Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction


Leader: Redstar (russet tom)

Deputy: Flightwind (gray tabby she-cat)

Medicine Cat: Birchfeather (brown tabby tom)


Hawktail (pale brown she-cat)

Swoopbird (ginger tom)

Featherpool (white tom) Apprentice, Crowpaw (black tom)

Blazefeather (bright ginger tabby she-cat)

Cloudfrost (white tom)

Eagleflight (calico she-cat with gray patches)

Frostwind (gray-and-white tom)

Nightbird (sleek black tom)

Sparrowclaw (brown she-cat) Apprentice, Darkpaw (dark brown-and-black tom)


Willowfire (gray-and-ginger she-cat, Nightbird’s mate) mother of Icekit (white she-kit) and Ravenkit (black she-kit)

Rainwing (mottled gray she-cat, Swoopbird’s mate) mother of Firekit (mottled ginger tom)