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The insane version of the entire Warriors series...

Author's note: I'll try to update once a week at the very least. Ravenpaw 09:00, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Part One: Into the Wild

A meteorite whizzed through the night sky, burning itself up in the earth's atmosphere. The little green men on it were screaming.

Spottedleaf turned to Bluestar and said, "That was a sign from StarClan. It said, 'Fire alone can save our clan'."

Bluestar didn't reply.

"Um, Bluestar?" Spottedleaf tried tentatively.

Still no answer.

"Bluestar! Put those matches away!"

Meanwhile, Rusty was getting tired of being a kittypet, so he decided to go live in the forest. Smudge warned him not to, but Rusty didn't listen.

As soon as Rusty entered the forest, he was attacked by Graypaw. Rusty screamed and started running in circles, making Graypaw dizzy. "Wow!" exclaimed Graypaw. "You fight well for a kittypet!"

Suddenly, Bluestar and Lionheart appeared. "Oh, look," said Lionheart. "You've captured a kittypet".

"Good work, Graypaw," said Bluestar. "You've found ThunderClan a new warrior."

"A new warrior?" Rusty interrupted. "Does that mean I'll be able to get ripped open by other cats, starve until I have to eat my own tail and catch loads of greencough?"

"Yes," Bluestar replied.

"Hooray!" Rusty cheered. "I'm in!"

"Of course you are. You don't have any choice. I have to play with matches today, so you can go home now. I'll send someone to fetch you tomorrow."

The next day, Rusty went back to the forest

"Wow, he couldn't even smell us. He'll be a great warrior!" Lionheart's vioce made Rusty jump as Lionheart and Whitestorm emerged from hiding.

"Good," Whitestorm was saying. "He came. I won the bet. Hand over ten mouse tails, Lionheart."

Rusty followed the two warriors to ThunderClan camp.

"I won the bet!" said Whitestorm to Bluestar.

"Oh? Did he come?" asked Bluestar, who was looking straight at Rusty.

"Obviously!" Whitestorm replied.

"Did he sense you?"

"Um... no." Whitestorm twitched his whiskers, wondering why Bluestar was asking him this.

"You bet that he would come and sense you. I bet he would come but wouldn't sense you. Lionheart bet he wouldn't come at all. So the ten mouse tails are mine."

"Nooo! You always do that!" Whitestorm whined. In the end, Bluestar got so annoyed with his whining she made him give her fifty mouse tails and locked him in the warrior den.