Darker than ever before, they will rise...

Warrior Cats: A New Dawn is a series by HIMG It's called Warrior CATS because that's what its called in the UK, before TNP, and therefore, that is what I know it as. It follows the lives of three kits, Bushkit, Mintkit and Firekit, who are the children of Cinderheart and Lionblaze. There will be six books in the series, each one dedicated to and extra special person. Each book will be 20 chapters. Enjoy!


Blood RiverBushkit, Mintkit and Firekit are all born to Cinderheart and Lionblaze in ThunderClan. Though all may appear peaceful, dark times are ahead, and the Clans may be in peril. It is up to the kits to decide what to make of this, as dangerous forces rise up, and their biggest enemy is yet to be faced.......

Before the Stars- After a strange dream at the Moonpool, Mintpaw believes she must follow her instincts, and the three apprentices must go on a journey to a place before their time. Firepaw and Bushpaw think it is part of their destiny, as they meet a new friend., an ancestor...

Bright Skies- As ShadowClan gains power and begins to take over the Clans, Fireclaw, Bushtail and Mintpaw fear the worst. Secrets are revealed and the future becomes even blacker after a Gathering announcement destroys the Clans' life, and the end may be near.....

Ghost- Coming Soon!

Shadows of Darkness- Coming Soon!

Destiny of the Clans- Coming Soon!


Here are the pictures for the main New Dawn characters.


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