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Warriors Fanfiction
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Season One

Here is the first season of my new show, Double Agent. Hope you enjoy!


Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!

Episode 1- The Promise  : Meet Snowfeather, medicine cat of WindClan. She saw something she shouldn't have, and now lands up as a warrior of ShadowClan at the same time. Join her as she struggles to keep her secret, and at the same time trying to prevent war from breaking out between both Clans.

Episode 2- The Apprentice ShadowClan’s actions are still suspicious, yet no sign of an attack. Snowfeather is determined to find out what they are up to. But there’s another problem thrown in her way: an apprentice.

Episode 3- The Dogs : A drastic dog attack on WindClan has Snowfeather torn between her loyalties. Windpaw is still persistent in finding out her mentor’s secret, and Snowfeather begins to wonder if this will be her downfall. 

Episode 4- The Poison Snowfeather is certain that ShadowClan is plotting something. Prey dies before hunters kill it on the moor. Water has become scarce. Snowfeather’s loyalties are becoming so twisted she doesn’t know where they lie.

Episode 5- The Revenge: Snowfeather has begun to suspect what ShadowClan is up to. She is told a story by their leader who makes her believe that WindClan has lied to her all her life. 

Episode 6- The Lost Life: An apprentice is cruelly slaughtered on the WindClan border. Tensions rise as both Clans blame each other. Suspicons rise, and it is all Snowfeather can do to keep both Clans away from eachother. 

Episode 7- The Resistance: Windpaw has discovered Snowfeather’s secret, and she has no idea what to do. Cats are dying all around her, and she is powerless to stop it...

Episode 8- The Unsheathing It is final. There will be war. Snowfeather is panicking. It seems as if all her work, all these seasons, will be lost. 

Episode 9- The Blood: The battle has begun. Snowfeather hides in the shadows, not wanting to fight, but her secret will be revealed. 

Episode 10- The Last Stand: Snowfeather has received a last-minute warning from StarClan, revealing that something much worse than the battle is coming...