"Nothing ever happened in SpringClan. Everything was always well.

There was no fear. No one evil. Bad guys were only for fairytales.

It was a paradise. A safe haven for anyone.

Until now."

Vale is a show by Rainy.

Season 1

It's spring in SpringClan, and on the surface, nothing appears to be wrong. Breezepaw's training is going great, the Clan is well-fed and healthy, and she really has nothing to worry about.

But things don't ever stay the same forever. When one of the prettiest she-cats in the Clan is murdered, SpringClan is thrown into shock. Breezepaw and her friends become sure of the killer- but how do they prove it? Nothing is truly as it seems when you're dealing with a masked assasin, and there's little room for mistakes. If they bury the wrong body... they could be the next victims.

Season 2

After the events of the past few days, most of SpringClan is ready to kick back and relax a little. But there's no such respite, as it turns out. The rogues that had been trespassing on their territory previously are getting more cocky. They don't approve of SpringClan, and they have no problem showing it.

At first, this doesn't seem too big of a deal. But when you've got several hot tempers and survival on the table, things can turn nasty fast.

Breezepaw wants to stay loyal to her Clan, and that's no real problem for her- until a certain rogue enters her life and makes her question everything SpringClan stands for.

Season 3

A warrior must be strong, courageous, and above all, loyal. That's what Breezeflight keeps telling herself, but loyalty isn't a word that's easy to define. And loyalties have a tendency to get mixed up and change, depending on circumstances. Still, she wants to be the best warrior she can for SpringClan, just like any young cat. But who is she willing to hurt, and how far will she go, just to accomplish her goal? The vale she has always called her home is being threatened on all sides, and the warriors are its only defenders. Breezeflight wants to uphold the code and protect SpringClan at all costs, but she doesn't know how much she and her Clanmates will have to sacrifice to do so.

Season 4

The League has been vanquished for the moment, but are their foundations destroyed? Breezeflight would dearly love to think so, but she knows better than to always believe in the best-case scenario. There are sinister omens gathering on SpringClan's horizon, and they need to figure out what they're up against before it's too late.

Add a pair of strange rogues to the picture and you've got a real mess. SpringClan is struggling to unite under new leadership. Old problems are resurfacing. Cats are questioning their identities, loyalties, and friendships. They need something to hold onto before they all go under.

Season 5

GreenClan and SpringClan's shaky alliance, also labeled as the Order of the Clans, is days away from shattering. And the GreenClan cats add a whole new dimension to the ensuing power struggle. The battle for justice widens its fronts as the warriors must take into account the role of a true leader, the kits of Viperstar himself, and how best to use the powers of legend.

Without Ryan around to help see into the murky future, the cats must rely on a vague prophecy that Lionpatch delivers. But is this small shred of hope StarClan has to offer enough? 

As the world steadily darkens around her, Breezeflight is forced to come to terms with who she must become to ensure SpringClan's survival.

Season 6

The vale is being stalked by a terrible danger. Breezeflight knows she has to find out what Viperstar is planning to do to her Clan and stop it, but the odds against her keep growing. She is desperate to find peace, but the world is turning to shadows and ash around her. As she realizes she no longer recognizes herself sometimes, she feels the darkness entering her, feels herself falling headlong into a descent she doesn't know how to stop. She wants to save her Clan, to fulfill StarClan's prophecy, but she doesn't know if she can. She can't even save herself.

Added to that are the constant matters of the heart. Her friends, who she would do anything to protect, are facing battles she cannot help them with. She herself must face a question of love she wants to avoid; does she love enough to forgive what she can never forget?


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