This is based on the Potter Puppet Pals episode "Potions Class." Enjoy!--Shaf Girl 02:19, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

(Tigerclaw leads Firepaw, Graypaw, and Sandpaw to the training hollow)

Tigerclaw: I am Tigerclaw, the best warrior in ThunderClan. Welcome to my training lesson.

Graypaw: Yay, training!

Firepaw: Hello, Tigerclaw.

Sandpaw: What are we going to learn today, sir?

(cue dramatic music)

Tigerclaw: The beauty of the subtle swipe of a paw with its shimmering claws...

Firepaw: Oh, not this again!

Tigerclaw: The delicate power of blood that seeps through a cat's veins and spills out of a wound...

Graypaw: Ew!

Tigerclaw: Confusing the mind with intricate battle moves...

Sandpaw: Ooh!

Tigerclaw: I can teach you how to fight for leadership...

Firepaw: Don't need it.

Tigerclaw: Win glory...

Graypaw: Ooh la la!

Tigerclaw: Even bring every warrior in the forest to their death...

Sandpaw: No you can't!

Tigerclaw: I can teach you the secrets of mystical mind tricks unknown...

Firepaw: Okay...

Tigerclaw: Enchanted biting techniques, feline defence systems...

Graypaw: Wow!

Tigerclaw: The cool she-cat curves of a claw mark...

Sandpaw: Go on.

Tigerclaw: Meticulous scent of spilled blood...

Firepaw: Is this the whole training lesson?

Tigerclaw: I can teach you how to have victory in every battle...

Graypaw: Every battle?!

Tigerclaw: How to always have success...

Sandpaw: Oh my.

Tigerclaw: Even score with hot she-cats.

(dramatic music stops)

Firepaw: Wait, what?

Tigerclaw: Apprentices, go back to camp.

(Graypaw and Sandpaw leave)

Firepaw: Wait, wait, hot she-cats?

Tigerclaw: Go back to camp, kittypet.

Firepaw: Teach me!

Tigerclaw: No. Skiddadle.

(Firepaw sighs and leaves, Bluestar enters the training hollow)

Bluestar: Hello, Tigerclaw!

Tigerclaw: Hello, my leader.

Bluestar: It appears that Yellowfang has left you in charge of the medicine cat den. Apparently, she was going off to pick berries. Little red ones, in fact. Said they were called deathberries and that she needed them for someone. Hmm, she's a strange cat. Anyway, I need to borrow some poppy seeds.

Tigerclaw: I'm afraid we're fresh out, Bluestar.

Bluestar: How about borage leaves?

Tigerclaw: Nope.

Bluestar: What about old badger milk?

Tigerclaw: That has no medical properties, Bluestar.

Bluestar: Oh, contrare, Tiggydoodle! It's done a wonder on my belly.

Tigerclaw: Okay, whatever.

(Tigerclaw leaves, Bluestar follows)