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The Clans have lived at peace for many seasons, even though the great Firestar is now dead. Brambleclaw has proved to be a strong leader to ThunderClan. All is well in the other Clans as well, but this is not the same in the moutains.l Prey is scarce and they have been taken over by rogues. They make prisoners tell them about the Clans. Now bloodlust is on their mind.

As the rouges descend from the mountains, Brambleclaw learns of it. Can Oakdapple, the medicine cat, stop the fight from thousands of cats dying?

This is a super edition, taking place 3 years after Sunset.

I will add chapters as often as I can. Feel free to write chapters here if you want to. '=

Chapter One

Oakdapple walked out into the cold, crisp morning in ThunderClan. Quiet as she could, she crept though the dirtplace tunnel.

"Mouse dung!" she hissed as a piece of her sandy fur caught on a bramble.

More cold air greeted her. Leaf-fall would be coming soon. This would be the first leaf-fall she had faced alone. After Windpelt had died, she had been a great medicine cat. But still, she was worried. After all, a mysterious illness had taken over ShadowClan. She made a mental note: She had to discuss that with Bramblestar.

She set out, rooting though the grounds, salvaging late greenleaf herbs.

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