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Leader: Willowstar: Long-haired silver she-cat

Deputy: Eagleheart: Tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Nightleaf: Black she-cat

Warriors: Flamefur: Long-haired ginger tom

Frostfall: White she-cat
Snowstorm: White she-cat
apprentice: Silverpaw
Lilyfur: tabby she-cat
Gorsepelt: Dark tabby tom with amber eyes
apprentice: Applepaw
Brackenstripe: Long-haired ginger and white tom
Whitetail: Gray tom with white tail
apprentice: Maplepaw
Redflame: Ginger tom
Oakpelt: Dark tabby tom
Mintleaf: Silver she-cat
Rosebrook: Pale gray she-cat
Hawktalon: Golden tom
Volewhisker: Pale grat tabby tom
apprentice: Pinepaw
Ferntail: Ginger she-cat with fluffy tail.
apprentice: Robinpaw
Apprentices: Applepaw: Ginger she-cat
Pinepaw: long-haired tabby tom
Maplepaw: Tortiseshell she-cat
Robinpaw: Tortiseshell she-cat
Silverpaw: Long-haired silver tabby she-cat.
Queens: Dovesong: White she-cat (mother of Redflame's kit, Foxkit: Dark ginger tom with whit tail tip)
Sunfur: Ginger she-cat (Mother of Oakpelt's kits, Leopardkit: Spotted golden she-cat and Hawkkit: Tabby tom)
Ivystorm: Gray tabby she-cat. (Expecting Volewhisker's kits)
Elders: Cherryfur: ginger she-cat
Fernstripe: Tabby and white she-cat


Leader: Crowstar: Black tom

Deputy: Ravenstorm: Dark gray tom

Medicine Cat: Toadpelt: Pale gray tom

Warriors: Mudstripe: Tabby tom

Talonpelt: Tabby tom
Daisyclaw: tortiseshell she-cat
Birdfeather: Black she-cat
Mousetail: ginger she-cat with skinny tail
Ashpelt: Long-haired black tom
apprentice: Kinkpaw
Yelloweyes: long-haired tabby she-cat with luminous yellow eyes and messy fur.
apprentice: Emberpaw
Rockfang: grey tom
Darkpelt: Dark gray (almost black) tom
Goldstripe: Golden she-cat
Badgerfang: Gray tom
Cloudflower: White she-cat

Apprentices: Emberpaw: Ginger tom

Kinkpaw: long-haired tabby with fur sticking out in all directions.

Queens: Nightfur: Black she-cat (Mother of Mudstripe's kits Skykit: Blue-gray she-cat, Flintkit: Pale gray tom and Lionkit: Golden tom)

Silverfang: Silver she-cat (Mother of Ravenstorm's kits, Goldkit: Golden she-cat and Frogkit: Mottled brown tom.)
Morningsong: ginger she-cat. (Mother of Crowstar's kit, Flamekit: Ginger and gold tom)
Fuzzywhiskers: Tabby she-cat with long whiskers. (Expecting Badgerfang's kits)
Dawnfur: gray she-cat. (Expecting Ashpelt's kits)

Elders: Russetclaw: White tom


Leader: Grassstar: Gray tom

Deputy: Rabbitfur: Brown tom

Medicine Cat: Flowerleaf: Cream she-cat

Warriors: Heatherpelt: Gray and Cream she-cat

Graypelt: dark gray tom
Sagestripe: Long-haired tortiseshell she-cat
Runningfox: Ginger she-cat
Weaselfang: Tabby tom
Redfox: Ginger tom
Apprentice: Pebblepaw
Hawkfeather: tabby tom
apprentice: Rainpaw
Goldensun: Long-haired golden tabby she-cat
Swiftstripe: Silver tabby she-cat
apprentice: Gorsepaw
Whitepelt: White tabby she-cat
Apprentices: Pebblepaw: gray tom
Rainpaw: Blue-gray she-cat
Gorsepaw: Tabby tom
Queens: Sparrowwing: Light brown she-cat (Mother of Weaselfang's kit, Ferretkit: Cream tom)
Foxfur: Ginger she-cat (Mother of Grassstar's kits, Sunkit: Golden tom and Stormkit: Black tom)
Elders: Breezefur: tabby tom
Thornpelt: Scarred tabby tom


Leader: Minnowstar: Silver she-cat

Deputy: Trouttail: Gray tom

Medicine Cat: Pebblefur: Long-haired silver tom

Warriors: Mudfang: tabby tom

Splashheart: white she-cat
apprentice: Stormpaw
Reedwhisker: red tom
Hailpelt: white tom
Rainstone: golden tom
apprentice: Thistlepaw
Spottednose: tortiseshell she-cat with speckeded nose
apprentice: Mallowpaw
Oaktail: Tabby tom
Stoneclaw: Black tom with long claws
Blossemfur: Tortiseshell she-cat
Prickleclaw: Tabby tom
Apprentices: Stormpaw: Tortiseshell she-cat
Mallowpaw: Orange tabby she-cat
Thistlepaw: Black tom
Queens: Graymist: Silver she-cat. (Mother of Hailpaelt's kits, Mistkit: Gray and white she-cat, Snowkit: White she cat and Rockkit: black tom)
Echopelt: Tortiseshell she-cat (Mother of Rainstone's kits Mosskit: tabby she-cat and Smallkit:timid tabby tom
Lakeshine: Tabby she-cat (Mother of Prickleclaw's kits, Tallkit: Ginger tom and Shellkit: Cream she-cat with sea-green eyes)
Elders: Icefur: White tom
Duskpelt: Black she-cat

Cats Outside the Clans

Cick: long-haired mottled brown tom

Knuckles: Longhaired orange and white tom

Teal: long-haired tortiseshell she-cat

Killer: Tabby tom

Cali: Calico She-cat

Krisber: Calico she-cat



Chapter 1

Pure-white snow fell from a misty gray sky. In a stone hollow in the heart of a lake-side forest, cats were sitting around, fur fluffed up against the cold. A tabby tom was ordering a patrol. "Snowstorm, you'll lead it. Take Lilyfur, Oakpelt and Frostfall with you." He mewed. Oakpelt called out to the tabby cat "But Eaglehaert, shouldn't we be hunting? Prey is scarce, so shouldn't we collect as much as possible?" Eagleheart flicked his tail for silence. "Oakpelt, we need to increase the patrols. There has already been prey-stealing from ShadowClan and WindClan. Besides, I'm sending out Rosebrook with a hunting patrol." Eagleheart meowed, his tail swishing. "Come on, lets go!" Snowstorm meowed impatiently. "Those borders won't protect themselves!" Oakpelt reluctantly followed the patrol out of the stone hollow. Once outside the camp,Snowstorm meowed, "We'll check the WindClan border first, they've been stealing the most prey." Snowstorm's sister, Frostfall, nodded her head in agreement. "Good idea!" She meowed. The partol followed the WindClan border until they reached the abandoned twoleg nest. Suddenly, an unfamilier cat-scent reached the patrol. "Someone's invading our territory!" Oakpelt meowed, unsheathing his claws into the snow. "Let's not be so sure yet," Lilyfur meowed, "It could be a lost rogue." The patrol followed the cat-scent until they reached a young long-haired, silver tabby she-cat, about six moons old. She was lying down in the snow, trying to keep warm. "Help me!" She mewed. "My mother abandoned me, and I don't know how to hunt or fight! My brothers promised to look after me, but I don't know what happened to them!" Lilyfur stepped up to the she-cat. "It's ok, we'll take you back to ThunderClan. We can talk to Willowstar about you joining our clan." She meowed, "I'm Lilyfur, and these cats are Snowstorm, Frostfall and Oakpelt." Lilyfur pointed her tail towards each cat as she introduced them. "What's your name?" Lilyfur asked the she-cat. Shivering, she replied "I-I'm Silver." Lilyfur turned towards the rest of the patrol. "I'll take Silver back to ThunderClan camp. You finish the patrol without me." She meowed and signaled with her tail for Silver to follow. Silver stood up and ran after Lilyfur. "So, what exactly is ThunderClan?" she asked. "It's one of the four clans of warriors that live around the lake. The other clans are ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan. That's WindClan territory over there." Lilyfur meowed and pointed her tail towards the moors across the river. "Remember their scent." Silver nodded eagerly, determined to get it right. "And what do the warriors do?" "They hunt for the elders and queens and their kits. They defend their clan, with their life if nessesary, against foxes, badgers, the other clans and other cats. When a kit is six moons old, they become apprentices to train to be warriors. When they have trained log enough and know enough, they become warriors." Lilyfur explained. Silver was confused. "So the clans are rivals?" she asked. "Yes," Lilyfur meowed. "But sometimes we are allies, and at the full moon, a gathering is held in truce between the four clans. We're at the camp now." Silver's pelt prickled with excitement as they walked into a huge stone hollow.. seasons ago, a tree had fallen in the camp and comfortable looking dens were tucked around it. Cats cast curious glances at this new cat. Throughout the camp, the same questions were being asked. Who was this cat? What was she doing here? A long-haired silver she-cat walked up to the two cats. "I need to speak with you, in your den." Lilyfur meowed. The silver she-cat nodded and the two cats dissappeared into a den at the top of a stone ledge. After a little while, Lilyfur appeared out of the den and padded up to Silver. "Willowstar's letting you join the clan. She will perform the ceremony when Snowstorm's border patrol gets back. For now, how about I introduce you to the other apprentices. She meowed. Silver nodded her head excitedly.

(I'll continue this later)
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