Episode 1

Bramblestar: Hello, welcome to Warrior Cats TV! I am Bramblestar and wait, what? Hawkfrost, you are here!

Hawkfrost : Yes I am, and you wont be, if you lay a paw on me.

Bramblestar:*hiss* Now, today, we have 2 lucky winners who will talk in tonight's show.

Bramblestar: My love, could you please roll the 2 dice?

Squirrelflight: Right on it.

<Squirrelflight rolls dice>

Squirrelflight: Who sits at seats 3&52?

Spottedleaf: Me.

Sandstorm: Me.

<Sandstorm glares at Spottedleaf>

Sqirrelflight: Wait, this is odd. I acidently rolled 3 dice. Come up, seat 23.

<Firestar pads up>

Bramblestar: Oh, oh, um, Squirrelfight, change the dice.

Squirrelflight: Can I please have Graystripe, Silverstream, Millie to talk on tonight's show?

Commercial break

Silverstream: I think Graystripe is the best mate a cat could have, unlike Millie.

Millie: I'm just lucky that I didn't die giving birth to his kits.

Graystripe: Sorry, Millie, but Silverstream is my first and true love. I still love you though

Millie: I knew it! I knew that you would chose Silverwhatsit over me!

Graystripe: But, Millie, please still be my mate

Bramblestar: Oh, oh, things have taken a terrible turn here. 

Silverstream: Be quiet, Bramblestar. My Mate is sad

<Millie unplugs TV>

Episode 2

Crowfeather: Greetings welcome to warrior cats T.V. Today I am tonights host and today we are hosting a party!!!!!! And yes you can dance with cats from other clans.

Mistystar: When you say other clans you mean Leafpool don't you

Crowfeather: Umm no o_0

Crowfeather: Our D.J. today is one cat that we know as Dustpelt. 

Dustpelt: Hi this song is for Sandstorm

<Plays Call me maybe>

Sandstorm: Um I would but what is a telaphone

Dustpelt: I do not know

<Plays gangnam style>

Brairlight: Man its realy hard to dance.

Jayfeather: Its realy hard to dance with you.

comercial break

<Scourge stalks up>

Tigerstar& Firestar: Scourge!

Scourge: I want to change the song to bowsers castle from super mario galaxy

<song changes>

Scourge: muahahahaha Now I shall realese the beast

Tigerstar: too late me and Firestar reconized the trick and made the trap backfire

Scourge: But Im not traped

Firestar: If he isnt than what is

Leafpool: Um maybe The one she cat who was Crowfeathers first love

Feathertail: Ouch im trapped

Leafpool:let her be trapped

Russetfur: To late I called 911

Crowfeather: Thats the End of todays show Goodday

Episode 3

Leafstar: Hello welcome to the one and only aweso-

Mapleshade: Ya ya enough with the adgetives just get on with the show

Audience: Agreed

Leafstar: Today our guest will be Bluestar and Deadfoot

Bluestar: Wait who in the name of starclan would chose me and deadfoot. You had Graystripe and Millie before, I want to speak to the creator of this show

Leafstar: Sure just click this signature Flamestream Happy leaf fall 02:26, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Leafstar: All right now deadfoot tell us whats on your mind.

Deadfoot: My foot is dead

Leafstar: okay um put on the commercial brake creator

Me: Ok

commercial break

Bluestar: Allright hello um what should I say?

<Oakheart whispers in bluestars ear>

Bluestar:good idea. I fell in love and had kits with oakheart not thrushpelt and they are mistyfoot, stonefur and a dead one named mosskit. Also I lied about the fox

Reedfeather: nooo my grandma is thunderclan.

Leafstar: Thats a wrap to tonights show see you guys later

Jayfeather: Whatever

Episode 4

Tigerstar: Hello welcome to warrior cats T.V. today user hawkfrost_and_bramblestar let all the evil cats Talk on tonight's show!!!!!!!  \_/  

Tigerstar: Here we have the one cat that is truly evil (to the apprentices) here we have Mousefur.

Mousefur: Realy just cause I was cranky means I am considerd evil?

Tigerstar: Yes

Hawkfrost: Lets just get on with it Mousefur has no evil plots to say

Mapleshade: Ive got an idea how about we all reincarinate ourselfs and when we all become leaders rule the world

Clawface: How about we just kill all the pretty medicine cats and steal the kits they are protecting

Brokenstar: 3 words Drive out windclan

Mousefur: Wait I have one why dont we be cranky to the apprentices 

Hawkfrost: Ive got an idea how about we reincarnate ourselves be leaders drive out windclan then kill all the pretty medicine cats and steal the kits they are protecting and once we are done that be cranky to the apprentices

Spottedleaf: Hey noo fair

Clawface: <Kills Spottedleaf for the 3d time>

Clawface: Darn no kits

<Hawkheart comes in>

Clawface: Im soo sorry Tiggy but she is way to pretty to kill

Tigerstar: Clawface you said kill all medicine cats not all but one

Clawface: I love you Hawkheart lets be mates

Hawkheart: Only if you will be good

Clawface: Okay

Barkface: Darnit I wanted to be his mate

Spottedleaf: Noo

Antpelt: <kills spottedleaf for the 4th time>

Scourge: Hey guys I got the reincarintor thinamobob ready everybody get in a line exept for Tigerstar and Hawkfrost

Tigerstar and Hawkfrost: Why 

Scourge: Because I said so

Brokenstar: <Breaks machine

Scourge: You owe me 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$ and change your name name to brokestar

Brokestar: This is hummilating lets end the episode.

Episode 5

Hollyleaf: Welcome welcome my many fans

Fallen leaves: Woo woo go Hollyleaf yay

Jayfeather: Go away Fallen leaves the title is clearly warrior cats TV!

Hollyleaf: Today we are hosting part of the show so you think you can hunt.

Yellowfang: I do I do!

Jayfeather: Go to the dentist Yellowfang.

Hollyleaf: Stop being rude Jayfeather! You made my secret mate sad.

Jayfeather: You had a secret mate 0\o/0

Hollyleaf: Fallen leaves now jayfeather keep quiet or ill send an angry Lionblaze who has rabies at you!

<Jayfeather slinks away>

Hollyleaf: Today our hunter will be .....Purdy!

Everyone: No not Purdy

Purdy: *walks in with cowboy cloths* Howdy from the wild west crazy elders!

Snowfur: Mosskit close your eyes

Mosskit: Why

Snowfur: Just do it!

One-eye: Yay I cant hear him or see him!

<Purdy catches 999999 peices of prey>

Hollyleaf: Next contestant is ......Lionblaze!

<Lionblaze catches 1 peice of prey>

Lionblaze: Purdy only left one T_T

Hollyleaf: Next one is.....Snowkit os

Snowkit (os): Yay Ill catch Lionblaze

Lionblaze:I bet you can't do that! I have powers

<Snowkit mauls Lionblaze>

Dovewing: How about we end the show

Hollyleaf: The winner is Snowkit(os)

episode 6

Rowanclaw: Welcome to Warrior cats TV where I your Host/Hostest will um... Say someting?

Ashfoot: Wait are you a she or a tom?

Rowanclaw: Im both! I got gender changed in starlight!

Mistystar's unnamed kit: Yay another unknown gender!

Tawnypelt:*Ignores Mistystar's unnamed kit.* Say you are a tom beacause I need a mate.

Rowanclaw: Sure I'm a tom!

All the audience: YAY!!!!!!!!

Mistystar: Noes Rowanclaw choose my kit!

Reedfeather: No! Mom don't embarass me.

Rowanclaw: Oh of course! Ill be a she then.

Sandstorm: I love gender swapping

Firestar: T_T

Dustpelt: Wait a second.....


Sqirrelflight: Our...

Leafpool: Mom...

Sqirrelflight: Is...

Leafpool: A...

L&S: TOM!! !Ahhhhhhhhhh

Dovewing: Who is going to end the show in a hilarious way?

A random twoleg: Me

<TV turns of magicly>

Episode 7

Feathertail: Hi everybody! Today you are going to get a carrer! 

Stormfur: After a week we will look at the results and then make a show about it!

Leafpool: It could be a supermodel, Saloon worker, or a... Neuroscientest

Stormfur: Everybody vote.

<Everyone votes>

Feathertail: The rusults for me are.....

Random cat in the crowd: Icecream!

Feathertail: No its Supermodel.

Fans in the crowd: *Rushs over to Feathertail*

Feathertail: Sucurity!

Hawkfrost_and_bramblestar: Sorry but we haven't hired anybody yet.

Feathertail: *is dragged away by fans* Stormfur: Okay... Next is Brightheart! 

Leafpool: It could be a Daredevil, Vet, or a Dog walker.

Brighheart: Nooooooooo!

<Everyone votes>

Stormfur: The anser is....

Random cat in the crowd: Icecream!

Stormfur: Litterly stop, thats getting annoying!

Random cat in the crowd: Icecream!  Icecream! Icecream! Icecream! Icecream! Icecream!

Stormfur: *Dies of fustraition*

Leafpool: Somebody order a funeral.

Random cat in the crowd: I will.

Leafpool: While he does that, everybody voted, it' a.... Dog walker.

Brightheart: *feints*

Firestar: Goodnight!

Episode 8 (FT: Jay/Holly)

Ravenpaw: Hi guys! Welcome to warrior cats TV! Its time for...

Yellowfang: Yellowfang's tourture class!

Everyone: NOOOOOO! *Leaves*

Jayfeather: If you stay we will give you cupcakes!

Everyone: *Comes back*

<Everyone gets cupcakes>

Yellowfang: Matheh, Algebraeh, Multiplication Divsioneh! *Starts saying math stuff*

Ashfur: Guys.... My cupcake is growling.....

Cherryfeather: *Jumps out* Greatings fellow friends! I AM CHERRYFEATHER A COW!!!

Ashfur: Cherryfeather! My mate

Yellowfang: Wait.... YOU MATED WITH RIVERCLAN!

Ashfur: No I mated with a Riverclan cat, not riverclan!

Firestar: Ashfur! How bad of you! Ill punish you! *Unsheaths claws*

Ashfur: Wait, Firestar your ment to be nice and boring!

Firestar: Oh yeah, I forgot! Well since I am the most terrible leader I will let you have NO punishment!

Cherryfeather: Yay! Thanks Firestar!

Yellowfang: *Falls on the ground and repeatidly starts facepawing*

Cherryfeather: Docter!

Swiftspirit: Coming

Leafpool: I thought I was docter!

Swiftspirit: Oh wait, sorry I forgot! I'm ment to make an appearence, not be the docter! *Runs off to plan how to be feutured*

Jayfeather: O...Kay...

Cherryfeather: We need a docter! 

Leafpool: *Head is flashing red like an ambulance* Docter is here!

Swiftspirit: *Steps on stage* We don't need you talking leafpool! *Is annoyed* Oh come on I said that too early! *Gets even more annoyed*

Jayfeather: Oh oh...

Swiftspirit: *Turns into an annoyed fireball*

Everyone: AHHHHHHH!

Ashfur: Ahhhh.

<Studio blows up>

Episode 9 (FT Sky/Shine)

Cloudstar: Hello, welcome to warrior cats TV!

Skystorm: Whats a Tv?

Cloudstar: Its a big screen that has internet!

Shine: Your thinking of a computer!

Cloudstar: No ITS A TV!

Leafstar: No...

More coming soon

srry gtg more coming soon

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