what their leader had to say. "This Moonhigh is the gathering." The tom announced, "I shall take these cats with me; Brownpuddle, Lizardpatch, Onyxthroat, Shadethorn, Cloudspeck, Stonepaw and Orchidpaw." Wispypaw glanced over to the sleek, silver she-cat apprentice, "Good luck."

Orchidpaw slid her way through the crowd of cats at the area. Her amber eyes scanned for a certain clan cat, Wildpaw. Her eyes dart from cat to cat, unable to find her former clanmate anywhere. "Well then, I suppose we're all here." A familiar voice spoke, which belonged to a silver she-cat with a white chest. Orchidpaw immediately knew who it was; Moonstar. Her former leader. She also found the apprentice brown tom from before Rustwing's death. She went over and sat beside him, her tail flicking. "Who'd like to go first?" Moonstar asks, glancing at the different leaders. Daisystar of PoppyClan meowed, "PoppyClan shall go first. Our prey has been running well. Recently, we had two cats run away, which deeply concerned us." The she-cat flattened her ears, Onyxstar chiming in, "I'm sorry about your cats, Daisystar." Orchidpaw's old leader sighed, glancing over at the tom. "It's okay, Onyxstar. We'll find them." Orchidpaw flattened her ears, She's talking about me and Wispypaw! The she-cat thought to herself, getting anxious.

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