This show is written solely by Spottedpool599 or Spotty but there will be several special feature guests and ideas that are courtesy of my friends c:

If you're not my friend, TOO BAD. Jklol just ask me and you can be featured. Talk page and user page: The commanding potato commandingly commands you to love me! ~~Spotty (talk)

Contestants (in random order)


  1. Cinderheart
  2. Dovewing
  3. Graystripe
  4. Mapleshade
  5. Hawkfrost
  6. Bluestar
  7. Ivypool
  8. Ferncloud
  9. Hollyleaf
  10. Ashfur
  11. Sorreltail
  12. Tigerstar
  13. Squirrelflight
  14. Ashfoot
  15. Firestar
  16. Tigerheart
  17. Whitestorm
  18. Frostfur
  19. Tawnypelt
  20. Snowfur
  21. Dawnpelt
  22. Bumblestripe
  23. Brightheart
  24. Foxleap (xD got his name wrong at first)


Day 1 Contestant introductions, cornucopia results, and a check-in with each cat. Plus Cinderheart is crazy and cats get personality-less after they have kits. And I die and people yell. AKA EPICNESS!!!!

Day 2 The first gathering featuring Darkeh and Rainy. The cats have a prank call contest. Who will win? Also TONS of polls that you are FORBIDDEN not to vote on. :D

Day 3 Ah, finally a page that doesn't lead to a redirect. Happy? Yes, yes you are. The cats are all doing well. Cinderheart catches TONS of prey with her grenade macaroni, Whitestorm and Frostfur are up on a cloud, figuring out HOW THE HECK THEY'RE GONNA GET DOWN, and Frostfur starts raging at him, the newly formed cupcake alliance is thriving, but trying to find new members, and much more! ^^

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