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(Tigerstar walks into the library)

Leafpool: Welcome to the first and only Warrior cats library! We have every book you will ever need!

Squirrelflight: And we mean it!!!

Tigerstar: Do you have any books on how to rip Firestar's pelt off?

Leafpool: Actually, we have several books on the subject! Would you like 101 Ways to Rip Firestar's Pelt Off by Brokenstar, 62 and One Half ways to Claw Firestar's eyes out, by Darkstripe, or would you like 738 ways to kill Firestar and then some, written by Mousefur!

Mousefur: (shifty eyes)

Tigerstar: I'll take all three!

Squirrelflight: (Checks out books) Thank you and have a nice day! OR ELSE!!!! *Throws books at Tigerstar's head*

Tigerstar: Thank you. I'm sure I'll find these very informative! *runs off*

(Nightstar walks in)

Nightstar: Do you have any books about how to gain nine lives that you rightfully deserve?

Leafpool: Yes, but it's already been checked out.

Nightstar: By who?

Meanwhile, back in the Skyclan camp:

Sharpclaw: Lets see....chapter 1: Kill any leaders that might get in the way. *evil grin*

Meanwhile, back at the library:

(Firestar walks in)

Firestar: Do you have any books on anger management classes?

Leafpool: We do have one. It's entitled Anger Management Practices, written by-

Firestar: I'll take it!

Squirrelflight: *throws books at his head* Thank you and have a nice day!

Firestar: Aren't you forgetting something?

Squirrelflight: No. Now get out of my library now!!!

Firestar: Right... *runs off*

Firestar, once out of the library, slows down and starts to read:

Firestar: "Step one: Rip your own pelt off." Okay!

Meanwhile, in an dark and scary alleyway:

Tigerstar: *Evil laugh* Muhahaha!

Meanwhile, we go back and zoom in on the book, "Anger Management Practices."

(Written on page): "Written especially for you, Firestar! Muhahaha!"



This is the end of the show

Incase you didn't know;

Which you really should have

Known by now!

This is the end of the show,

Now lets all do the disco!

(all apprentices): Yay!

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