I made this becuase I felt it was the right song to choose. I had a small debate with Forest, Arti and Wetty on making it either Graystripe missing Fireheart, Or Graystripe missin' Silverstream. They voted and GrayXSilver won. This story is mostly changed lyrics, but I added (small, so don't judge me) some story. So, please enjoy!

Songfic- I Wish (Vanilla Twilight)

Graystripe stared up at the sky closing his eyes. Silverstream? Are you watching me? Are you in StarClan now?

The stars lean down to wish you,

And I lie awake and miss you

Pour me a heavy dose of the atmosphere…

All cats dose off safe and soundly,

But I’ll miss your tail around me

I’d come and meet you I would dear,

Cause I wish you were here…

Silverstream, if your there, please know that I miss you… You are my rightful mate and I will never forget you…

Graystripe padded away and looked at the sky.

I watch the night turn light blue,

But it’s not the same without you

Because it takes two to whisper quietly…

The silence isn’t so bad,

Till I look at my paws and feel sad,

Cause the space beside me,

Are right where you’d fit perfectly…

He looked up at the sky and saw a bright twinkling sky. One of the stars shone the hardest, and when Graystripe looked again, it seemed to make out the face of Silverstream.

I’ll find opposing new ways,

Though I haven’t slept in two days,

Cause thinking of you chills me to the fur,

Your drenched filled with starlight,

I’ll sit alone on the first night,

Haunch-deep in thought because when I think of you,

I don’t feel so alone….

I don’t feel so alone

I don’t feel so alone…

As many times as I blink,

I’ll think of you…


I’ll think of you…


When my lit eyes get brighter,

And heavy paws grow lighter,

I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again!

And I’ll forget the world that I knew,

But I swear I won’t forget you,

Oh if my voice could reach back through the past,

And whisper in your ear…

Oh Silverstream I wish you were here…!

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