This is based on the Potter Puppet Pals episode "Wizard Angst." Enjoy!--Shaf Girl 03:11, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Firepaw: I feel cranky and aging today, and I don't know why! (growls) I'm going to take it out on cats I like!

(Graypaw comes)

Graypaw: Hello, Firepaw! What sort of trouble should we get up to today?

Firepaw: No trouble today, Graypaw. I'm sick of your dreadful gray pelt.

Graypaw: Why must you hurt me in this way, Firepaw?

(Sandpaw appears)

Sandpaw: Yeah, what's your problem, Firepaw?

Firepaw: My housefolk are gone, my life stinks like crowfood, I can't find a mate, and I'm surrounded by (beep)ing badgers and (beep) all the time, I mean, what the (beep)?

Graypaw: But it's the wild, Firepaw! The badgers are the wild!

Firepaw: Well, I still have nightmares about Smudge eating my pelt right off every night. I can't take it anymore. I don't want to be wild!

Graypaw: (big gasp)

Sandpaw: What about fighting Brokenstar?

Firepaw: Fine. It's all up to you now, Graypaw.

Graypaw: B-b-b-but, y-you, b-b-but...oh, no!

Firepaw: Come on, now, you go fight him. (pushes Graypaw over to Brokenstar's den, Graypaw wimpers)

Brokenstar: (looks up, has trouble seeing) Hello, little kit.

Graypaw: (wimpers more)

Brokenstar: You want a piece of me? What?

Graypaw: Y-you're so...(wimpers and runs away)

Brokenstar: Yeah, you run away! Kits...

Graypaw: I can't do it!

Sandpaw: You tried your best, Graypaw.

Graypaw: What's Firepaw doing?

Firepaw: (hitting his head against Highrock) Angst, angst, angst, angst, angst, angst...

Sandpaw: He's a little off today. Haven't you noticed?

Graypaw: Maybe he's in love!

Sandpaw: Who would fall in love with such a--

Graypaw: Maybe he needs some cuddling!

Firepaw: I don't want cuddling!

Graypaw: Cuddle with me, Firepaw.

Firepaw: No!

Graypaw: Cuddling...(rubs his head under Firepaw's)

Firepaw: I'll kill you! (scratches him)

(Firepaw and Graypaw get into a tustle, Sandpaw just stands there and eventually leaves while Tigerclaw comes)

Tigerclaw: WHAT is this ruckus?!

Graypaw: Firepaw swiped his paw at me, claws unsheathed!

Firepaw: Graypaw invaded my personal Twoleg nest!

Tigerclaw: I think some severe punishment is in order here.

Firepaw and Graypaw: Oh no.

Tigerclaw: The two of you shall be dragged by your ears to the Great Rock at Fourtrees, where a too-much-poppyseed-eating Scourge will be waiting with sever collors with dogs teeth and a Twoleg target board, and then...

Firepaw and Graypaw: The make-your-own-dirt attack! (leap onto Tigerclaw and bite just above the tail, which makes his bowels give way, what smells like digested crowfood fills the air)

Tigerclaw: Uh, I have to, um, leave now. Bye. (slowly slinks away)

(Bluestar comes by, purring)

Bluestar: Oh great StarClan! That was awesome, apprentices!

Graypaw: Thanks, Bluestar.

Bluestar: Are you still full of that warrior angst, Firepaw?

Firepaw: I think I can appreciate life more now.

Bluestar: Well, that's just fantastic!

(Sandpaw comes)

Sandpaw: Hey, guys. Ew, what's that smell?

Graypaw: Why, it's the herb that only Tigerclaw could provide.

(everyone purrs)

Bluestar: Oh, good luck! (suddenly turns into a star and floats up into the sky)

Firepaw: Everyone make a wish.

The End!