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Hello {{{1}}}! Welcome to WFW (Warriors Fanfiction Wiki), a place where Warriors fans come together to share their fanfictions, leave feedback, improve writing skills in general, and make friends. I am Foxstep, a user here and here is my funky custom welcome message! First, I would suggest reading The Rules. There are many things there that are important for you to read. Won't take up much of your time, promise!

Then, see that Add Page button at the right corner? Click it. Title your fanfiction and don't be too picky as you can always change it later. I must warn you - there are a lot of pages on this wiki and only one page can have a certain name. So pick a unique name, wisely. Then start writing! Click Publish to let us see what you've written so far. You may always go back and edit. To rename, click the dropdown from Edit and click Rename. Then follow the instructions on the page it'll bring you to. You can't choose a name that's already taken or it won't work.

If you are new to Fandom and this is one of your first wikis, you have a lot of learning to do. First, talk pages. You need to respond to people's messages on THEIR page, not yours, so they can see it (they will get a notification). To make a page, click Add a Page. To delete it, ask a staff member for only they have the power to.

Just ask people for help if you don't understand! c:

Now, as for commenting. You might notice other stories around and read them. Then you might want to express how much you like that story in the comments. DON'T. Okay, I know that sounded weird but comments like, "COOL!" "GREAT" "I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE CONTINUE :DDDD"

Those comments are outlawed, banned, forbidden. (I mean, it isn't bad to do them once in a while though...) But still, do you really think those will make any difference? Why not make your comment longer, mention things that actually happened in the story, whether you like them or not, what could be changed. Comments like these brighten an author's day! Wouldn't you want those? They can really help improve your writing skills - we all have room for improvement!

Also - visit The Commenting Trades to get more comments!

You might notice cool page designs: fonts, backgrounds, etc. That is called coding. You can teach yourself by looking at code and trying to learn it yourself and always ask for help if you have a problem understanding it. Please try to make your own coding or ask someone if they'd be okay coding something for you.

As for signatures, Fandom usually gives you your own, just sign with the signature button OR --~~~~. Now, if you want a custom one, including coding, try to make one that says a quote or anything and link your profile and talk page in it. You could always ask for one while you are still learning coding, though! I, myself, have a form on my page if you want to request coding/signatures. But you can ask any coder, though too!

See that button called Live! Chat? Click Join and talk to people there. That way, you can make friends here. You can also talk to people by going to their talk page, typing up a message and leaving a signature.

Overall, we are glad to have you here at WfW and we hope you will enjoy this place and hopefully stick around long!

And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight

Just so you know, you're not allowed to make edits to stories by other users. You must ask for their permission first regardless of whether or not you were fixing a grammar mistake or adding to a story. It's part of the Rules so please review that and don't edit other people's pages without their permission!

“the heart is an arrow. it demands aim to land true.” --inej ghafa


Since you've already ignored my first message, this will be considered a warning. I've already told you before, please do not edit other people's fanfictions without their permission. If you want to write fanfiction, then by all means make your own page and write your own story. We don't tolerate people who break our rules, so please, reread the Rules and the next time you make this infraction, I will ban you for three days.

--Cchen3 (talk)

Warning and Ban

I've given you two messages/warnings on this already and since you've chosen to ignore them, I have chosen to ban you for three days. I told you in my warning this would happen if you were to edit someone's fanfiction without their permission and you've ignored me once again. Please stop. You're violating people's rights by editing their pages without asking for permission first and this is against the Rules. After your three days are over, you are allowed to come back, but any further infractions of the Rules will mean a longer ban time.

--Cchen3 (talk)


Since I'm guessing you already knew this was coming, I'll keep it short. I'm banning you for two weeks because you've repeated the same offense three times now. We, as a staff team and a community, don't tolerate people who break our rules repeatedly because quite frankly, you aren't contributing to this community and wiki at all. If you come back after two weeks and continue these infractions, I think you'll find that I really won't hesitate to keep banning you. Maybe you'll learn your lesson this time.

--Cchen3 (talk)