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Hey guys.

I realize, many years now after the incident(s), that the things I've said and done were horribly wrong. I would give anything to go back and change what I did.

I'm not asking for forgiveness. Not at all, in fact, I closed my Wikia account as a result and moved on with my life.

I apologize in entiredity for the nasty things I've said and done. I will leave this wiki alone, Warriors leaves a bad taste in my mouth now anyways.

Thank you for steering me in a new direction. Thank you for reprimanding my actions and showing me a bit of reality. I've stepped down from Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki as head admin (almost two years ago now) and I've had a successful career outside of Wikia. But often now I catch myself thinking about what I've done in the past, and I felt the need to express my last words.

Goodbye, Wikia. I'm sorry for my mistakes, however for the worst or best they came along, and I vow to correct my mistakes. Not here, not on Wikia, but today I vow to be a better person.

Thank you again for the experiences, good or bad. I wish you all well in life. I don't believe in a god, but for those of you who do, God Bless You.


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